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Best Tennis Rackets Of 2022

December 16, 2021

We have hand-picked the most comprehensive and exhaustive list of the finest tennis racquets for 2022. With all the crucial facts you need to choose the ideal frame for yourself or as a nice present. Our list is better than ever this year!


Who Will Benefit from This Tennis Racquet Guide?

This guide was designed for a wide variety of player ages and skill levels. We have, however, concentrated our efforts on full-size tennis racquets that are at least 27 inches in length.

Recognizing this, if you’re a parent searching for a kids’ racquet (usually oriented at youngsters aged ten and younger). We recommend you visit our guide to kids’ tennis racquets.

Furthermore, if you’re new to the sport, you may be interested in our racquet guide for beginners. There’s still a lot to learn in this tutorial, but it’ll most likely be a good place to start.

What You Should Take Away From This Guide

By the end of this tutorial, you should have a good understanding of our recommendations for the finest tennis racquets. More significantly, you’ll have a firm grasp on the “why” behind each racquet’s rating.

In other words, we went beyond just compiling a list of the finest tennis racquets. We’ve gone above and beyond to delve into the characteristics that distinguish each racquet. In order to provide you with a really helpful guide that you can use as a starting point. When shopping for a new tennis racquet.

Last but not least, you should be confident in the racquets you have chosen. We have a lot of firsthand experience assessing racquets. We’re well-positioned to provide suggestions since we’ve played tested every racquet on the list.

Tips for Using Our Guide

Tennis racquets are often classified into four groups based on their age, experience level, technique, and strength. These include power, control, tweener, and current player’s frames.

Each racquet has advantages and disadvantages. The main purpose of provide individual players with distinct attributes that will optimize their effectiveness on the court.

Your Playing Style

The kind of racquet player purchases might be influenced by their playing style (or the style they want to cultivate). Take into account the following:

A feisty baseliner who smashes with a lot of topspin and chases down every ball.

A serve-and-volleyer who smashes a huge serve and then follows it up with a shot into the net to swiftly finish the game.

As you would expect, the tennis racquet that will work best for each of these types will vary, with each seeking certain features that will line with their game and help them play at their best.

The good news is that we can compare each racquet across a consistent set of criteria to help you choose the frame that best fits your chosen style. Of course, some will outperform others in certain areas. A racquet with a high power rating, for example, may not give the greatest control.

Knowing the type of play you have or wish to develop, on the other hand, can help you narrow down the racquet that will work best for your game.

Head size

In an ideal scenario, you should choose a racket with larger head size. A larger head-size racket will have a larger sweet spot. This is the area of the racket where you should strike your strokes. Because your plan is still under development, having a larger sweet spot is advantageous for trainees. In the first place, you won’t strike the ball perfectly every time. In any event, with a larger racket head and sweet spot, you’ll find it easier to get the show started, even if your preparation and stroke aren’t perfect.


A good racket for a tenderfoot should be lighter in weight. Heavier rackets may be more difficult to move in the first place. You should probably avoid purchasing a racket that is too light. As you may develop a bad approach, such as flicking your wrist.

Grasp size

It’s also critical to have the right grasp size for your tennis racket. If your grip is too little, you may end up crushing the handle excessively. Which can fatigue your muscles and eventually lead to damage. If your grip is extremely large. Then you will believe it is more difficult to use your wrist and adjust your grasp. A proper grip size should feel nice to play with when you have a complete range of motion in your wrist and lower arm. There are many different sizes of grasps available ( small, medium, and large hand sizes).

How Did We Choose the Best Tennis Racquets for 2022?

We tested each racquet against a consistent set of six qualities and six strokes in an endeavor to objectively pick the top tennis rackets on the market.

As we used each racquet and scored its performance on a scale of 1-10 for each characteristic and stroke. We used the average of the 12 ratings to get the overall score for a racquet.


The six typical characteristics used to measure the performance of each tennis racquet that we have included for our list are as follows.


Regardless of the racquet in their hands, great players can smash hard and produce power with excellent technique. Some racquets, on the other hand, make it much simpler to generate pace.

Powerful racquets feature bigger head sizes, sturdier frames and are sometimes longer, referred to as extended length.


