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5 Best Beanies for women of 2022

January 18, 2022

Look no further if you’re searching for the best beanies to keep your ears warm while still appearing trendy. We explored the internet for stylish, useful, and affordable alternatives, evaluating each model side by side to measure comfort, warmth, adjustability, and aesthetics. In order to locate the ideal solution for your cold-weather demands, we’ve assessed which products get our awards and which don’t.

Following is the list of best beanies for women:

1.Kari Traa Lono Beanies


Price: $30

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The Women’s Lono Beanie by Kari Traa adds a youthful touch to your winter look, making you want to go out and play in the snow. Enjoy the soft fleece lining underneath the exceptional warmth of the wool blend, which will keep you warm even when wet, allowing you to wear it for longer periods of time. One of the best beanies out there for you to buy!


  • Hand-knit.
  • Dart Construction
  • Lining: Fleece
  • Pom-pom with a ribbed brim

2.Adidas Fashioned Fold Beanies knit hat


Price: $25

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Do not freeze, since the The adidas Original Trefoil Icy Pink beanie has a women’s-specific fit, fine knit construction for a snug fit, alongside a white adidas logo graphic embroidered on the front. Adidas’ original Icy Pink and White beanie for ladies. Knitted in a wonderful manner. On the front, a white logo motif is embroidered. Cuff that folds over. One size fits the majority of people. It’s made entirely of acrylic. Hand wash in cold water and lay flat to dry. Imported.


  • This beanie will keep you warm in the winter.
  • Your sporty style is grounded in a metallic adidas insignia on fake suede.
  • As part of the goal to eliminate plastic waste, this product is created from recycled materials.
  • Knitted design with a vintage feel
  • 100 percent recycled polyester faux suede label with debossed metallic emblem of sport logo
  • Imported

3.Smartwool Itso Retro Beanies


Price: $45.21

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Most hats can only dream of having as much fun as the Isto Retro Beanie. Stripes and poms keep you happy while a two layer cable knit keeps your head super warm. A great merino wool beanie.


  • Heavy knit structure with two layers
  • Yarn with a twist
  • Knit in China with 50% Merino Wool and 50% Acrylic.

4.Smartwool Merino Sport Fleece Training Beanies


Price: $32

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Put on this performance-ready Merino Sport Fleece Training Beanie and take on the cold with ease. In low-light settings, front and back reflectivity increase visibility, and an aperture in the hat allows for a secure fit when wearing sunglasses..

This hat is slim but comfortable, with a tighter band around the bottom to keep it in place, and it precisely suits small-headed lead people (with plenty of space for those with larger heads). It did not itch when worn while exercising and was incredibly breathable throughout sweaty runs and bike rides. This hat also has reflective decals for increased visibility. We couldn’t find anything we didn’t like about this great hat.

5.Saucony Fortify Beanies


Price: $46.81

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Just the right warmth for cold runs. For those committed to running in cold conditions, the Fortify Beanie balances their need to stay warm, wick sweat, and vent excess heat.


  • Close-to-head fit ensures optimal moisture management
  • Contoured to provide partial ear coverage
  • Reflective logo marks
  • 240 g/m2 79% recycled polyester / 21% spandex

What to look for when buying a beanie?


A hat’s overall comfort is determined by a number of elements, some of which are subjective. To examine this statistic and ensure that all items were on an equal footing, we looked at the following attributes. Approximately half of the beanies in our assessment are lined, which means they have a soft fleece layer on the inside; this provides warmth and an additional layer of cosiness, often increasing the comfort score.

We also kept track of how the headwear felt after extended use. Itchy, scratchy material should be avoided at all costs. In this measure, we also looked at the fit. Hats with tight areas or constrictions earned lower marks. Massively enormous hats were also criticized, since it is inconvenient to have a hat constantly falling over your eyes.


Because skulls come in different shapes and sizes, yet beanies are often advertised as a “one-size-fits-all” product, this was a very straightforward statistic to evaluate but is a crucial feature of a hat.

Our testing approach for this measure was primarily concerned with whether or not the hat could be rolled up. Many of the models we looked at include a roll-up option, which is a terrific, easy method to customize the hat’s size to match one’s unique head shape.


