Nike Kyrie 6 | Performance Review

September 23, 2021

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We have completed the Performance Review of the Nike Kyrie 6. It will be hopefully helpful for interested buyers.

The Kyrie 6’s traction looks like an evolution from the Kyrie 5. Therefore, its performance has also evolved.

The Kyrie 5 gave me good traction undoubtedly, but the Kyrie 6 provided even better. It has a tackiness I have never needed to wipe, no matter what court I used it on. It has excellent traction in all directions. From heel to tip, and wrapping around the sides. No matter what footwork you do, the Kyrie 6’s traction should be present everywhere.

Although the rubber is not ideal for outdoor use, outdoor basketball will still be possible with great traction.

In other words, It’s the same setup as the Kyrie 5, but with an added twist.

Usage Of Zoom Turbo

Nike is using the Nike Zoom Turbo again. It’s a cushion I love. It’s just right for the job, with enough bounce and low to ground. It is not a bad thing to sacrifice court feel and stability in exchange for a little cushion.

Moreover, We have a slight twist to the midsole compared with last year’s setup. The Injected Phylon felt great straight out of the box, as did the Zoom Turbo. The combination of the Zoom Turbo’s thinner midsole and slightly softer forefoot cushioning really makes it shine. Apart from this, It provides a smooth transition from heel-toe with just enough cushioning to last a game or three hours of pickup hoop sessions.

Materials are back to the Kyrie 4, which I loved — for the most parts.

How Does Nike Kyrie Feel?

The Kyrie 5’s forefoot feels more like the Kyrie 5, although the textile is not as stiff as that used on the Kyrie 2. The textile is still flexible enough to move with the foot, but not too much. It is durable, which is great for people who put a lot of strain onto their textile shoes. Hopefully you won’t break any in them for a while.

The heel section is my favorite. It is a soft, genuine leather that feels amazing. It wraps around our ankle and heel in a way that feels almost like second skin.

These thoughts are very similar to my feelings about the Puma Cyde Hardwood. This material setup should be used more often. This type of material should be used more often.

The Nike Kyrie 6 was too small for me. Personally, I went 1/2 up. This is something that I don’t do very often. While they are still quite tight, it is the right fit for me in comparison to Nike KD 14 which was not the most comfortable fit for me although they had good traction. To ensure the perfect fit, I strongly suggest you try them on in-store.

Lockdown was excellent. The tight fit may have been due, but the lacing structure worked well and was implemented in two different ways. The internal hidden lacing is available in the midfoot, and the forefoot has the semi-standard nylon cables. Moreover, the collar has the traditional punched holes that work well.

The midfoot strap didn’t do much for me. It could be there or it could not. I believe the fit and lockdown wouldn’t be changed much.

Overall Conclusion

The Kyrie 6 supports are pretty standard. Flat sole with rounded edges that act as an outrigger. The shoe has a heel counter that allows you to place your foot inside the shoe. This helps ensure that your foot stays on the foot bed and doesn’t roll off.

The Nike Kyrie 6 is a great alternative to the Nike Kyrie 5. Although it’s not the best shoe ever, the slight tweaks to the sole are enough to make the difference once you get on your feet. Furthermore, they run a little smaller than normal so make sure to try them on before you buy.

I hope our review will be helpful for the interested buyers of Nike Kyrie 6. We’ll see you next time.