Typically, as a player gains skill, they will desire greater control from their racquet since placing and guiding the ball precisely where they want it to go is more critical.

In addition, a more experienced player will have honed the technique and ability necessary to choose their own speed. Control-oriented racquets often feature thinner beams, less rigid frames, smaller head sizes, and tighter string patterns.


Players often equate comfort with the shock sent to their arm while striking the ball or with the vibration they experience after hitting the ball.

A player, on the other hand, may link comfort with the weight of the racquet in relation to their strength.

Comfort-oriented racquets are heavier, more flexible, and have more weight focused on the handle to assist absorb shock.


Touch, or feel, is more complex and typically associated with a sensation of control and closeness, particularly when hitting volleys and finesse strokes like drop shots. Racquets with improved touch are heavier, have smaller head diameters, and have more flexible frames.


Easy-to-maneuver racquets feel light in your palm and allow you to easily shift the direction of the racquet head.

This sensation is caused by the total weight of the racquet mixed with the weight distribution or balance of the frame. Otherwise known as headlight effect (HL). In other words, a greater proportion of the racquet’s weight is distributed lower on the racquet, near the handle.


Tennis racquets that are stable stay steady while hitting a ball, which helps to establish a good feeling of consistency and accuracy. Stable racquets are often heavier, feature smaller heads and less rigid frames.

Tennis Serves

The tennis shots we utilized to analyze each tennis racquet are listed below. We won’t go to great length on each of them.

  • Serves
  • Volleys
  • Returns
  • Groundstrokes
  • Topspin
  • Slice

Hopefully, you now have a decent understanding of how we choose the top tennis rackets. Let’s start by going over a few key highlights from the previous year as we go towards 2022.

N0.1 Best Tennis Racket: Babolat Pure Strike 16×19

yonex racquets  tennis racket brands

Babolat’s Pure Strike won us over in 2017 as the greatest tennis racquet. It’s a fairly accessible racquet with a strung weight of 11.4 oz and a head size of 98 in2. We believe the great majority of players would take up this racquet and love its performance across the board. All-court players who prefer to attack the net and are looking for a well-balanced racquet. They will likely love the Pure Strike.

Pure Strike 1619 Technologies by Babolat

Pure Strike by Babolat employs a few important technologies.


The frame’s construction lets the strings move freely. Allowing them to work together for a larger sweet spot, greater power, and less shock.

Hybrid Framework Design

The frame employs square and elliptical forms in crucial spots to provide a unique mix of control and power that is incredibly sensitive and precise.

FSI Power

Babolat Pure Strike also incorporates the company’s FSI Power technology, which improves the distance between cross strings. As a consequence, you’ll have greater power, spin, and comfort while hitting the ball.

C2 Pure Feelings

A thin rubber substance placed to the frame at three and nine o’clock on the third version of this racquet gives the racquet a softer, more dampened feel.

Why Do We Like It?

Here are Pure Strike’s top three qualities, as determined by how the racquet performed in our testing.


The Pure Strike is incredibly simple to operate, weighing 11.4 ounces and having a swing weight of 327. Making drawing the racquet back for groundstrokes straightforward and shifting to the net to smash a setup volley lots of fun.


The Pure Strike is a joy to fly off the ground. The frame produced lots of power. Thanks to its 98 in2 head, and its 1619 string arrangement contributed to superb spin. At the same time, everything seemed under control, thanks to a somewhat more flexible frame than some of the other Babolat racquets.


With a high rating for groundstrokes, it should come as no surprise that this extremely maneuverable racquet performed well when hitting returns that need you to react swiftly and drawback your racquet.

Of course, what distinguishes the Pure Stike is its ability to retain high marks at the net with volleys.

Price: $199.00

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No.2 Best Tennis Racket: Babolat Pure Aero

racquet head speed  best tennis rackets  best tennis racquet

The Babolat Pure Aero, made famous by clay court champion Rafael Nadal, comes next on our list. Without a doubt, the racquet’s distinguishing characteristics revolve around its capacity to create topspin.

The Babolat Pure Aero underwent a few minor changes in 2019, including a modest stiffening that aids give a touch more control while being somewhat more comfortable on a player’s arm.

