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Best Windbreaker Jackets for men of 2022

December 27, 2021

Our specialists have examined over 30 of the top windbreaker jackets on the market over the last 8 years. We bought 5 of the top jackets available for side-by-side testing in 2021. Our in-depth study combines objective, laboratory-style testing with real-world experience to break down. These jackets are based on important characteristics, such as which are the lightest, most wind- and weather-resistant. They provide the greatest overall value.

A windbreaker is a lightweight alternative for keeping the elements away, from the cold of fall to springtime gales. There’s really no reason not to have one of these important, packable layers in your gear. Our in-depth analysis will assist you in determining the best solution for your demands and budget.

Following are the best Windbreaker Jackets in 2022:

New Balance Impact Run Winter Jacket


Price: $45.51 – $65.00

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The New Balance Impact Fall Impact Run Winter Jacket is just as  comfortable out on the streets as it is on a run. The utility-style jacket has a comfortable fleece lining against the skin and a wind and water-resistant facing fabric. A stand-up collar and zipper flap keep the cold out, while stretch fleece panels under the arms and a zipped back vent provide additional ventilation while you’re on the go. Four pockets give plenty of room for any necessities you may wish to bring along.


  • Wind-resistant to keep the weather away.
  • On the outside, bonded woven fabric offers wind resistance, while the heat grid lining provides warmth.
  • Built to skim your chest, waist, and hips, this athletic fit is ideal for dynamic movement yet isn’t overly tight.
  • Easy storage with secure zipper compartments and side drop-in pockets.
  • Long sleeves
  • For increased covering, the back hem has been dropped.
  • Designed to catch the light, reflective strikes
  • The fabric is 93% polyester and 7% spandex.
  • Imported

Patagonia Nano Puff Windbreaker Jacket


Price: $157.09 – $220.93

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The Patagonia Nano Puff Jacket delivers a punch in all weather situations, despite its small size. The Nano Puff jacket is made of lightweight, 100 percent recycled polyester with a durable water resistant (DWR) finish and good insulation. The Nano Puff jacket is windproof, which helps to keep you warm.

The jacket is lined with 100% post-consumer recycled polyester insulation that keeps you warm when it’s wet and keeps you warm when it becomes chilly. The insulation is stabilised with a brick quilting design, so there’s no uncomfortable clumping and simply elegant beauty.

A wind-resistant storm flap beneath the central zipper keeps heat in and cold out, while an adjustable drop-hem helps seal in warmth. Warm your hands and keep your stuff safe with two zipped hand pockets. The interior chest pocket doubles as a stuff bag, allowing you to fold your Nano Puff Jacket and store it without adding weight.


  • Shell and lining fabric made from recycled polyester
  • Features DWR finish without PFCs
  • Brick-style quilting design to retain loft with recycled 60-g PrimaLoft® Gold insulation
  • Drop hem with drawcord adjustment
  • Stuff bag built-in
  • Sewn Fair Trade Certified
  • Fit is consistent.
  • 335 g weight (medium, actual)

Patagonia Houdini Air Jacket


Price: $249.00

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The Patagonia Houdini Air more than makes up for the minor flaws in the award-winning Houdini when it comes to speed and lightness. This ultra lightweight shell is really wonderful in terms of breathability, and it serves as a running jacket as well as a mid-layer for ski touring. This windbreaker is made of a texturized nylon that is pleasant to the touch and breezy to wear, with 51 percent post-consumer recycled content. The fit is also more athletic than the original, making it more flattering to wear out on the town while also being more comfortable to layer beneath a harness.

With all of the advantages of the Houdini Air, certain compromises must be made. Otherwise, we would have easily given this windbreaker the highest rating in our evaluation. A sharp breeze readily tears through the lightweight, single-layer nylon as a trade-off for soaring advances in breathability. Even though there are thoughtful details like completely taped seams on the chest pocket to help with water resistance, the DWR finish isn’t adequate to keep much more than a passing rain at bay. The Houdini Air is a great option for uphill athletes, but not so much for climbers facing a bleak prognosis, since it all comes down to what you want in a windproof jacket.


