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Ferrosi Hoody Full Detailed Review

August 4, 2021


Ferrosi Hoody Jacket has the ability to block all wind, it falls short on breathability. When a jacket is stretchable enough to move with me, it has a lack of pockets and adjustments. This jacket by Outdoor Research shatters all these conventions and satisfies almost all such conflicting features.

Ferrosi Hoody

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Ferrosi Hoddy Is Weather Protected

The thicker, toothier nylon on the Ferrosi Hoody’s arms and shoulders added considerably to the weather defenses of its hood-less brother (see our review of the Ferrosi Jacket here). This fabric facilitates enhanced water repellency and greater wind blocking.

Ferossi Hoddy Is Breathable

The Ferrosi hoody’s main fabric is one of the lightest textiles in the softshell category. Although it delivers on the promise to be water-repellent, The Ferrosi hoody holds a bit more humidity than expected for its wispy feel.

Mobility/Comfort of Ferrosi Hoddy

The Ferrosi Hoody proved as useful as it was necessary to compensate for its lack of softness. And its textures were also more noticeable against bare skin than those of more cuddlesome softshell jackets.

Weight of Ferrosi Hoddy

Softshell jackets have a rather poor weight-to-performance ratio. The ferrosi hoody, however, offers great performance despite being slightly heavier.

Attention to Detail About Ferrosi Hoody

Outdoor research once again lived up to its reputation by offering a jacket replete with functional benefits. The customers’ most valued features are durability and simplicity and Ferrosi Hoody is doing great in terms of these features.

Value of Ferrosi Hoody

I’m yet to established a score for Balance. However, the Ferrosi deserves immense recognition for the value it provides and for the balanced features it offers against its competitors. It’s an excellent option for who don’t want to buy 4 or 5 softshell jackets.

My choice for a 3-season use is Ferrosi, bar none. The breathability and packability of it make you feel like the jacket is a “part of you” Feels like a second natural protective outer skin!

I’m really fond of the four different-colored Ferrosi I have. Be it on a trail or a work day off, This jacket can be worn all year round. My acquaintances are also getting their own. It’s designed perfectly for aerobic activities.

— Writing and photos underway. Please check back soon! –

What Customers Have To Say About Ferrosi Hoody

My color choice uses:

  • Diablo Red: Visibility is enhanced, could be used for trailing, and could be used as an emergency flagging option as well.
  • Evergreen: could be used for trailing and Trailhead commute, preferably one for the trail the another other for the commute.
  • Mushroom / Walnut: For trailing and Trailhead commute.
  • Black: Casual wear or even worn to office.

Mushroom / Walnut color on Heliotrope Ridge overlooking Coleman Glacier, on Mt Baker, WA.

The Black color suits in all situations, be it commuting to work, or casually wearing it. If you run out of gas, or a heavy downpour starts, you can always rely on Ferrosi.

Orchid color and other Ferrosi Hoodies are gaining popularity in our Meetup Groups now. Julie can be seen in the wild along the Deception Pass trail area here in Washington state. It’s more of a beautiful place than a wild one, though. Bowman Bay is also a great option for putting in Sea Kayaks! Ferrosi’s functionality is optimal for moderate to warm conditions. Its water repellent is effective enough and it blocks wind while being breathable at the same time. I’ve been to this area on my Mariner II kayak. (one should be beware of whirlpools in this narrow area)

How does one protect and/or restore water repellency

A Ferrosi or other DWR protected outer shell layer? I realized that I could use the jacket, if I wash it weekly, for around 1-2 years. I’d have to use Nikwax Tech Wash or Sports Wash, both of which work equally well but the formers costs a little more.

If I, however, clean the ferrosi once or twice in cold water with effective detergents such as Costco High Efficiently Laundry Soap or Tide, they clean too well and can strip the DWR finish off the Ferrosi and other gear too!

Once on a cool rainy day, I panicked when I found out that the rain protection was no more! A single wash with Nikwax Tx Tech Wash-in was required to make my ferrosi return to its original state for extended use.

What a Durable Water Resistant (DWR) finish looks like in action

on my black Outdoor Research Ferrosi Hoody. The video features my jacket’s wrist getting soaked in room temperature water.

Ferrosi Hoody jackets’ substantially important feature is their Durable Water Resistant (DWR) finish.

Ferrosi Hoodies make a wonderful outer paddling layer! It’s been a long time since I’ve had this boat (The Marina II kayak). It was my primary boat for a long period of time in the Deception pass areas. Water repellency and wind protection is much needed in a kayak. (This photo is from the time in Madison when I still had the boat. I rode it to Floritda and played in salt water nearby Hilton Head, Pennsicola area. Watch out for reviews of Kayak gear on Trailspace!

Snoqualmie Falls

is a great view on the way to the Snoqualmie area. The falls run 269 feet down. Despite this and the beautiful lodge at the entrance, we prefer the outback. I was wearing the ferrosi and its much needed water repellent functionality saved me from the unforgiving mist.

Stay tuned for more photos coming your way

We are usually treading in conditions with different challenges often, so this jacket provides great protection in that regard. They are my ‘go-to’ when it comes to gear. I usually carry a second hoodie for casual wear and I often lend to a friend if they forget theirs.

Pros Of Ferrosi Hoody

  • It has been designed to give just the right balance of wind blocking and breathability
  • So stretchable that it moves with you
  • Can be worn inside or outside both
  • Zippered torso (2) and Napolean chest (1) pockets
  • Effective DWR Finish
  • Availability in different colors
  • All year round usability be it for aerobics or casual wear
  • Versatile – You may even sleep in them

Cons Of Ferrosi Hoody

  • Fabric rubs away quickly
  • Main zipper would be better if it was two way
  • No cinch adjuster in sleeve cuffs.


The Outdoor Research Ferrosi Hoody is as versatile as it gets. It’s fit for all year round use and in different conditions. It’s greatest value addition is its flexibility, which pleased even Bruce Lee.

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