To do this, Babolat decreased the stiffness rating from 69 to 67 and applied its Cortex Pure Feel technology, which aids in shock and vibration reduction, to the top of the handle and the edges of the racquet’s Head at 3 and 9 o’clock. The Pure Aero has Carbon Ply Stabilizing technology in the throat to decrease twisting and increase control.

Overall, we like striking with this revised frame since it seems a little less harsh than the previous model. Of course, no tennis racquet upgrade is complete without a new color job, and for 2019, Babolat has shifted away from electric or fluorescent yellow and toward a more toned-down classic yellow.

The Pure Aero, like before, has an open 1619 string design and Babolat’s FSI Spin technology, which adds extra space between the 5th and 12th cross strings, as well as bigger oval grommets that let the strings move freely and snap back into position. This combination gives the racquet the potential to create more topspin.

When those characteristics are combined with Babolat’s Woofer Technology, a 100 in2 head size, and a sturdy frame, you get power on top of topspin – a fantastic combination for the current baseline game.

True to its name, the Babolat Pure Aero has Babolat’s Aeromodular 3 frame design, which alters the shape and form factor of the frame at critical portions of the racquet for an aerodynamic profile that helps the racquet to swing fast through the air.

As one would expect, players who like hitting with topspin and grinding out points from the baseline are a good fit for the racquet.

Why Do We Like It?

Here are the top three features of the Babolat Pure Aero, depending on how the racquet performed in our testing.


Topspin is without a doubt the Pure Aero’s distinguishing feature. The aerodynamic frame, mid-range weight, and headlight balance make it comfortable to swing, allowing us to create more racquet speed and leaving us with the impression that we didn’t have to work as hard to generate spin. If comfort isn’t a problem, players trying to get the most out of this frame in this area might pick a polyester string.


Next, this racquet performed well in terms of power. Overall, the Pure Aero packs a punch and provides simple access to speed when needed, which complements the frame’s hefty topspin.


We discovered an amazing performance with the Babolat Pure Aero at the baseline by combining power and topspin. Again, it felt comfortable and simple to swing, and the heavier ball we were able to hit kept our opponents guessing.


While the Pure Aero excelled off the ground, it left much to be desired when we switched to the net. The stronger frame and increased power of the racquet need greater caution and attention at the net. While it does the job, it may not be the first choice for those that want to go ahead and finish out points swiftly.

We’ve previously said that, although the racquet felt rather comfortable to smash with, players suffering from arm ailments or tennis elbow may find its sturdier frame a little hard on the arm. Despite a few adjustments this year to reduce stiffness, we still suggest players seek elsewhere if comfort is a necessity.

Price: $239.00

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No.3 Best Tennis Racket: Head Graphene 360+ Speed MP

babolat pure aero  wilson blade  best overall tennis racquet

The Graphene 360+ Speed MP is the newest iteration of a famous Head racquet that has been supported by ATP and WTA tour players, including Jannik Sinner, Bianca Andreescu, Coco Gauff, and many more.

As one would assume, this frame continues to function well from the start, enabling powerful groundstrokes with strong topspin and remarkable mobility on returns.

Graphene 360, a lightweight and durable nanomaterial, is one of this racquet’s standout qualities. Consider it classic graphite on steroids. Previously, this was exclusively utilized on the racquet’s throat and handle. Graphene 360, on the other hand, is used across the racquet’s Head at 3, 9, and 12 o’clock. As a consequence, you get a bit more power while maintaining the same amazing control.

However, for 2020, Head upgraded this technology to Graphene 360+, which expands on the technique by integrating SpiralFibers in the bottom region of the racquet’s Head for ideal flex, leading to the frame’s stiffness rating of 64.

Graphene, as it has in the past, decreases the racquet’s weight via the core of the frame, allowing the Head to redistribute that weight to generate a fast-swinging, light, and agile racquet.

The Head Graphene Speed Pro, like previous versions, has a 100 in2 head and a 1619 string pattern. The greater head size contributes to a more noticeable sweet spot and more power, while the open string pattern lets players maintain control while producing a lot of topspin.

At the net, the racquet feels light and delivers a sharp reaction that is stable and enables precise placement.

Overall, the Head Graphene 360+ Speed MP is a quick-swinging, easy-to-maneuver frame that enables aggressive play with lots of topspin from the back of the court.

