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4 Best Puma Sneakers and Puma Running Shoes 2022

November 11, 2021

Nike, Adidas, and Puma running shoes are the three heavy hitters in the sneaker game, two of which were formed out of a sibling rivalry in the 1940s. Adolf and Rudolf Dassler established the Dassler Brothers Shoe Factory in 1924, but 20 years later tensions worsened and the duo split up, the former starting Adidas and the latter establishing Ruda, which subsequently changed its name to Puma.

To be completely honest, we’re relieved the duo didn’t get along. The sportswear game wouldn’t look the same without the bust-up, which beats out Kanye West and Nike for the title of most influential in shoe history, and there wouldn’t be as many trainers on offer. Puma running shoes pioneered vulcanized awesome shoes in 1960, and Asics, New Balance, and old rival Adidas would not be as successful now if it hadn’t been for them.

Adidas Puma vs Nike


Puma running shoes may not appear to have the same athletic links as Nike and Adidas, yet they have been the uniform for some of the greatest sporting moments in history. Pelé was the first athlete to wear the Puma Formstripes at the 1970 Fifa World Cup, preferring Puma over Under Armour, while the Clyde version, intended for Walt “Clyde” Frazier, was discontinued in 1973. The “Boris Becker” OG was introduced in 1985, and Puma signed women’s tennis champion Serena Williams in 1995, developing a now-iconic black catsuit for her in 2002.

Puma now counts Rihanna, Selena Gomez, BTS, and Borussia Dortmund among its major partners, and has collaborated with Ader Error, Kith, Solange Knowles, Alexander McQueen, and Rhude. While you may not have been able to get your hands on any of the fantastic collaborations, there are still plenty of Puma running shoes available right now, which we’ve highlighted below.


The History Of Puma Running Shoes:

Rudolf Dassler started PUMA after rising to prominence in sportswear when he and his brother Adolf founded Gebrüder Dassler Schuhfabrik (Dassler Brothers Shoe Factory) in 1924.

Fast forward four years and most German athletes were wearing Dassler spikes at the 1928 Amsterdam Olympics. Eight years later, Jesse Owens, an American all-star, won four gold medals at the Olympic Games in Berlin while wearing the brothers’ shoes. Despite their shared success, the brothers’ friendship worsened, and the two separated ways in 1948. Adolf founded Adidas, whereas Rudolf founded PUMA.

Dassler chose PUMA’s now-famous emblem as a sign of speed, strength, flexibility, perseverance, and dexterity. Forbes named the Bavarian-based firm one of the world’s most valuable sports brands, and it continues to be a pioneer in the footwear and fashion industries.


PUMA has rightfully earned its place as one of the biggest companies in sneaker culture, thanks to the help of a revolutionary football boot, a World Cup marketing stunt starring Pele, close relationships with a long list of the world’s best athletes, and endorsement deals with leading artists such as J. Cole and Rihanna.

We’ve produced a list of our top PUMA sneakers below to assist you to traverse some of the best releases from PUMA in 2021 alone.

Puma Running Shoes: PUMA RS Dreamer Review


Price: $99.20 – $250.00

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Today, we live in a world that has a highly-performing signature basketball shoe from a respected rapper. The PUMA RS Dreamer is J. Cole’s basketball shoe. This shoe is reliable on the court, as you’ll see from the performance review.


The PUMA RS Dreamer’s performance basketball shoes have been consistently well-received by its rubber compound.

Although the pattern was inspired by a feather it looks a little shaky on the lateral side. However, they were great on the court. They performed the same on every surface that I tried, which is a good sign of their consistency.

You should be familiar with what to expect if you have played in previous PUMA Hoops offers. You can expect solid traction indoors as well as playing outdoors.

Cushion Of PUMA RS Dreamer

PUMA’s cushioning is also consistent, just like its traction. It’s not a compliment, though.

The Pro Foam is a good choice for the job, but it’s also firmer than most other EVA systems used by other brands. It’s more tolerable if the midsole is thinner than it was on the PUMA Clyde Hardwood. It can feel a bit dead underfoot if it is implemented in a thicker midsole. The foam does not have any rebound or bounce back. It’s there. It’s not a good idea to swap the insole for something more comfortable, but PUMA needs better cushion technology and cushion setup if it wants to be a serious contender in the performance category.

PUMA RS-DREAMER Performance Review - The Kickz Stand

Materials Used In PUMA RS Dreamer

This is another category that PUMA Hoops has been using because these materials are very nice. Although not as expensive as Clyde Hardwood but still very nice.

For the primary construction, the textile mesh is used. Smaller patches of suedes can be used. The PUMA RS Dreamer is a mix of old and new. The raw materials used have a 90s vibe, while the new generation has a modern fit. The shoes are ready to go right out of the box with no break-in, except for the ankle collar.