Headwear may be composed of natural materials (Merino wool or cotton) or synthetic fibres, much as other cycling and sports clothes (polyester, fleece microfibre or nylon). The former have good thermal characteristics and a natural capacity to absorb sweat and odor (wool in particular, cotton less so), but they may be bulky and/or irritating to delicate skin. Man-made materials may be developed to prioritise moisture management (wicking) while being exceedingly light and thin.

Check Out the Different Types of Beanies

1- Beanie hat with a hipster vibe

You’re likely to see someone sporting a hipster beanie cap if you look around. They’re popular on the streets because of their comfort and variety of styles. This hat has elements from both the standard cuffed and slouchy beanie worlds. If you term it a hybrid of the two, you are correct. However, it is a lot more fashionable and fashionable headpiece.

Hipster beanie hats have a larger allotment of cloth to cover the ears. They used to be popular among workers and sailors, but now they are widely used by the general population. You may wear these with any outfit and they’ll turn heads everywhere you go.

The fact that you may wear these beanies throughout the summer, winter, and spring is one of the features that sets them apart from the competition.

2- Beanie with a high top

Do you like making dramatic fashion statements with each outfit you put on? A high-top beanie is an obvious choice for you. It will undoubtedly keep your head warm, but it does not negate its stylish appeal. The advantage of this sort of beanie is that it can be worn in a thousand different ways to make you appear like a Hollywood winter movie star.

To live up to the expectation, you must wear the hat as high on your head as possible. But take caution not to let it fall over. The knitted area of the head should be in the front. Make every effort to keep your head from becoming an odd shape throughout this section.

3- Beanies with no cuffs

One of the most popular varieties of beanies is the cuffless beanie. They come in a variety of shades and can be found at practically any fashion shop. Because there is no extra material at the bottom brim, they are cuffless.

They don’t go beyond your brow while you’re wearing them. When the weather is somewhat hot or chilly, they are your best headgear option. Although many Cuffless beanies have printed logos, you can always get a plain one.

How to pick a beanie depending on your facial shape

First and foremost, let’s examine your facial structure. If you have a round or square face, choose a basic beanie and wear it so that it does not cover your whole forehead and ears, elongating your face. If you have noticeable features, attempt to match the beanie to them; otherwise, you’ll draw attention to the places you don’t want it.

You might wear any kind of beanie, particularly cuffed ones, if your facial shape is more oval. Best thing about these winter hats is that they come in different shapes and sizes, catering to faces of all types.

Different ways to style a beanie

The Fitted Beanie

Wearing a tight-fitting beanie or rolling up a floppy beanie is the most basic way to rock a beanie. This classic beanie shape is easy and fuss-free, and it will keep you extremely warm.

The Slouchy Beanie 

Wear your beanie rolled back on your head with the top of the beanie left to droop if it’s a looser, more slouchy shape.

Beanie “Bangs Out”

Allow your bangs to grow out and wear the beanie higher on your head for a lovely and trendy appearance. This will prevent the beanie from flattening your bangs and causing them to fall over your eyes.

Beanie with Pom Poms

Let it be a pom pom if you want to add a little bit to your beanie! A pom pom beanie will give a joyful, lively touch to your appearance.

Beanie That’s-Going-To-Fall-Off

Wear the beanie on top of your head with your hair out for a lazy off-duty vibe. Try to bobby pin or sew a little comb onto the inside of the beanie with the teeth pointing back towards the crown of your head to give the appearance that the beanie is barely staying on but to ensure that it does in fact.

Beanie with Tucked-In Hair

You can’t go wrong with tucking your hair under a beanie on a terrible hair day. Not everyone has a good hair day every single day of the week, this style will come to your rescue on a bad hair day.


There’s always time to seek for an updated cold-weather headpiece, whether you’re travelling into the mountains for a weekend camping trip or already wondering about next year’s ski season.

The beanies we evaluated for this study are intended for a variety of uses, including evenings out on the town, putting together a ski outfit, and finishing that early morning camping appearance.

This article is intended to point you in the correct direction as you search for the ideal women’s beanie for your requirements.