  • Increased airflow adjacent to skin thanks to an ultra-lightweight breathable double weave with a texturized back.
  • The fabric is created from post-industrial recycled nylon and has a DWR (durable water repellent) treatment.
  • With a reinforced carabiner clip-in loop, the zippered chest pocket adapts to a stuffsack.
  • Cuffs and hem have minimal trim for reduced bulk, greater comfort, and in-motion fit.
  • Built to withstand a variety of weather conditions while you’re moving—both from the outside environment and from your own personal microclimate near to your skin.
  • For simplicity of usage and superb range of vision, the hood adjusts in one pull.
  • Perfect for layering over tech shirts and baselayers when you need additional protection but still want to be able to breathe.
  • On the left chest, there is a reflective P-6 logo.

Patagonia Houdini


Price: $17.49 – $49.50

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The Patagonia Houdini ultralight jacket is a classic windbreaker jacket that continues to set the bar for all other jackets in our category as a repeat winner at the top of our podium. It works like a windbreaker should, packing up and stowing away until you need it to shield you from the wind or light rain. The whole jacket fits inside the jacket’s breast pocket, resulting in a bundle roughly the size of a small banana. The compact package easily hooks to a belt, climbing harness, or tucks into the tiniest corner of your pack – it even fits into the tiniest seat bags, making it an excellent companion for lengthy bike trips. The lightweight DWR coating is at the top of its class and does a good job of combining wind resistance and breathability, but it will never compare directly to a rain jacket.

The Houdini’s previously too-small chest pocket has been modified with its most current facelift to suit the ever-growing size of contemporary cellphones (though it is still a bit of an awkward fit.) The hood tends to grab air like a sail while you’re bicycling, jogging, skiing downhill, or outdoors in any strong breeze, pushing the collar against your neck uncomfortably. You can only cool down by pushing up the sleeves if there are no features to assist ventilation – without full-elastic wrist cuffs, this might block off circulation for individuals with strong forearms. Despite these minor design flaws, the Houdini remains our favorite windbreaker. It’s a multipurpose jacket that’ll keep you warm all day in the mountains, on lengthy trail runs, exposed free climbs, and late mountain bike loops.


  • With a reinforced carabiner clip-in loop, the zippered chest pocket adapts to a stuffsack.
  • For a better fit while movement, slim fit with a modest drop tail is recommended.
  • Adjustable hood with a single pull and does not obstruct eyesight.
  • Cuffs are half-elastic and have a drawcord hem.
  • On the left breast, there is a reflective P-6 logo.
  • It’s suitable for layering over baselayers and light midlayers. Featherweight 100 percent recycled nylon ripstop with a DWR (durable weather repellent) finish Fair Trade Certified stitched

Craft ADV SubZ Lumen Running Jacket 2


Price: $135.99

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The Craft ADV SubZ Lumen Running Jacket 2 will keep you warm and bright when it’s chilly and dark outside. This padded running jacket boasts 360-degree reflectivity to keep you visible when jogging in low-light conditions.

Craft made this jacket with wind-resistant Ventair fabric and light padding on the front so you don’t have to worry about the headwind during your run. Brushed jersey is used on the back and sleeves to provide effective moisture management, warmth, and comfort. It also contains thumbholes at the ends of the sleeves and hidden zip pockets for carrying your things while on the go.

The Craft ADV SubZ Lumen Running Jacket 2 is a stylish and elegant running and lifestyle jacket that can take you from the gym to downtown in winter.


  • Ventair front with light padding and reflective print provides wind protection.
  • Warmth and comfort are provided by the brushed jersey sleeves and back body.
  • Warmth and protection from the thumb grip at the sleeve ends.
  • A comfortable fit.
  • Bottom hem is taped.
  • Sleeves with reflective print details
  • Craft logo is printed on the chest. The back has a six-dot logo printed on it.
  • Reflective details on both sides.

