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KT Tape Pro Review

September 23, 2021

Price: $15.38

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KT Tape Pro 100% synthetic kinesiology taping comes in precut strips. This tape is the most versatile and convenient that KT Tape makes.

Kinesiology tape, an elastic sports tape, is designed to alleviate pain and support muscles, tendons, ligaments, and other tissues. KT Tape claims that correctly applied can lifts and decompresses layers of fascia. This allows lymphatic fluid to move more easily. Lymphatic fluid is responsible for transporting white blood cells throughout your body and removing waste products, cellular debris, as well as bacteria.

The above process is supposed to reduce discomfort and pain from pressure from inflammation, swelling and other factors. It also provides additional support to prevent common injuries that can slow you down during competition.

But does KT Tape work? Good question. There are many skeptics. Although I am not a doctor (shocking, I know), I will give my opinion. I have had a number of certified sports medicine professionals recommend kinesiology to me over the years as a way to manage and promote the healing of injuries to my IT band and calf just as similar to Zamst and ASO ankle brace. The tape helped my IT band and calf recovery, but not much for my Achilles. It’s worth giving KT Tape Pro a try at a reasonable $20 price to see if it helps with your particular injuries. Let’s look at the pros and cons of KT Tape Pro to help you decide if it is right for you.

Pros Of KT Tape:

  • Online resources. Learning how to apply kinesiology tape for each injury is the hardest part of kinesiology tap. KT Tape offers the best, though not well-organized, resources to help you apply the tape to different body parts. You can learn what you need to do with the one-page PDFs and YouTube videos.
  • Precut strips. KT Tape Pro comes precut in 10 inch strips. I used KT Tape Pro before this was possible. It is a much better option than cutting your own tape. Precut strips make it easy to use 100x.
  • Long lasting. If you apply it correctly, the Pro version will last for between 4-7 days. Regular KT Tape lasts 1-3 days. My tests confirmed that the Pro tape lasts for 4-5 days. It lasted for me 1-2 days more than normal tape. Some places, such as the foot, with its constant multi-planar motions, won’t last as long.
  • Water resistant. Showers and sweat are not an issue. The tape is still in place.
  • Hypoallergenic and free of latex. Regular KT Tape uses cotton, so the synthetic version is a great option for those with allergies.
  • Reflective print. 3M hits add a nice touch. Although they don’t have any effect on the tape’s performance, they look great.
  • Multiple colors. There are 4-9 colors available depending on where you live. It is easy to match your team’s colors.
  • It’s a nice case. The solid plastic case for KT Tape Pro is very nice. The case was saved by me after I had used my tape. It protects everything in my bag well from the tape.

Cons Of KT Tape:

  • Effectiveness. There are many opinions on whether or not kinesiology tape is effective. You can only test it to see if it works.
  • There is a learning curve. It is important to learn how to use the tape efficiently. It is not easy for everyone to do the work.
  • Easy to use. Some injuries or body parts may require assistance when applying the tape. It isn’t surprising, given the product’s medical nature, but it is a problem.
  • Hairs that are pulled. Tapes will require you to remove any body hair. This is a painful but necessary task. It hurts like hell to pull the tape off if you don’t shave.


KT Tape Pro is a great tool to help you with your sports injuries. It’s worth a try if you are an athlete. It may be as effective as compression socks for recovery. You may feel it doesn’t do enough. I believe most active people will be happy to have KT Tape Pro at a $20 price.