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Deuter Act Zero 50+15 Organized

August 16, 2021

Complete Review Deuter Act Zero 50+15

Comfort/Fit of Deuter Act Zero 50+15

The Deuter ACT Zero 50+15 got a poor grade owing to the pack irritating one of our analyzers. Causing bruising on pressure areas from the pack’s lumbar structure, while others found it to be a pleasant hiking pack with weekend or smaller sized stuff. The VariQuick suspension structure allows for quick and easy trailside changes of torso length. Making it one of the most user-friendly of the packs we evaluated. This single feature makes this pack perfect for growing toddlers and teenagers; it can simply grow with them. It also opens up the possibility of hand-me-down bags, since they may be packed in 60 seconds or less for a new user. The vertical cushioning bars are pleasant for a variety of body forms, although obviously not everyone.

Storage of Deuter Act Zero 50+15

The Deuter ACT Zero carries plenty for a weekend vacation but may be too small for customers going on longer excursions with additional gear. Most analysts would have preferred greater space in the main storage area over an outer pocket with limited flexibility. The ACT Zero did come with two beer cans. It was, however, a bit of a stretch. This pack stretches and cinches nicely, and it can carry a camera and a lunch just as readily as it can a weekend vacation. Trips lasting more than three days seem to put this bag to the test, even when the base weight is kept to a minimum.

Stability of Deuter Act Zero 50+15

On a large-scale level, the torso length is easy to alter and carries comfortably for most body types in mild to moderate terrain. On a more precise level, analyzers valued how easy it is to make small changes to account for various conditions and loads throughout the day. There isn’t much swivel in the ACT Zero, which isn’t helped by the short and squat inside compartment. When this pack gets over packed, there’s nowhere to go but up results in some very top-heavy loads. The bag’s center of gravity can change quickly with just a couple of gear shifts like Granite Gear Lutsen 55.

Durability of Deuter Act Zero 50+15

The ACT Zero’s sturdy aluminum hook-and-clasp type closures were praised by our testers. They are more robust and lighter, which increases confidence in the bag. The sternum and waist ties are made of plastic. They don’t seem to be as brittle as the other buckles in the test set. The fabric of the water bottle sleeve is also a little thicker than that of the other bags. When you examine the entire design of the bag, it’s amazing that Deuter was able to cram all that toughness into a 511-ounce backpack. The bag’s exterior fabric is clean and seems to be long-lasting. Under force, the metal hooks and strong plastic buckles hold. Zippers are strong yet not clumsy.

Extras of Deuter Act Zero 50+15

The ACT Zero has one hip pocket, which is plenty. It additionally has a narrow brain, which will fit the fundamentals—however, not everything. There is one gear loop that could deal with an ice tool and two smaller elastic ties for trekking poles. One thing that we value about this bag is the lower tie-downs, which, instead of being on the bottom (and thus unable to stand up when a tent is tied down there), are on the very bottom of the rear, allowing a tent to function as a kickstand to keep the bag standing straight up. A tidy row of upright backpacks by the side of the path is a far nicer sight to see while eating lunch than a mound of bags piled on top of each other.

65l of storage in a 50l pack is a nice balance for those of us who may only be doing two or three-day excursions.


  • comfortable
  • layout
  • Expandable
  • Easy to pack
  • External storage
  • Durable materials


  • Quality
  • Suffers under heavy loads

Customer Review

I am not a person who goes for long hikes, as I am short of time. Mostly my hikes are a couple of days at a time where my pack isn’t huge at all. But my hiking buddy, who is 9, is unable to carry his share, so an expandable pack, when needed, is a perfect fit for me.

This pack perfectly fits my needs, considering I know a lot of current packs but, the pack seems to have a place for everything I must put – a spot for trekking poles, a place for reading glasses, and whatnot.

Now for the terrible news. The pack is tough and well-made, however one of the pull tabs was incorrectly crimped and broke on the first usage. I had thought that QC would have caught this. Deuter offered to repair it for free, but the shipping cost was too high when a half knot would suffice.

When my hiking companion finishes growing, I may buy him a Deuter, simply the biggest bag they offer so he can carry my stuff as well.

Purchased brand new

Price Paid: $165


The Deuter ACT Zero 50+15 is an excellent entry-level backpack with excellent durability and affordability. It’s a great way to get to the lower lake for a good basecamp, although experienced hikers may notice some performance inefficiencies.