Brooks Hyperion Tempo Performance Review

September 23, 2021

Brooks’ latest lightweight trainer is the Brooks Hyperion Tempo. The Brooks Hyperion Elite, Brooks’ new long-distance race shoe, was released in a limited edition. Although the shoes are meant to be worn together, we are only focusing on the Hyperion Tempo as there are rumors that the Hyperion Elite 2 may replace it sooner than expected.

The Brooks Hyperion Tempo was tested on a variety of runs, including speed runs, treadmill sessions, casual wear, and even an ultra-fast 10k race. How does the Hyperion Tempo perform as an everyday trainer? Continue reading to learn more.


Drew: New nitrogen-infused DNA FLASH cushioning technology is even more soft than New Balance Fuel Cell. DNA Flash, like Fuel Cell has a responsive bounce. This shoe has a great balance of comfort and ground feel. This combination makes it very versatile. It was great for speed runs and long runs. They were also great for casual wear on days off. The shoe’s biggest star is the midsole.

Jodi says that this shoe is all about the cushion. It was quite surprising to find the cushion gives you a bit of bounce underfoot, while still feeling almost like you are wearing nothing. These were easy to use for back-to-back runs without having to pay for them, which was a big plus.


Drew: Drew’s outsole is the worst part about this shoe. Although the rubber is tough, it’s durable. The rubber doesn’t wear down quickly, which is nice. However, the wet traction is a pain. I could skate if there was water on the sidewalks or streets. It was enough to make me stop wearing the Hyperion tempo on wet days. Although it is not something I would normally want on a shoe, the Hyperion Tempo’s outsole has to be softer. You won’t have any problems as long as it is dry. It puts PUMA Clyde All-Pro in a comparatively better position for traction.

Jodi: A large sign should be placed on the rubber outsole warning of slippage when wet. Before that rainy day, I was actually bragging about how amazing the traction was in dry conditions. The incredible grip was evident when you walked around. You had to add water to get rid of all that gripping sensation. Every footfall felt like you were sliding backwards and forwards simultaneously. When Mario warped to the Ice World level, I felt a stronger connection to him.


Drew: While the Hyperion Tempo does not provide support, it does offer a basic internal heel counter. It also places your foot slightly within the midsole. Just what you want from a light, speed-focused trainer.

Jodi, Drew said it very eloquently and succinctly. Good job, sir!


Drew: The barely visible woven upper offers great comfort and breathability. To keep the woven material off your toes, the upper includes reinforcement at the toebox. This protects your feet from being entangled in anything. A felt-type material is used to create the logo and reinforce the lacing structure. The tongue is mostly made of mesh with a pillow of padding at its top to relieve any lace pressure.

The only problem with the material is the length of the laces. To prevent the laces from dancing too much during my run, I had to tie them back under the bottom lace loops.

Jodi: I was nervous about the materials at first, as there is not much stretch. For wide feet, this can feel like death. The woven upper is very comfortable and does not constrict. For even more airflow, there are large holes punched all along the toe box.


Drew: The Hyperion Tempo is true to size, and allows for large feet. Although the upper is not flexible, it fits well and can accommodate many foot shapes. Despite the fact that the laces pass through the tongue, I experienced constant tongue slippage in my right shoe. It’s possible for tongue slippage to bother you.

Jodi, I give the fit an A+. My feet felt secure and in their place. There were no weird gaps, rubbing or pinching. These little problems can quickly grow in severity as the miles go by.


Drew: The Brooks Hyperion Tempo can be purchased now at, but will go on sale at larger retailers such as Road Runner Sports or Dick’s Sporting Goods starting June 1, 2020 (6/1 UPDATE – now available). It’s lightweight and versatile. I’d wear it for any type of run, rain or shine.

Jodi, I loved almost everything about Brooks Hyperion Tempo. They were so light that I didn’t expect to love them as much. You can lose a lot of the great features if a brand reduces its weight. These are great if you want a runner that can do speedwork or one that compresses to fit into your bag to make it easier to carry around. If you plan to take them outside, make sure you check the weather forecast.

Brooks, thank you for sending the pair to be tested. Brooks did not have any editorial control over the review. This review was based on various experiences of the shoes during speed workouts, trail runs and treadmill training, as well as casual wear.