Granite Gear Lutsen 55
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Everything About Granite Gear Lutsen 55

August 16, 2021

The Granite Gear Lutsen 55 backpack has a lot of storage space. There are two zipped compartments on the lid, one big and one tiny. On the rear of the pack, there is a big mesh pouch that is ideal for carrying wet things, rain gear, or water shoes.

The Lutsen’s primary storage space is one big main compartment that can hold a lot of stuff for a 55-liter pack. Unlike other packs, which use a storm flap enclosure to access the main compartment, the Lutsen has a roll-top cover for further protection. Unfortunately, there is no alternative way to reach the main compartment on the Lutsen. A side zipper or bottom access would offer additional access choices and better origination.

Benefits of Granite Gear Lutsen 55

Very adaptable.


Bottle compartments for deep water

Excellent organisational characteristics

Negatives of Granite Gear Lutsen 55

There is no integrated rain cover, thus comfort suffers when carrying weights weighing more over 40 pounds.

Only the main compartment is accessible from the top.


The two side stretch water bottle compartments each accommodate a 1-liter water bottle, and unlike many packs, these pockets are deep enough to securely retain the bottle as well as a compression strap for further security. The Sphinx 65 stores up to a 3-liter hydration bladder using the standard internal hydration sleeve.

Hip Belt for Convenience

The Lutsen 55 hip belt is completely adjustable and offers enough padding for comfort. These modifications provide you a far broader range of fit than most packs like decter act zero 50 + 15 and enable for a personalised fit whether you lose or gain weight, lend your pack to someone else, or wear heavier clothing. The hip belt has two zippered pockets, one made of stretch material and the other of water-resistant material, as well as a seam-tapped zipper for additional weather protection.

Shoulder Straps/Back Panel of Granite Gear Lutsen 55

The Grantie Gear Lutsen 55 has a supportive back panel with a mesh stretch overlay for breathability. The shoulder straps include lightweight cushioning that is sufficient for the lighter weights that this pack is designed for.

Stability of Granite Gear Lutsen 55

The Lutsen 55 was sturdy and comfortable, capable of carrying weights weighing 30 to 35 pounds. When the weight reached 40 pounds or more, the pack started to float and seemed less stable, particularly on steep ascents and descents.

Overall Reliability of Granite Gear Lutsen 55

The Lutsen 55 offers excellent overall comfort when hauling weights weighing 30-35 pounds. The flexibility to modify the pack’s torso length and completely alter the hip belt diameter adds to the comfort of this pack and provides for a genuinely personalised fit.

Durability of Granite Gear Lutsen 55

The Lutsen proven to be long-lasting in a range of situations. Despite days of rough usage, the zippers, pockets, and materials all functioned well. Because of the roll-top cover, the Lutsen proved robust and resilient in bad weather.

I loved how the torso and hip belt could be adjusted, as well as how the frame bends out from the lumbar region to allow ventilation.


  • There is plenty of ventilation.
  • Adjustable torso length and hip belt


  • A bear canister is difficult to fit.
  • The hydration bladder sleeve is quite short.


I have been on the lookout for a new pack since my old one is beginning to show symptoms of wear and tear, Got the chance to put the Granite Gear Lutsen 55, a new product from Granite Gear, through its paces. I was hoping for a pack that weighed less than 3 pounds, and this one was somewhat more at 3.1 pounds.

There were a couple things that I really enjoyed. I loved how the rear panel was contoured to enable pockets of air to flow. Another unique feature is the Re-Fit system, which enables you to modify both the torso and the hip belt.

I did need to modify the torso length and was first perplexed as to how to remove the rear panel in order to lengthen the torso. To figure things out, I viewed the video on the Granite Gear website. It is really very easy, but the hook-and-loop clasp is extremely firm, so I had to press my fingers between the layers to separate them.


After that, changing the length was simple thanks to the graded markings. The hip belt’s Re-Fit system adjusts from 28″ to 40″, while the torso extends from 14″ to 18″.

I took the pack on an overnight excursion in Sonoma County and discovered that it easily handled my normal load of around 25 pounds. The cushioning on the shoulder straps and belt to be substantial and pleasant, but I am sure this and other features contribute to the weight.

I loved having two compartments on the lid since it allowed me to keep things tidy and prevent anything from falling out while I was reaching for a snack. My water bottle fit easily in and out of the flexible side pockets. The compartments on the hip belt were really helpful, since they were big enough to hold my mobile phone.

When I tried to load the pack, I ran into a few problems. Because of the curved shape of the pack’s rear frame, I was worried that my hard-sided Garcia food canister might not fit. The canister went smoothly down to the bottom of the bag in the horizontal position, but it was a little tough to remove, particularly with other items in other pockets of the pack.


Some people like to carry their food canister up high, which the Lutsen can easily support, but I prefer to carry the hefty can in the small of my back. It worked, but just just. The pack’s capacity is adequate, and there was plenty of space for my additional stuff; the only problem was the odd form of the rigid can. Because it is 5 litres bigger than my previous pack, I actually had more room than I required.

The second problem was small, but it was a surprise mistake. When my 3-Liter bladder was full, the hydration bladder sleeve was too short. I do not typically fill it fully unless I am concerned about water, but I would prefer a bigger sleeve. It fits well with my normal 1.5 to 2-liter water supply. The sleeve was also stitched across the top rather than having a hook or loop, which stopped me from pushing the bladder to one side while putting my bear canister in.

The pack is well-made and includes several adaptable elements that allow for fit modification, which I liked. My food canister did not fit very well for the way I like to place it, so I will keep searching for the perfect bag. It would be an excellent option if I was backpacking in regions where a bear canister was not required.


The Granite Gear Lutsen 55 backpack is a lightweight, comfortable backpack with the greatest adjustability in its category, allowing for a personalised fit. When compared to other packs in this category, this pack, together with the Mystery Ranch Sphinx 65, fared very well.