Why Do We Like It?

Here are the top three reasons we like the Head Graphene 360+ Speed Pro.


The Head Graphene 360+ Speed MP feels excellent in your hand, which is one of the first things you’ll notice. It weighs 11.2 ounces and swings smoothly because of its 4-point headlight balance.

This weight and balance provide a really entertaining tennis racquet that enables you to accelerate swiftly through contact and take strong cuts at the ball from the baseline while still maintaining control with outstanding topspin.


Everything we liked about the Graphene 360+ Speed MP transferred nicely to our returns, and the ease of movement was incredibly useful. Even when our opponent cranked up the heat, we felt like we could be aggressive and step into our shots.


While this frame has plenty of pop, you’ll still need to depend on your technique and tennis racquets acceleration to produce power. Finally, this puts you in control, allowing you to swing confidently and strike your areas with accuracy.


Stability and comfort are two areas where tennis racquets in this class often fall short. The Head Graphene 360+ Speed MP may improve in both areas, but it’s nitpicky for a frame that provides such balanced all-around performance.

Price: $189.00 – $239.00

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No.4 Best Tennis Racket: Wilson Pro Staff 97 v13

tennis matches  tennis players  racquet head  new tennis racquet

Pro Staff aficionados eagerly anticipated the release of the Wilson Pro Staff 97 v13 in 2020, which abolished the usage of Countervail and proved to be well worth the wait.

This racquet has a 97 in2 head with an open 1619 string pattern, as the name indicates. It weighs a substantial 11.7 ounces, but with a 7 pt head light balance, it maintains mobility and a moderate swing weight of 321. The beam measures 21.5 mm in diameter all the way around.

As previously stated, Wilson discontinued Countervail, which enhanced comfort and decreased vibration and fatigue, but we believed it lowered feedback and altered the feel, so we’re pleased to see this improvement.

The Pro Staff 97 now incorporates an upgrade to their time-tested braided graphite and Kevlar construction, which runs throughout the frame, for one of the frame’s most noticeable modifications. The weave is still braided, but Wilson has adjusted the angle of the weave to 45 degrees as part of its Braid 45 upgrade for a greater feel and ball pocket, and it’s a significant improvement over the previous generation.

Wilson’s String Mapping Tech is also used on the racquet for improved control, tightening up the center mains for a more thick string bed and sweet spot to increase control and feel. However, since the racquet has its 1619 string arrangement, it still provides enough spin.

Finally, as you’d expect from a Pro Staff racquet, the racquet has Wilson’s Perimeter Weighting System at three and nine o’clock to increase stability by decreasing twisting upon impact.

Why Do We Like It?

The following are the top three reasons why we like playing with the Pro Staff 97.


Precision and control have been a distinguishing feature of the Pro Staff family of racquets throughout the years, and the Pro Staff 97 v13 is no exception. Add in some remarkable stability, and the Pro Staff 97 becomes a top-tier frame for all-court play.

Feel & Touch

We like the racquet’s connected feel, good feedback, and reaction, in addition to its exceptional control. The end consequence is increased confidence and accuracy, regardless of the shot. The racquet performs well on the net.


Even with their higher weight, Pro Staff models have always retained a fantastic sensation of agility because of their headlight balance. This is especially effective for creating the racquet head speed required for topspin and swiftly bringing the racquet into position on returns with the Pro Staff 97 v13.


The Wilson Pro Staff 97 v13’s design and attributes are intended to provide optimum control and accuracy. Therefore it’s not surprising that it doesn’t provide much free power, which means the player is responsible for creating pace when needed. Of fact, this is precisely the recipe that many intermediate to expert players are looking for.

Despite producing a lot of topspin, the frame falls short in this category, but it will perform well for players who want to flatten the ball out.

Price: $279.00

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No.5 Best Tennis Racket: Head Gravity Pro

The Head Gravity Pro tennis racquet is one of the most recent additions to the Headline of tennis racquets, offering control, stability, and comfort.

A number of specifications, including its narrow 20 mm beam, tighter 1820 string pattern, heavier 11.7-ounce strung weight, and low 62 stiffness rating, combine to give players optimal control. Finally, it’s great for experienced gamers who want to choose their own speed.

