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PUMA Clyde All-Pro Performance Review

September 22, 2021

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Our surprise favourite basketball shoe in 2020 is the Puma Clyde All-Pro.

Although 2020 was not the best year to play basketball indoors, it did provide some great on-court performers. To claim the top spot, the Clyde All-Pro beat out some very good shoes such as the Nike KD13 and adidas DON Issue 2.


It is amazing. From start to finish, no problems. The PUMA Clyde All-Pro is still with me every time I go to court.

Multidirectional coverage is available in all areas. You can feel the grip on the ground at every step or change of speed/direction. It’s a truly amazing setup. This is the best underfoot traction since the Nike Kobe 9.


Puma Hoops shoes have one major problem with its new basketball shoes. The problem was the lack of cushioning. ProFoam is the brand’s preferred foam compound, but ProFoam+ has the best cushion they have ever created. The heel has a Pebax puck for cushioning and impact protection. However, the ProFoam+ is the real star. Whatever they did to change the compound wound up making the midsole a great balance of court feel, cushion, and feedback/responsiveness.

PUMA Clyde All-Pro is 100% tested outdoors due to the current conditions. Outdoor basketball is the most demanding environment for a cushion, and this cushion set stood up to it.

Materials Used In PUMA Clyde All-Pro

It boasts a seamless, lightweight woven upper and multi-zoned materials that provide targeted support and breathability. Although the materials are a little stiffer than most textiles, they feel great once they’re broken in. They are form-fitting, flexible, and have zero stretch in high impact stress zones. They have remained strong and durable. This is an important plus, considering how much outdoor basketball we do.


I wore the correct size, and I would recommend it. Due to the zero stretch fibers throughout the upper, wide-footed people may need to increase 1/2 size.

You’ll love the Kobe 9’s fit and feel right at home. It’s snug, supportive, and forms to your body. I have nothing to complain about. The PUMA Clyde All-Pro is a great basketball shoe.

Support Features For PUMA Clyde All-Pro

At this stage, the support features are fairly standard. A small outrigger, a torsion bar, as well as an internal heel counter are included. The fit/upper allows the support elements to do their job without much thought. The game is simple: you just lace up and play. The PUMA Clyde All-Pro basketball shoe is everything you need.


Since the very first time I wore the Puma Clyde All Pro, I have called them the Kobe 9 reincarnate. Although you wouldn’t normally want your shoe to look so similar to another brand’s, the Kobe 9 basketball shoe is one of my favorite. This is a better version. The areas that were lacking in quality were addressed. You get a beast who can handle any court situation.

These will be a great addition to your Kobe 9 experience. You don’t have to play in the Kobe 9 again if you already own the Puma Clyde All-Pro.

Pair of shoes were sent for testing. Puma did not have any editorial control over the review