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5 Best Skate Shoes of 2022

January 12, 2022

In the realm of skating, one of the metaphorical rites of passage has always been to look at someone’s shoes — do they have holes? With skating technology and skate fashion reaching a peak, there are fewer holes but lot more brands, styles and reasons to purchase a specific shoe. Buying the appropriate shoe might make all the difference between protecting your feet and going away with a limp.

We picked up the top skate shoes Of 2022 you need to check out to make sure your look and performance are up to speed. While there exists a multitude of things that go into becoming a skateboarder, there are no two greater aspects than style and performance.

The same rings true for skate shoes. While vintage skate shoes will always have a particular place in our heart, in today’s shoescape, the best skate shoes last longer, perform better and offer a specific style effect while ideally not burning a hole in your budget. Each one of these shoes were picked for these reasons and as you will learn, a few more.

Following are the top suggestions for best Skate shoes of 2022:

DC Kalis Vulk Skate shoes

Men's Kalis Vulc Skate Shoe

Price: $42.99 – $65.00

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The DC Kalis Vulc is a superb all-around skate shoe and a modern take on a classic. Josh Kalis’ first DC shoe debuted in 1999 and shared the same side panel as the Kalis Vulc, but that’s where the similarities end. The Kalis Vulc is substantially thinner, leaner, and lighter than the Kalis OG, thanks to a more simpler vulcanised sole. This shoe is extremely comfortable and requires very little break-in time; it’s ready to ride right out of the box.

The suede toe is excellent for flip tricks and performed well throughout testing, earning it marks for durability. It has adequate ventilation thanks to the mesh tongue and collar, which don’t sacrifice structure or integrity. The vulcanised sole is very gripping, and the plush, soft insoles provide some impact protection while also making these one of the most comfortable shoes in the group.

The thin sole of the Kalis Vulc contributed to the fact that it was ready to skate straight away. However, depending on the sort of skating you perform, this might be seen as a disadvantage, since these shoes are not designed to withstand large hits or extensive usage. Even while the Kalis Vulc held up well and didn’t show symptoms of wear for a long time, they soon lost their form and were floppy.

Overall, the DC Kalis Vulc is a fantastic skate shoe that performs on par with the best while costing a little less, resulting in a product with excellent value.


  • Upper: Suede, nubuck, or leather upper (colorway dependent).
  • EVA footbed with mesh lining for cushioning
  • Abrasion-resistant sticky rubber outsole that absorbs shock.
  • The DC Comics logo is a registered trademark. recessed tread with a pill pattern

Vans Filmore Skate Shoe

Men's Filmore Skate Shoe

Price: $48.51 – $89.99

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Vans® Filmore skate sneakers are a must-have! The Original Waffle outsole, which aids with grip and durability, the iconic shape, and the vulcanised midsole and sidewall trim are all features you’ll recognise from Vans®. The Filmore also has a tough combination upper and a secure lace-up closure, so you won’t have to worry about losing a shoe if you have to leave while skating.


  • Upper made of suede, canvas, and mesh
  • Lace-up closure for a secure fit Vulcanized midsole with textured toe bumper and sidewall trim For traction
  • Vans® Original Waffle outsole
  • Shoe liner that breathes For enhanced comfort, a padded collar is included
  • Details of the Vans® logo

Etnies Fuerte Skate Shoes

Men's Fuerte Skate Shoe

Price: $39.99 – $95.99

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  • With a round toe and a canvas top in a skate shoe design.
  • Closure with lace-ups
  • Laces produced from plastic bottles that have been recycled
  • Tongue and collar are padded.
  • Foam Lite 1 cushioned insole and soft lining
  • Construction of the midsole in the shape of an egg crate
  • Exceptional grip thanks to a long-lasting rubber outsole.

Adidas SB Shoe

Men's Daily 3.0 Sneaker

Price: $21.70 – $119.99

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  • Fit is excellent.
  • Closure with lace
  • Canvas upper that has been washed
  • Breathable sensation
  • OrthoLite® sockliner for everyday skateboarding
  • The outsole is made of rubber and has a vulcanised appearance.
  • Imported

Men’s Chuck Taylor All Star High Street Leather Sneaker

Men's Chuck Taylor All Star High Street Leather Sneaker

Price: $61.51 – $231.00

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Converse’s Chuck Taylor All Star High Street Leather Sneaker will help you up your skate style game. Louie lopez, a famous skateboarder from USA, is endorsed by Converse.