Graphene 360+, which is exclusive to Gravity Pro, mixes Head’s specialty graphite composition with unique SpiralFibers in the racquet’s construction at the bottom of the Head to maximize frame flex and return energy to the ball for a responsive feel.

Overall, the Gravity Pro is an excellent racquet that will appeal to a certain group of players that have the power and confidence to use it.

Why Do We Like It?

Here are the top three reasons we had a good time hitting with the Head Gravity Pro 2022.


Everything about this racquet is designed for accuracy, and it shows on the court. We felt like we could hit our places with confidence, whether we were hitting groundstrokes, returns, or volleys.


With a strung weight of 11.7 ounces, the Gravity Pro isn’t simple to move about. We felt comfortable absorbing and dealing with speed from the back of the court, and the same was true while hitting returns and volleys.


The racquet’s weight, headlight balance, and exceptionally low 62 stiffness rating work together to provide players with a tonne of feel and an incredibly pleasant striking experience, with the frame absorbing shock.


It’s no surprise that a control-oriented players racquet like the Head Gravity Pro 2022sacrifices power and mobility. It’s just the price you pay for investing in this style of racquet.

Price: $199.00 – $239.00

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No.6 Best Tennis Racket: Yonex EZONE 98

Yonex offered an excellent upgrade to their famous EZONE 98 for 2022, and we love the adjustments they made.

The variety, wide appeal, and great performance from all sections of the court won us over.

Of course, no tennis racquet is perfect, but the EZONE 98 provides an amazingly balanced performance that will suit a broad spectrum of tennis players, and its drawbacks are minor.

It’s ideal for all-court play and performs well across the board, giving it a highly versatile racquet that inspires confidence.

Yonex racquets’ isometric or square-shaped design improves the area of the sweet spot by 7% when compared to the typical oval form, which is a good attribute for a smaller 98 in2 head.

Grommets on most racquets are drilled at an angle that corresponds to the arc of the racquet’s Head. Yonex introduces its Linear Tech Grommet System with numerous grommet holes drilled straight through to boost the racquet’s power and comfort in the current iteration of the EZONE 98.

The redesigned Shockless Grommets situated at the sides and bottom of the racquet’s head help to reduce the shock and vibration felt when hitting a ball.

Because the materials used in the throat of a racquet may have a significant influence on its performance, Yonex has launched an upgraded carbon fiber dubbed M40X for excellent stability and flex for controlled power.

The EZONE 98 retains the previous generation’s Oval Pressed Shaft. Yonex attempts to produce optimal flex while increasing dwell time for greater control and spin by rounding the edges of this area of the frame.

The Yonex EZONE 98 2020 now has a redesigned Vibration Dampening Mesh in the handle to minimize vibration and hence increase comfort and feel.

Another reason the EZONE range of racquets stands out is the breadth of Yonex’s portfolio, which includes over 15 models. As a consequence, players who are interested in this racquet have a variety of alternatives to choose from.

Why Do We Like It?

Here’s a rundown of the major features of the Yonex EZONE 98 based on how it fared in our testing.


With a smaller 98 in2 and a moderate stiffness rating of 64, the EZONE 98 provides excellent control without sacrificing power, particularly when coupled with a stiffer poly.


The Yonex EZONE 98 is a racquet that is easy to strike with from the back of the court. It swings effortlessly, allowing you to add topspin and keep accuracy while also providing superb responsiveness and extra speed when you’re ready to attack.


The EZONE 98’s modest 11.3oz weight and 6pt HL balance when strung make it simple to manage whether playing groundstrokes, volleying up to the net, serving, or returning serve. As a consequence, getting the racquet into position fast is simple.


The racquet seemed like it could need a little more stability at times. However, this is likely to be seen primarily by expert players when faced with players that hit with greater speed. Furthermore, if necessary, the racquet may be adjusted with a modest amount of customization.

We were most pleased with the Yonex EZONE 98’s balanced performance. As a consequence, the most major tradeoff you make with this racquet is that it will not give peak performance in any area, such as spin or control. That, I believe, is entirely appropriate for many people.