The PUMA RS Dreamer is true to size. You can go down a half size if you prefer a tighter fit, but for most players true to size is the best choice.

From heel to forefoot, lockdown is firm. You should be aware that textiles can stretch a bit once you start playing with them. After a few games, you may have to adjust the laces to make them snug enough. They were great and I had a lot of fun.


The support is very similar to that of Clyde Hardwood. The midsole allows you to sit in the middle of the footbed, which helps to keep your forefoot and heel on the footbed. Standard features like a midfoot shank, fit and a mid-foot-torsion shank provide the rest of the support. There is nothing to be unhappy about or praise. They do the job and that is exactly what we want from our support.

Puma Running Shoes : Clyde All Pro Review


Price: $99.95 – $249.96

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Our surprise favourite basketball shoes in 2020 and 2021 are the Puma Clyde All-Pro.

Although 2020 was not the best year to play basketball indoors, it did provide some great on-court performers. To claim the top spot, the Clyde All-Pro beat out some very good shoes such as the Nike KD13 and Adidas DON Issue 2.


It is amazing. From start to finish, no problems. The PUMA Clyde All-Pro is still with me every time I go to court for its stroke width and performance.

Multidirectional coverage is available in all areas. You can feel the grip on the ground at every step or change of speed/direction. It’s a truly amazing setup. This is the best underfoot traction since the Nike Kobe 9.


Puma Hoops shoes have one major problem with its new basketball shoes. The problem was the lack of cushioning. ProFoam is the brand’s preferred foam compound, but ProFoam+ has the best cushion they have ever created. The heel has a Pebax puck for cushioning and impact protection. However, the ProFoam+ is the real star. Whatever they did to change the compound wound up making the midsole a great balance of court feel, cushion, and feedback/responsiveness.

PUMA Clyde All-Pro is 100% tested outdoors due to the current conditions. Outdoor basketball is the most demanding environment for a cushion, and this cushion set stood up for it.

Materials Used In PUMA Clyde All Pro

It boasts seamless, lightweight woven upper and multi-zoned materials that provide targeted support and breathability. Although the materials are a little stiffer than most textiles, they feel great once they’re broken in. They are form-fitting, flexible, and have zero stretches in high impact stress zones. They have remained strong and durable. This is an important plus, considering how much outdoor basketball we do.



I wore the correct size, and I would recommend it. Due to the zero stretch fibres throughout the upper, wide-footed people may need to increase 1/2 size.

You’ll love the Kobe 9’s fit and feel right at home. It’s snug, supportive, and forms to your body. I have nothing to complain about. The PUMA Clyde All-Pro is a great basketball shoe.

Support Features For PUMA Clyde All-Pro

At this stage, the support features are fairly standard. A small outrigger, a torsion bar, as well as an internal heel counter are included. The fit/upper allows the support elements to do their job without much thought. The game is simple: you just lace up and play. The PUMA Clyde All-Pro basketball shoe is everything you need.

Puma Running Shoes : Deviate Nitro Review


Price: $144.99

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Puma Running launched four new running shoes this year. Puma’s flagship running shoe, the Deviate Nitro, is their flagship. It’s evident from the Deviate Nitro, as well as other models (Velocity Liberate and Eternity), that Puma spent a lot of time researching and developing the new running line.

What does Deviate Nitro show us? It’s really good. Continue reading to find out more.


Two layers of Nitro foam are sandwiched between a full-length composite carbon plate. The supercritical (nitrogen-injected foam) Nitro foam is also known as Nitro foam. It is similar to Brooks Hyperion Elite 2’s foam. It is also firmer than the FuelCell cushion from New Balance. The combination of Nitro foam and plate gave me a great bounce, which is a rare feature in everyday running shoes.

The stack height is 28mm on the forefoot, 38mm on the heel. This gives the shoe a 10mm drop. This shoe is ideal for all types of activities because it has a lot of cushions. The cushioning is great for speed or running easy miles.


The Deviate Nitro’s Nitro foam is great, but the Puma Grip Outsole is better. Puma Grip outsole is amazing. It works in any weather condition. It doesn’t matter if it’s cold, hot, wet, or snowy. This is not something I am the only reviewer to agree with. This rubber compound has received nothing but positive reviews. The outsole is very durable and wears evenly. Puma did the right thing by creating its own compound. It is my favourite outsole rubber.


Support Features in Puma Deviate Nitro

Deviate Nitro’s heel has a normal internal heel counter and large Achilles pillows on each side of the foot. The midsole is located at the heel. The wide forefoot and gusseted tongue ensured that I felt secure on the footbed. Deviate Nitro is a high-cushion shoe that can handle quick corners, but it doesn’t have any problems with uneven terrain.


The Puma Deviate Nitro is true to size. The lengthwise Puma running shoes feel very similar to Brooks and Nike, so make sure you order the right size. The shoe is narrower at the midfoot but allows for plenty of toe splay.

