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Freetrain V1 Vest Performance Review

September 23, 2021
Freetrain V1 Vest

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Are you averse to carrying your phone around in your pocket, on your arm, or in your hand while running? I do. I run almost entirely with a watch. A potential solution is the Freetrain V1 Vest. The clasp mechanism allows for quick access and secures your phone in the middle of your chest. It sounds intriguing, right? Yes. Let’s now test it under real-world conditions.

The Freetrain V1 Vest was tested in multiple sports and activities. It was also tested in different weather conditions and with different clothes. The test stimulates daily life for most people. During the testing, I noted both the positives as well as the negatives. These are the results of my testing.

Pros :

  • Phone access. The clever, flip-down, chest-mounted phone case is the star. You can quickly see what your phone is doing, such as music, route information, and even a text message from your mom (Hi Mom!). This is a huge upgrade to traditional waist and arm bands. This is the number one reason you should buy a V1 vest.
  • Weighing. The vest is lightweight because you can carry your phone and vest by your shoulders. At 6 ounces, the vest is extremely lightweight. This vest is lighter than any iPhone 11 model. I have never carried my iPhone in a better place. It was so small that I didn’t even notice it while running or playing sport. That’s the greatest compliment I can offer any phone holder.
  • Great for sports. It is the only phone holder I can forget about when shooting a basketball. The V1 Vest is great for any sport that requires you to use your arms and legs simultaneously, such as basketball, soccer, rowing or disc golf.
  • 3M. 3M. Freetrain also offers the VR Vest in full 360deg 3M. Although it’s currently out of stock, I hope to get my hands on one soon. It’s perfect for multiday relay races such as Ragnar or Hood to Coast.
  • Zip pocket. Zip pocket. The vertical zipper pocket is located on the left shoulder. It can hold keys or an energy gel. Although it looks small, once you have your stuff inside it will not move.
  • It is quick drying. The vest’s neoprene-like material dries quickly. If you train or run daily, this is a must.
  • Cable management. Cable management. While I wouldn’t recommend running with wired headphones (bluetooth buds will make your life 100x easier), the Freetrain V1 Vest has hidden slots to help keep your cables out of harms way. They work well, but I don’t know how they perform.


  • Unintended Button also presses sometimes. My phone locked up due to too many login attempts. I had to remove my phone from my run to take pictures and videos. This was 98% certain because I removed the phone from my pocket and allowed water to get into the sleeves. It’s likely that many people will do the exact same thing during training. It doesn’t matter if it is cold. Be prepared when you do it during summer sweaty runs.
  • Phone photos and video. There are consequences to removing the phone mid-run. According to V1 reviews, it is difficult to take your phone out of a bulky case. It is very difficult to take pictures or videos during a run, or any training session. It won’t bother you if you don’t take many pictures/videos during training. For those who do, the next vest from Freetrain will allow the smartphone camera to capture photos while being protected by the sleeve. This vest seems to be a necessity for today’s social media-savvy, photo-posting athletes.
  • Chest..ahem…accentuation. The design of your vest can make your chest look odd depending on what shirts you wear and your body type. Some men experience manboobs. Some women find that not wearing a supportive or tight sports bra underneath can cause strange cleavage situations. This is dependent on your height and chest measurement. It is difficult to predict when you will have an issue. It’s possible, but be aware of it.
  • Sizing. The vest is too big for taller people like me. My chest is closer to the bottom elastic straps than my rib cage. Although I was not uncomfortable, the V1 Vest did not fit me in the best way. Freetrain is still relatively new so I expect more options for fit. The vest is comfortable enough to wear for anyone from 5’0″ to 6’6″. It’s difficult to do that with just one piece of equipment, so I commend Freetrain for their versatility.
  • Velcro pocket. The right shoulder pocket is not very functional. The opening is small because it’s too high up on the shoulder strap, where it becomes very thin. It is difficult to fit anything into it. It’s impossible to fit keys, gels, or credit cards. This pocket needs to be rethought by Freetrain.
  • Storage The V1 was made by Freetrain. The V1 comes with your phone pocket and one zip pocket. This is great for training on the field or court, but it doesn’t have enough space to accommodate road and trail runners. Most runners only need enough space for their phone, two gels, keys, water, and a few cards. Freetrain should make a vest that is deluxe for trail and long distance runners.
  • Handwash. This is because it can be annoying. Hand wash the V1 Vest with warm water and mild detergent. You could use a washer to wash the vest and dry it then, but this is not possible with these materials. It’s not a major drawback, but it may be for you.


It was said in the intro, and it will be repeated again. The Freetrain V1 Vest will be your best choice if you don’t like to carry a phone around with you, whether it’s on your arm, waistband, or in your pocket. Although the V1 Vest is not perfect, it is lightweight and easy to forget that you are wearing it. It also provides the best access to your phone. It’s $40 and about the same price as most waistbands or armbands. The Freetrain V1 Vest is a great choice if you are still searching for the ideal phone holder for running and training. You can check out other sport equipment for muscle support like KT Tape Pro for better performance.

Freetrain sent a vest to be tested. This review was not written by Freetrain.

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