Price: $199.00

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No.7 Best Tennis Racket: Babolat Pure Drive

The Babolat Pure Drive has become a legendary tennis racquet over the years, endorsed by some of the game’s finest players, notably Andy Roddick before his retirement and, more recently, Garbine Muguruza.

The Babolat Pure Drive, which will be relaunched in September 2020, does not deviate too much from the previous generation, with a few evolutionary adjustments that stay loyal to this ever-popular frame.

The Pure Drive has a high power level and simple access to topspin, making it an excellent alternative for baseline tennis players and large servers. With its 100 in2 head and 11.2-ounce strung weight, it’s also a highly accessible racquet for beginners.

If you’re new to tennis and like what you see, but the price seems a bit high, be sure to check out our list of the finest racquets for beginners. The Babolat Boost Drive, this racquet’s younger sister, is our top selection.

Of course, the Babolat Pure Drive is packed with features that will help you play at your best on the court. The FSI technology from Babolat combines their time-tested woofer system, which boosts power and the size of the sweet spot by letting the strings work together, with a tighter string arrangement inside the sweet spot, which assists in control.

The elliptical geometric form of the racquet lowers flex and boosts the frame’s overall stiffness, which aids in power. Babolat also used their carbon-fiber GT technology in the Head for increased strength.

For 2022, Babolat introduces their HTR System, which strengthens and improves the frame’s stiffness by strengthening the hoop’s graphite, resulting in increased energy transmission and power.

Finally, the Pure Drive expands on its Pure Feel technology, which is a small layer of rubber inside the graphite, by expanding its coverage within the shaft to increase feel.

Why Do We Like It?

There’s a lot to like about the Babolat Pure Drive, which has long been one of our favorites, but here are our top three reasons.


First and foremost, we appreciate Pure Drive’s capacity to assist in the generation of power without breaking a sweat. The 100 in2 head has a large sweet spot, and the reduced strung weight of 11.2-ounces makes it comfortable to swing. There’s no need to overwork this racquet to produce speed. It readily produces speed and is a delightful racquet to use off the baseline.


With all that power, the good news is that the Babolat Pure Drive also offers exceptional access to topspin to help you manage your strokes and keep the ball in play. Again, the frame’s 100 in2 head and 1619 string pattern assist in delivering that topspin, which we found came readily and kept our opponent on their toes.


We still like serving with the Babolat Pure Drive — it’s one of the finest in the business. We were able to quickly achieve the necessary tempo on our first service and discovered that our kick serves acquired some extra pop, which helped keep them far out of our opponent’s striking zone.


Players who prefer a heavier, more controllable tennis racquet will likely find the Pure Drive’s less weight and increased power to be too much. Those same attributes, of course, make it ideal for other players.

One thing to keep in mind is that the Pure Drive has one of the stiffer frames on the market, so players with tennis elbow should keep that in mind before buying this racquet.

Price: $239.00

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No.8 Best Tennis Racket: Wilson Pro Staff RF97 v13 Autograph

The Wilson Pro Staff RF97 v13 Autograph, a contemporary take on a classic, is Roger Federer’s signature edition of the Wilson Pro Staff 97 v13.

Keeping this in mind, the current edition of the RF97 retains the same specifications as previous models since Federer hasn’t updated them.

It did, however, undergo an aesthetic makeover. It’s back to all-black paint, with grey and silver racing stripes and a glossy resin finish that shows off the frame’s braided graphite structure.

Without a doubt, the fundamental and lasting aspect of this racquet is controlled, which is the product of a time-tested formula with specific characteristics typical to Pro Staff models.

The racquet has a braided graphite structure, thin beam, and headlight balance, as well as Wilson’s famous torsion control or Perimeter Weighting System, which adds additional weight on the racquet head’s sides at 3 and 9 o’clock.

Add to it a smaller 97 in2 head and one of the industry’s heaviest strung weights of 12.6 ounces, and you have a control-oriented tennis racquet that rewards intermediate to advanced players who can swing it confidently.

Why Do We Like It?

While the Wilson Pro Staff RF97 v13 Autograph was a solid performer overall, here are the top three reasons we loved it.


Many tennis racquets provide control; however, the Wilson Pro Staff RF97 Autograph does it in a very distinctive and substantial way. The racquet felt exceptionally sturdy and suited itself to consistent shot-making with a high degree of accuracy whether we were serving, playing groundstrokes, approaching the net, or hitting volleys.