The heel is the biggest problem with the shoe. Right out of the box, you can see the slight heel slip. Other runners/reviewers have reported heel and Achilles blisters. You can be ripped up by the exposed seams in the heel and the synthetic suede collar. My first run caused some irritation, but I didn’t get blistered. After some trial and error, I finally found a level of lace tightness that prevented my heel slippage from bothering me. You shouldn’t have heel hot spots if you can find the right balance between lace tightness and heel slippage.

Materials Used In Puma Deviate Nitro

The Nike Pegasus Turbo 2’s engineered mesh upper looks very similar. The shoe was amazing so I don’t mind the similarities. It is super breathable, with a fuse at the eyelets. The tongue has a thin, but well-padded, mesh tongue. As I mentioned, the collar is trimmed with synthetic suede. These are the materials that I have come to expect for the $160 price. They are very effective.


The Puma Deva Nitro shoe is super comfortable and bouncy. It’s perfect for long runs, sprints, and everything in-between. The $160 price tag is a good deal compared to the $200 Saucony Endorphin Pro. This shoe is versatile and can be used for all kinds of running, including uptempo or long runs. This shoe is fun and versatile if you can get rid of the heel fit problems. This is a fantastic first effort by Puma. I can’t wait to see what else they come up with.

How to Buy the Puma Deviate Nitro

Puma currently offers the Deviate Nitro for $160.

Puma sent a pair of shoes to be tested and did not have any editorial control over the review. This review is based upon our experiences with the shoes during speed workouts, treadmill training, long runs and casual wear.

Puma Running Shoes : Deviate Nitro Elite Review


Price: $199.99 – $250.99

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The Puma Deviate Nite, Puma’s flagship running shoe, was recently reviewed by me. It was a fantastic shoe. Now I have the opportunity to review the lighter, more fitting, carbon-plated, race-focused Puma Deviate Nitro Elite. Molly Seidel is Puma’s star long-distance athlete and has already set several PRs in Elite. Can the Elite overtake the Nike Vaporfly Next% at top of the road racing shoe pyramid? Let’s see.


Just as Puma Deviate Nitro have two layers of nitro foam sandwiched, two layers of Nitro Elite foam are also sandwiched between a full-length carbon fibre Innoplate by Deviate Nitro Elite. Nitro Elite is a supercritical, peba-based foam that has been infused with nitrogen. It is very similar to New Balance Fuelcell.

There is a lot of cushioning, with 28mm on the forefoot and 36mm at the heel. This results in a natural 8mm drop. The Elite is slightly lower than the regular Deviate Nitro but has a better bounce. The Elite is a Saucony Endorphin Pro, but a little softer. Although I did not race in them, this shoe was great for speed training. The midsole can pick the speed.


Puma Grip LT is used for the outsole. It’s a lighter version (but still great) of their Puma Grip. Grip-LT isn’t as tacky and it’s ready for the race. It is as good, if not a better version than any other race shoe.



Deviate Nitro Elite does not have a heel counter but has synthetic suede midfoot straps and a broad base. I was able to stay on the footbed, even when it was tight around corners, thanks to the midfoot straps. It is one of the most supportive race day options, which makes it very similar to the Endorphin Pro. This upgrade will allow you to take on more turns or require more security.


Puma used both Men’s and women’s specific lasts for this race-day model. Although this should make the fit feel more tailored, it is not possible for me to verify.

The men’s version has a slimmer fit, which is more comfortable through the midfoot. You won’t feel restricted running half-or full marathon distances because the toe box has ample space for toe splay. Deviate Nitro Elite is true to size in terms of both length and width.


The Deviate Nitro Elite features a mono mesh upper made of engineered monomers. This allows you to see through the upper so that you can make the most of it. Mono mesh is similar to the Vaporwave but more comfortable.

The Elite is super, super light and comfortable on the feet. It weighs 7.7 ounces and is an ounce heavier than the Vaporfly, but it’s so light you wouldn’t know. Although I don’t know why the shoe feels so light, I liked the sensation. It could be due to superior weight distribution, but I don’t know. Keep it up Puma.


The $200 Puma Deviate Nite Elite race shoe is carbon fibre plated and lower priced. It is extremely light and comfortable on the feet.

It is difficult to get your hands on a pair of shoes right now, but it is possible. Puma has created a shoe that could easily be your main race shoe. This shoe is one that I believe we will see a lot more of in the starting lines, as races pick up in a post-Covid world.


How to Buy the Puma Running Shoes Deviate Nitro Elite

Puma Deviate Nitro elite is available at Puma as well as some local running shops.

They sent a pair of shoes for the test. Puma did not have any editorial control over the review. This review is based upon our wear testers’ experiences with the shoes during speed workouts, treadmill training, long runs and casual wear.

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