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Big Agnes Roxy Ann Org Full Review

August 4, 2021
Big Agnes Roxy Ann

Price: $280

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Big Agnes Roxy Ann is comfortable and warm, it still needs more filling for its rating: individuals in their 30s who have tried the product found the bag chilly when worn in cold weather. Big Agnes’ sleeping bags, like other Big Agnes Bags, are part of their comprehensive offering for sleep systems; the Roxy Ann, in particular, features a consolidated full cushion sleeve for a sleeping cushion to fit into. As a result, instead of supplying down on the bottom of the bag, the insulation is reliant on the sleeping cushion. Expecting insulation from a sleeping cushion for excellent warmth is uncommon, and the Roxy Ann 15 is no exception; sleeping bags offer far greater warmth with down on their bottom. The bag’s roominess and absence of down may be the determining factors that prevent the bag from becoming heated as soon as anticipated while inside.

The Pros

  • It is available in two sizes.
  • It is available with both left and right handed zippers.
  • Price for sleep system integration

The Cons

  • Inadequate warmth to weight ratio
  • There is no insulation on the bag’s bottom.
  • Neck collar with an unusual form
  • Not suitable for snorers.



The Roxy Ann 15 compresses with an average effort to a size that is somewhat larger than the lesser sizes of other bags in its class.


The Big Agnes Roxy Ann 15 is a semi-rectangular shaped bag, updated for 2015 with a roomier form of shape and a thinner cushion sleeve intended to offer more insulation to the body and efficient warmth absorption, just like any other Big Agnes’ Classic series bag. It was also made higher over the top so that it could roll over more freely. Finally, I keep throwing my luggage about throughout the evening.

This addition is valuable to me since it is really helpful.” In addition, while I’m tossing and turning in my sleep, I want the bag to “accompanies me.” When using the sleep system, users are expected to move precisely and carefully inside the bag (which includes keeping the hood stationary). Given the bag’s roominess, this did not make the bag uncomfortable in any way.

However, it restricted my mobility to the point that I prefer not to attach the bag to the cushion. The stretch fabric strip on the sides of the cushion sleeves allows for a variety of cushion thicknesses for users who want to utilize them.

Further Features

The Roxy Ann 15 features a free-range hood that allows for easy head movement even when zipped, as well as a one-hand hood synch cord lock. Because of the no-draft collar and no-draft wedge, the product has an unusual form, which potentially increases warmth somewhat.

As a result, this enhances insulation and better frames the face. Unfortunately, for anybody other than black sleepers or those who move very little in the evening, it is more of a show at the expense of usefulness, as the customers felt the collar moved about too much and “got in. The way.” Regardless of the collar, the form of the hood is generally nice and comfy. The vaulted foot box was large, which most customers (including myself) like, but the additional space without the extra insulation likely contributed to the temperature issue.

There is also an extra outside zip pocket large enough for a variety of items such as a music source, headphones, tissue, headlamp, or anything else that would be appealing for quick access (perceiving that being outside the bag, battery sourced objects will be cold).

The shell is breathable and water repellent. The Roxy Ann’s two-tone color scheme of dark pink and purple with bright green lining and zippers is extremely attractive. It is also available in two sizes, with both a left- and right-handed zipper (even though numerous makers offer both zipper-side options, they do not all offer them in all available sleeping bag sizes).

Overall Reliability

The boxy form of the Roxy Ann 15 provides a lot of space. However, the cost is warmth, which makes it less appropriate than one would anticipate from a women’s bag.


During its testing period, the Roxy Ann 15 showed no signs of wear and tear. The zipper was very sturdy, and I have no concerns about its long-term endurance.

Customer Feedback On Big Agnes Roxy Ann

The Roxy managed to keep the temperature in the low 20s and high tens, keeping it toasty. Though it feels a little chilly around my core, it wasn’t unbearable. I used a Them-a-Rest women’s air mattress but have since purchased the Big Agnes bag-compatible air mattress. The Big Agnes air mattress has an extra inch, which we think will assist with the chilliness. The bag is constructed in such a manner that the mattress does not slide out from beneath you.

Furthermore, You can enjoy the additional room without sacrificing any warmth. You can pack it down to a small size by using a compression bag rather than the one that came with it. we are extremely pleased with the comfort and portability of my trekking bed.

I’ve had this bag for a long time. Despite the fact that I like the Big Agnes sleep system, You will be unable to feel warm in the bag. I can’t sleep when I’m chilly, so I had a lot of sleepless nights. I bring a fleece liner and an Exped Downmat 9, yet I’m still chilly.

Because I purchased the bag through REI, I am able to swap it for a zero-degree bag — which I think will be another Big Agnes. If you’re going camping in a warm climate, this bag is ideal. The three stars are due to its appealing design.

I used it on a seven-day vacation to Havasupai in October and was very satisfied. Unfortunately, most of my travels are in the Sierras, so I had to trade up.

Final Verdict

The highly appealing Roxy Ann 15 is a boxy and excessively large lightweight multi-purpose bag that employs Big Agnes’ full sleep structure but falls short in terms of warm sensation and general comfort.

Roxy Ann 15 is a squared and excessively big lightweight multi-purpose backpack — with a really appealing appearance – that utilises Big Agnes’ sleep structure but falls short on warmth and comfort.

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