Up near the net was one of our favorite spots to hit with Roger’s Pro Staff. It felt substantial in our hands, allowing us to strike clean, controlled volleys with little effort. When combined with a keen sense of touch, it gave us the impression that we were in command as we neared the net.


Another aspect of the RF97 that stuck out to us was its ability to strike with the slice. The racquet’s weight and stability enabled a degree of plow-through that allowed us to take the air out of the ball and neutralize the point even off of an aggressive topspin stroke, whether it was a forehand, backhand, or approach shot.


While we like the Wilson Pro Staff RF97 Autograph, its larger weight may make it difficult to control at times, particularly if you’re used to a lighter racquet. For many players, good technique and preparation will help reduce this, but it’s worth mentioning for beginners or early-intermediate players interested in this racquet.

Similarly, gamers might argue over its strength level. On the surface, it lacks the easy-to-access pace of other racquets since its power is derived from its weight mixed with good technique. The Wilson Pro Staff RF97 v13 Autograph, true to its style, is a classic player’s racquet that provides for those who can handle it.

Price: $279.00

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No.9 Best Tennis Racket: Wilson Clash 100

Wilson’s Clash 100 is a one-of-a-kind tennis racquet with a much-reduced stiffness rating that is gentle on a player’s arm while keeping superb stability and feel.

The racquet’s exceptional degree of elasticity is due to the use of FreeFlex and StableSmart technology. FreeFlex provides excellent flexibility in the frame, while StableSmart works with the geometry of the frame to preserve power and stability. These technologies work together to reduce racquet stiffness and promote comfort while retaining a sharp, controlled feel.

The Clash has a forgiving 100 square inch head size, which also contributes to increased power. When combined with a low strung weight of under 11 ounces, the racquet is simple to manage and an ideal choice for intermediate players.

Overall, the Wilson Clash 100 is a fascinating advancement in frame technology that has gained a significant following almost overnight and is worth a demo to experience for yourself.

Why Do We Like It?

Here are three reasons why we like the newest addition to Wilson’s performance tennis racquet line.


The Wilson Clash is one of the most arm-friendly racquets on the market, with an extremely low stiffness rating of 55. The distinct feel takes some getting used to at first, but after about 30 minutes of hitting, you begin to enjoy the difference.


The Clash 100 is under 11 ounces strung and has a 7-point headlight balance. The end result is a racquet that is simple to swing and incredibly agile, which we appreciated on our returns and at the net.


The Clash swings quickly and generates loads of topspin without modifying your stroke because of its 100 in2 head, open 1619 string pattern, and headlight balance.


While the racquet’s build aids in its stability on impact, we found ourselves wishing for a little more control that would come with a heavier racquet. We discovered that we could adjust to some extent with greater topspin, but it’s worth knowing if you’re contemplating this racquet.

Price: $269.00

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No.10 Best Tennis Racket: Yonex VCORE Pro 97 310

roger federer  babolat pure drive

As we enter 2021, the Yonex VCORE Pro 97 310 remains a top racquet, with a few changes from the previous generation to improve with spin potential and boost comfort.

The Yonex VCORE Pro 97 tennis racquet is a well-balanced alternative for all-court players who prefer hanging out on the baseline, moving about the court, and going to the net.

Overall, the VCORE Pro will appeal to a wide spectrum of players seeking control without the high weight associated with control-oriented tennis racquets. Its specifications – a weight of 11.5 ounces, a 97 in2 head, and a 7 point head light balance – remain the same as its predecessor, resulting in an easy-to-maneuver package, tour-level control, and plenty of power.

Of course, being from Yonex, this racquet doesn’t compromise on innovative innovations to provide an exceptional hitting experience. Yonex has changed the racquet’s throat design for 2021, adding 2G-NAMD graphite to increase flex and, as a result, ball-pocketing and the possibility for topspin. Yonex also includes a shock-absorbing material called Flex Fuse for comfort.

The Head has the company’s characteristic Isometric square head shape, which enhances the size of the sweet spot. Concurrently, the 3D vector shaft (from the handle to the racquet’s throat) employs deep grooves to decrease frame twisting and boost stability.

