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Marmot Limelight Full Detailed Review

August 16, 2021
Marmot Limelight

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Marmot Limelight revamped its bestselling tent and designed the limelight 2. The testers loved the tent owing to its spaciousness and simple setup. It’s a great tent for those who would sacrifice a little weight for added comfort.


Shoulder Room of Marmot Limelight

The Limelight has more space than the two-person tent unlike mountain hardwear optic 2.5 which is only for 2 people but can fit more though but it will be hard to manage. and it has an area of 33 square feet. The poles are designed in such a manner that the tent has more elbow space as it is pulled at the four corners. Two doors and two vestibules further add to the spaciousness. We were four people, and we sat inside comfortably. The doors are bigger than what most tents in this category have. And the vestibules (one 9.5 sq. ft and the other 6.7 sq. ft.) offer plenty of storage.

Packability of Marmot Limelight

This is a midweight tent at around 5 lbs. The tent compresses well, and its weight is justified by the added comfort it provides.

Setup of Marmot Limelight

The setup is quick and easy since the pegs and poles are color-coded.

Weatherproof of Marmot Limelight

The “knees” don’t disturb the weather shredding ability of the tent. The tent withheld a solid downpour. The tent is a bit hefty due to its 68D fabric on the bottom and the fly. This fabric adds to the robustness of the tent. Moreover, the fabric on the lower part of the body holds back winds better than all-mesh walls would. The cross pole creates a porch that keeps drips from the open vestibule from landing inside.

Features of Marmot Limelight

The features are really well-thought. The doors are big enough not to be a hindrance, and they unzip almost all the way around. The vestibules could be adjusted back to allow even easier access in and out of the tent. The two large pockets are good storage units for headlamps or books. And the bright color was easy to pick out in a busy campground.

Reviews from customers of Marmot Limelight


The Marmot Limelight 2 is a testament to the quality of Marmot products. It’s very durable and provides great value for money.

My partner and I switched to this tent last year from our previous ALPS tent because we needed a lighter tent. After quite a research, we opted for the Limelight as it featured a much-needed gear loft.

SetupSetup is simple, and the tent takes around 10 minutes to pitch. The stakes’ hexagonal shape adds to their quality, and they are not bent as easily as stand aluminum stakes do. My only gripe is the tent was short of one guy line when it arrived.

The tent has great ventilation. We tested it on our trip in the High Uinta Wilderness, where we experienced a temperature of about 40°F and a daily downpour. There was no condensation, and no leaks were found. The vestibule windows were a nice option to gauge the outside condition before deciding whether to sleep in or out.

Continuation of Reviews

There are a few downsides as well. The primary one is the tent’s small size which is a bit tight for two people. I’m 5 feet 9 inches, and my partner is 5’8″. It’s quite congested in the Limelight for us, and having just one door is also an inconvenience since we have to climb over the other to get out at night. If you’re concerned with weight, you shouldn’t opt for Limelight since it’s a bit heavier than other options in the market.

However, the guy out points are very robust, and when properly guyed out, the tent is very stable and can withhold harsh conditions. Overall, the tent provides good value for money.

I opted for this one after long research. I have used it in almost every weather for around three months. It’s a quality tent with an easy setup and amazing ventilation. If you discount the low-quality stakes, the tent is awesome!


  • Firm on the ground if you guy out properly
  • Simple set up
  • It comes with a footprint
  • Amazing ventilation


  • Only one vestibule
  • Cramped
  • A little hefty


I looked up a lot of options before finally settling on the Limelight. A durable and waterproof tent for my backpacking trip across Europe. I tested this tent in a variety of conditions, and it held up pretty well.

The tent weighs four pounds, but that’s not unsatisfactory if you consider its price and dimensions.

The reason I consider this tent to be all-purpose is that it has withstood almost every weather that I have set it up in. I have used this during thunderstorms and high winds that lasted for days. It provided great ventilation in rains. No condensation or leaks were found. In summer, the mesh kept the bugs out and the wind inside.

On high south winds on the Croatian Islands (called Bura), where most of the tents around me got flat, this tent stood still like a fortress. I cinched it in every anchoring point at my disposal, and I wasn’t a bit afraid of the tent getting blown away. However, the tent does allow winds to settle in. Hence, it might not be the best option if you are exposed to cold weather for a prolonged period.

The materials are very durable, and the fly holds up pretty well in windy weather. I never got anything broken, and the poles stood firm. The footprint keeps the stones at bay. The only downside is the low quality of stakes which are bent easily. The MSR Groundhog I had didn’t cause any problems on a variety of grounds.

This is the best warranty handling I have ever seen!


  • Great ventilation
  • Easy setup
  • Quality design


  • The rain fly zipper is a bit hard to reach
  • Cause of high ventilation doesn’t stop the cold breeze
  • Low quality stakes


Excellent features and craftsmanship; nevertheless, it is a little tiny for two people to share and too heavy for one person to carry.

I already own a Shires Rainbow Solo tent which weighs one # but is minimalist in design and made of super UL materials. This is my solo backpacking tent. Additionally, I own a Eureka Juno 3xtA three-person tent which weighs in at 6.3# but is palatial in roominess and features to comfortably house a couple of “heterosexual” fishing partners. I use it out of the back of the car or when lakeside camping out of my powerboat.

The “need” for this tent was for something in between in weight, comfort features, and required footprint that would be used as a comfortable and rugged solo tent for kayak/canoe trips in the Northeast. After much research, it came down between Marmot’s Earlylight 2P and Limelight 2P.

