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Nike LeBron 18 Low Performance Review

September 22, 2021

After a successful run of the Nike LeBron 18 Low, its more cut brother with the same collar height, the Nike LeBron 18 Low is now available. Although the LeBron 18 was a great shoe, it had some flaws that made it unstable. The original was upgraded by LeBron’s Nike design team.

You might be wondering what upgrades they made. Check out the article below for more information.

Nike LeBron 18 Cushion

Nike LeBron 18 Low Performance Shoes

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The exact same setup is used in the Nike LeBron 17 Low. It features a full-length Nike React unit and a heel Air Max unit. The Nike Air Max 270’s air unit looks almost identical to this one. I loved the cushion.

It was very plush upon try-on, especially in its forefoot. The shoe’s many outsole openings can be credited for this. The shoe has a lot of outsole openings on the bottom, which isn’t possible with the regular LeBron 18, as well as a few on its lateral side. This allowed the foam expand to its intended purpose. Impact protection was insane in the heel. It can feel a bit wobbly, so be careful. Court feel is not a strong suit but it isn’t too high above the ground. Although there was some bounce, it wasn’t as much as the Zoom originals. You’ll find the perfect cushion for you if you are looking for an impact-protecting, plush cushion. It’s both comfortable as well as a performance machine.

Nike LeBron 18 Traction

Although the traction design is identical to the regular LeBron 18, the implementation is slightly different. It has a sectioned splatter pattern in the forefoot, which I find very confusing. It is there to improve compression with the React midsole, which I can only see as a logical explanation.

These were good enough in terms of performance. You should take note of the court that I used. It was extremely dusty, but I had no problems. However, it wasn’t noisy traction so don’t expect to find that here. The traction was excellent on most days, with minor slips occurring mainly when the tires were still relatively new. The LeBron 18 Low should have a little less traction than A1. Durability is also not too bad. There are a few minor scuffs, but nothing serious. This is after you’ve been playing on concrete.

Nike LeBron 18 Fit

Snug. It’s a good thing. It didn’t feel like I was swimming in it, but it also felt more like my feet were covered in a jacket. It feels very similar to the Air Jordan 34 Low’s forefoot, but a little more comfortable. Soft materials are a large reason for this. My feet never felt tight and my feet are flat. I have never found a better-fitting shoe than the LeBron 18 Low. Never. For sure, true to size

Nike LeBron 18 Support

They also added the outriggers that we all wanted for the LeBron 18. They’re not huge. It’s the smallest outrigger I’ve ever seen, but it made a huge difference. Let me tell you if they aren’t visible in the photo. The outriggers are the lines that run along the lateral side.

I don’t care if that was intended or not. Additional fuse was added to the forefoot on both sides so that the foot does not rollover. The arch was not too bad for flat-footed people like me. However, it can be felt the first few runs. It will take some time to get used to it, just like the traction. The only thing I would say is that the Air Max unit seems a little unstable. Although heel strikes shouldn’t be common, especially on court, be prepared for them. To maintain your balance, you will need to be extra careful in the event of a heel strike. This proves that Nike Air Zoom GT Cut does better in this department especially because of the light weight construction. The shoe provides excellent support for high-off the ground shoes.


It’s a horrible thing to do to a shoe you love. But, I have to be honest. For a shoe priced at $160, we should have used better materials. This shoe is not cheap. However, the materials prove otherwise.

The double-layered ripstop is used for three-quarters of the shoe’s construction. The whole heel is made of a neoprene-backed fuse. Only the eye stays are made of “ok” materials. The eyestays have synthetic suede (felt), and there is a small (but very important) leather overlay on their tongue. The tongue was an important aspect of the regular 18. The LeBron 18 Lows greatly improved the quality of the tongue. The tongue is made from ripstop but has foam in the interior for comfort and padding. These shoes are thick enough to cause irritation, so I wouldn’t recommend wearing thin socks or low socks. The materials did not impress. They were not as good quality as the cost. It proves that Nike Air Zoom GT Cut does better in material department especially because of the light weight construction.


Although the LeBron 18 Low may not be the most affordable shoe on the market, it isn’t expensive. Although the materials could have been a lot better, I think everything else is more than enough. These shoes are great for anyone, whether you’re a LeBron enthusiast, someone who loves impact protection or a beginner looking to get started. The shoe was easy to wear and the fit was perfect for most foot types.

How to Buy the Nike LeBron 18 Low

The Nike LeBron 18 Low can be purchased at Nike or Dick’s Sporting Goods.