How to Style a Windbreaker Jackets?

So you just spent your gift cards on a new windbreaker and aren’t sure how to wear it. We can assist you! Windbreakers are flexible regardless of brand, whether it’s The North Face, Adidas, or Nike, or if it’s a colorblock or camo windbreaker. It’s no secret that these athletic coats may be worn in a variety of ways.

Pair your windbreaker with a pair of comfortable jeans and a t-shirt. Slip on a pair of sneakers or a pair of loafers to keep things casual. Alternatively, you may simply go with the fundamentals and layer your windbreaker over your activewear. This makes it ideal for the athleisure trends that have swept the fashion world.

Windbreakers have been a part of the fashion business for decades. Windbreakers are a must-have for anyone’s wardrobe because of their versatility in keeping the cold out while keeping the warmth in! We recommend that you try on many varieties of windbreakers to see which one is right for you.

You should also think about where you’ll be wearing it, since this will influence your decision. If you reside in a colder climate, you may want to consider investing in an insulated windbreaker. If you reside in a hotter climate, a single layer nylon windbreaker is a good option. When shopping for a windbreaker, think about the characteristics the jacket has to offer and what is most essential to you.

Some windbreakers, for example, include an adjustable hood, while others do not. DWR provides more rain protection in certain jackets than it does in others. Whatever you choose, we are certain that you will like your windbreaker because of its trendy, sleek appearance and year-round adaptability.

When to use men’s windbreaker jackets?

We suggest picking the jacket that best matches your chosen outdoor activities after establishing that you want a windbreaker and don’t want to squander your money on a rain jacket or hard shell instead. Having said that, these jackets are quite adaptable, and will, for the most part, function well regardless of the kind of adventure you do.


Running, particularly trail running, is a sport that calls for a windbreaker. While a pair of shorts and a light shirt is the most comfortable running attire, it’s typical to feel like you need a little extra protection. Sweating a lot may make your arms and core feel cold in the wind, so complete coverage is ideal on chilly mornings or during winter runs. We often run in the highlands, where the unpredictable weather ensures that we never leave home without a light jacket. It’s worth noting that, although all of these coats pack down compact, they’ll all need to be carried in a running vest.

Peak Climbing and Hiking

Hiking and peak-bagging are slow-paced sports that may nonetheless produce a lot of perspiration if it’s hot, sunny, or you’re going uphill. You’re also likely to come across wind, rain, or even chilly air and shade, all of which might make you feel cold. A windbreaker is an excellent option for trekking in the spring, summer, and autumn, as well as for summer peak bagging. You have no reason not to bring one because of its remarkable lightness and portability.

We found that all of the jackets we examined were suitable for trekking and peak bagging. Our advice is to concentrate on the top-rated items or those for which we have given awards. While all of the jackets in our study are suitable for hiking or peak bagging, our tests have proved that the ones indicated here are the best, so why not stick with them?


Backpacking entails trekking and camping for many days at a time, with weather resilience and weight savings being key considerations. Because we’re attempting to carry as little as possible, we’re more likely to simply bring one jacket instead of both a rain jacket and a windbreaker while hiking. On a backpacking trip, a savvy hiker will undoubtedly include a waterproof layer, since the odds of getting wet are likely to be significant, as are the penalties of being wet.

Hanging Out in Town

Windbreakers are a versatile garment that may be worn throughout town to provide warmth and protection from the wind, shade, or frigid temperatures. When it comes to evaluating their suitability as everyday wear, though, they suddenly have to compete with every other item of apparel on the earth, and most of these coats don’t really stack up. These jackets follow the current trend of technical-outdoor apparel, which is to use relatively light materials and vivid colours. We felt uncomfortable wearing several of these coats downtown unless we were out for a run or a bike ride.

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