Both Marmots shined in design, build quality, features, and value, but there were a few things that stood out to me above the competition:


  • the available hatch/cedar color was “woods stealthy,” which I like as I’ll often set up camp and then go off fishing.
  • The window is very handy for quickly checking the weather, wind conditions, etc.
  • The included free loft and ground cloth while adding weight, add comfort.
  • The ability to set up just the fly and ground cloth is perfect for the occasional shoreside nap.

In the end, the Limelight won out as its fly had a smaller footprint, and the brow pole did add extra volume. I was also a little concerned with the placement of the two windows in the Earlylight, as they seemed like they would be right over my eyes while sleeping.

All in all, it’s a great tent, but I’d be disappointed if I had purchased this to serve as a backpacking tent. It weighs 5.98# as delivered, and I haven’t even added extra guidelines and stakes yet.

Even in far-fetched areas of Alaska or the Appalachian Trail, you’ll be at ease in this all-purpose Limelight. The color coded orientation makes the setup much easier. The rainfly and canopy is 68D polyester, and the fly has an 1800 mm water-resistant coating. All seams are fully taped for a watertight seal. The floor is 70D nylon and has a 3000 mm coating that is waterproof. A footprint, repair kit, and gear loft come with the Limelight.


  • Lightweight DAC press-fit poles
  • Welded, waterproof port window
  • Set up just the fly for a bare-bones, lightweight shelter
  • Fully taped and waterproof catenary cut floor
  • Floor seams lifted off the ground
  • Light-reflective material for locating at night
  • Adequate number of pockets for personal items
  • Nylon zipper pull and flap
  • Features “Velcro-weld” technology



MSRP: $379.00

Current Retail: $306.00-$407.95

Historic Range: $198.95-$408.00

Reviewers Paid: $170.00-$375.00

Max weight

8 pounds 8 oz / 3850 g

Min weight

7 pounds 15 oz / 3605 g


54 x 81 x 92 in | 137 x 206 x 234 cm

Floor area

51.7 sq ft / 4.8 sq m

Packed size

27 x 9 in | 68.6 x 22 cm

Floor fabric

68d Polyester Taffeta 190T 2000mm F/R

Fly fabric

68d Polyester Taffeta 190T 1500mm F/R

Canopy fabric

40d 100% Polyester No-See-Um Mesh F/R | 68d 100% Polyester Taffeta F/R

Best 4 Person Tent. Hands Down! – Form, Fit, and Function


  • Great for one adult and gear
  • A window is useful but not intrusive
  • Amazing quality and design


  • Small for all but the most intimate pair of campers
  • Not light: 6# (not 5) as delivered.


I have been looking for a 5-6 person tent in Hong Kong. I have been let down by the local stores here because they lack options in this category. You have to either get a Chinese knockoff (which isn’t advisable) or a two-person tent from known brands such as Snow Peak and MSR.

I decided to try my luck with online stores. Sierra Trading Post had its clearance sale during February last year. So I ordered this tent at a price of $175 (shipment included). It was delivered to my office in Hong Kong after a week. It was a great bargain, to be honest! (I went home early, as I was so excited to unpack and set it up).


Right after placing my order online, I jumped on the internet to read about the tent. Marmot has tutorial videos on its website. A few videos and reviews later, I knew well how the tent was supposed to be set up. Hence, I had a good idea of the setup before I practically did it.

Set up took around 8-10 minutes with the tightening of guy lines and rain fly. The snap (I am not a great fan of sleeves) design is a breeze. The tent could be set up from the inside as well. This feature comes into play when it’s raining. I can set up the tent in the order of fly – footprint – tent! The color coded poles and snaps are dumb proof.

The tent has red colored tabs that would match the tabs on the fly for easy orientation. It secures both tents and flies via Jake’s Foot snaps.

It came as a surprise that even my daughter set up the tent well in 10 minutes.


Take a bow, Marmot! The Limelight is strong and has great balance.

I have tested the tent on Tap Mun Island. The ground is grassy and elevated. It’s known for harsh winds. Our test was hit with 30km/hour winds which persisted for around 8 hours. The tent withstood all that, and the kids weren’t awakened even. Two of the stakes were bent, though.


It is typical of this area to have heavy downpours. Once on a trip to Lantau Island, a red rain warning was issued by the HK Observatory. It meant that heavy rainfall was expected and for a long duration. As expected, it did rain from 10 to 8 in the morning (approximately 10 hours). It came as a shock that I was protected from a downpour with only a nylon fabric. No leaks or drops were found in the tent. We shared hot cocoa drinks and enjoyed the cozy weather.


I noticed condensation only once on a random night when it wasn’t much wind. The tent was moist under the fly, and I fixed it by opening the built-in vents. I used chopsticks which are longer than the built-in vent supports. I also opened a few of my vestibule doors.


At 9 pounds, the tent is not light. But it’s not an issue for my 4-person family since we distribute the weight while carrying it. For instance, I would carry the main tent, and my kids would carry the poles and the footprint.


The windows on the vestibules is a great feature since it facilitates observance of the outside conditions. The four pockets on each corner are also a very likable and useful feature to put in your belongings. The reflector guy attachment and the Marmot logo give the tent an elegant look.


  • Roomy and big vestibules
  • Durable and firm on the ground
  • jingle free zippers
  • Footprint and gear loft included
  • color-coded poles and snaps
  • double stitched/boxed stitch guy points
  • vertical wall entrance for added space
  • Relatively cheap in its category


  • Hefty: 9 pounds
  • the storage bag cannot be used to compressed
  • Lack of privacy without the fly or vestibules