  • Leather top with a rubber cap toe in a skate shoe design.
  • For a secure fit, lace up the entrance.
  • The eyelets are made of metal and have a logo on them.
  • For enhanced comfort, the collar and tongue are padded.
  • Footbed is padded and has a smooth lining.
  • Midsole is vulcanised and has a traditional stripe detail.
  • Rubber traction outsole with a long life span

How to choose skateboarding shoes?


The first criterion for every pair of shoes is how they fit, as well as how comfortable and supportive they are. Because size and fit differ across manufacturers and models, it’s critical to get the exact size to guarantee best performance.

Versions of most brands today are thin and have little padding to save the time it takes to break them in, but this diminishes the amount of stability and protection they give. We spent several days walking about and skating in each to assess the comfort and support, and the ones that stopped our feet from growing sore won the best ratings.

The degree of support provided by skate shoes varies substantially. Some (like the Emerica Pillar) contain a lot of cushioning for the foot and ankle, while others just have a thin layer of cotton, which is light and soft but provides minimal support.

Many low-tops, such as the DC Kalis Vulc and Nike SB Check, feature a nice insole and enough padding around the collar, and so provide adequate support. So, based on your preferences and the style of skating you perform, there is a skate shoe on the market to meet your requirements.

Board Feel

Skaters need to be able to feel the board under their feet, hence the board feel of any skate shoe is undoubtedly the most critical feature. Many skaters prefer the board feel of vulcanised or cup soled shoes to that of vulcanised or cup soled shoes.

We assessed how high the foot sat in the footbed and how long it took to completely break them in to determine the amount of board feel supplied by each. Next, shoes were put on while skating on skateboards of various sizes, shapes, and grip tapes, as well as varied degrees of concave, to see how they felt. We were able to acquire a solid sense of how great each model may make you feel after weeks of using it.


Durability is one of the most critical characteristics of any skate shoe since skaters are continually leaping on and off obstacles and dragging their feet through grip tape. Despite their identical appearances or designs, the endurance of each model varies substantially based on the materials used. The more durable materials are used, the better the durability of the shoe.

The design also contributes to overall durability, as a rubber toe cap or lace protection will help the shoe last longer. To test each model’s durability, we performed 25 consecutive kickflips, as well as dozens of other flip tricks, over the course of many hours of skating to identify areas of weakness and assess how well each held up.

Leather shoes, particularly suede shoes, are more durable and endure longer than canvas or synthetic-based shoes along with the ability for better impact absorption.

Types of Skateboard Shoes

1- High Top Shoes


High-Tops have a higher cut than other types of footwear. They normally come to a point just above the ankle. High-tops provide greater stability, as well as extra padding and hence more safety, protection, and cushioning in the region of your ankles and ankles, thanks to the higher cut.

Additionally, shoes with a higher cut will keep you warmer. When skating, this might be beneficial in terms of keeping your joints warm. They don’t, however, breathe very well. Because of their high cut, certain high-top sneakers are also excellent as winter shoes.

2- Mid Top Shoes


If you can’t decide between high-tops and low-tops but know you need extra stability and cushioning, mid-top shoes are the way to go.

Mid-Tops have a higher cut than low-cut shoes, and the laces usually end just below or directly at the ankle. They’re not quite as high as high-tops, but they’re a step above low-tops. As a consequence, compared to low-cut shoes, they provide more stability, dampening, and support.

For more stability and protection, you may add an arch support. In addition, since they keep warm and dry, most mid-tops are ideal as “transitional shoes” throughout the colder months of the year.

3- Low Top Shoes


In the world of skate shoes and sneakers, low-top shoes are the flat basic types. These styles are generally more lightweight in order to their lower cut.

The cushioning in the ankle region is removed in favour of a reduced weight and material. But don’t worry, you won’t have to compromise cushioning and dampening owing to expertly engineered insoles.

Concluding Remarks

Skate shoes are one of the most popular styles of footwear used by skaters and non-skaters equally across the world. Skateboarders, as a group of people who spend a lot of time on their feet, should have a solid understanding of what it takes to build a decent quality shoe that is comfortable, durable, and performs well.

As skateboarding has risen in popularity, more manufacturers are producing skate-specific footwear, therefore our lead expert spent months putting many pairs through rigorous testing in order to provide the finest suggestions. We sought to balance larger and smaller skater-owned businesses to highlight in our assessment, despite the fact that huge firms like Nike and Adidas already have popular skate lines.

So, whether you’re searching for the best shoes to learn to skate in or you’re a seasoned skater who goes through a pair every month, we hope our study will assist you in selecting your next pair of kicks.