At 10 and 2 o’clock, the Yonex VCORE Pro 97 also has a unique combination of carbon graphite and an elastic polymer termed Black Micro Core to increase stability when the ball touches the top half of the racquet’s head.

The vibration dampening mesh remains in the handle to assist minimize vibration by 30% and, as a result, boost comfort.

Finally, the VCORE Pro 97 has a lock booster system that tightens the grommet spacing near the top of the racquet’s head and grooves inside the grommets’ channel to assist secure the string and enhance control.

Why Do We Like It?

Control, groundstrokes, and touch/feel are our top three reasons for enjoying the Yonex VCORE Pro 97.


The Yonex VCORE Pro 97 is another outstanding control-oriented tennis racquet that gives a high degree of control without sacrificing too much power or weighing too much. At 7 points headlamp, this translates into an agile racquet that generates racquet head speed for consistent and well-placed groundstrokes.


Overall, we had the greatest enjoyment with this racquet along the baseline, where we found an excellent placement and the courage to go for shots while hitting our objectives. We really liked our backhand slice, which was quite solid. The frame was solid enough that we could move the racquet head through the ball for a precise fit.


Despite its lighter weight of 11.5 ounces, the VCORE Pro 97 had an outstanding feel off the ground and performed well up to the net, where volleys felt sharp and under control.


Not surprisingly, the easiest-to-access power is the most important sacrifice with the Yonex VCORE Pro 97. The VCORE Pro, like other control-oriented racquets, is built with characteristics that prioritize accuracy and precision. However, unlike other control-oriented tennis racquets, it does not sacrifice power.

One point we’d like to touch on is the racquet’s steadiness. In comparison to the prior model, we believe Yonex has remedied this shortcoming, which wasn’t given much care during our playtest. Kudos!

Price: $248.00

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No.11 Best Tennis Racket: Wilson Blade 98 18×20 v8

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The Wilson Blade has gone through a number of modifications throughout the years. However, at its heart, the Wilson Blade is a control-oriented player’s racquet weighing in at 11.4 ounces. The same as the previous iteration.

A braided graphite and basalt structure enhances the racquet’s flex, improves feel, and ultimately provides greater control. Basalt is a volcanic rock that may be used to create fibers with properties comparable to fiberglass.

Aside from its unique composition, the racquet now employs Wilson’s new FortyFive technology, a rebranding of what was formerly known as FeelFlex in the previous version. FortyFive increases the vertical and horizontal flex of the frame to suit the current swing path without sacrificing stability. As a consequence, the frame’s RA or flex rating lowers to 61, one point lower than the previous model.

Parallel drilling, which is essentially the practice of drilling curtain grommet holes parallel regardless of the frame’s arc. It is also used by the Wilson Blade 98 1820 v8. Wilson states that employing this strategy increases the sweet spot by up to 27%, which is a nice improvement to the frame given its lower head size.

Wilson will introduce their new DirectConnect handle in 2021. Which combines the butt cap of the racquet with the carbon fiber of the handle to increase stability. Despite this, the racquet keeps its top grip taper handle design for increased feel while striking a two-handed backhand, as well as its red ergonomic butt cap for comfort.

Finally, Wilson deviates from their regular color scheme, which is utilized throughout many of their racquet lines and employs. A the chameleon-style paint job that is dynamic and alters colors depending on the light.

Why Do We Like It?

Here are the top three reasons we like this frame.


The slightly smaller 98 square inch head size, tighter 1820 string pattern, consistent 11.4-ounce weight, and low 60 stiffness. Rating of the Wilson Blade combine to give good control from all parts of the court.


Wilson’s material strategy creates a solid frame and helps provide consistent and dependable contact with the tennis ball. A genuine feel of a classic player’s racquet.


The Wilson Blade 1820 also provides comfort because of its unique material structure, weight, and flex rating. Overall, the racquet provides a muted, low-vibration feel that makes hitting enjoyable and comfortable.


While the Wilson Blade has good power, some players may find it more difficult to attain greater levels of topspin because of its narrower 1820 string pattern. Of course, topspin potential exists, but you may have to work a bit more for it.

Price: $249.00

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