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Salomon Running Vest ADV Skin 8 Set – Review

January 18, 2022
Salomon ADV Skin 8 Set Woman Running Hydration Vests Blue, Trekkinn

It didn’t take us much time to accept the fact that the Salomon ADV Skin 8 Set was a running vest we couldn’t live without as soon as we had a view of it. Our go-to training vest is this one. There is something for everyone in this women’s-specific Running vest’s smooth exterior and well-thought-out pocket space. One soft flask holds up to 1 liter of water, and the bag can hold up to 8 gallons of the stuff. . In the end, users like the adjustable fit and second-skin-like sensation of this long-lasting hydration system.

The ADV Skin 8 didn’t make us feel sluggish on the trails, despite being in the center of the pack in terms of weight. As far as water access goes, this could be the best option if you are seeking a soft hydration system.


Running Warehouse Review: Salomon Advanced Skin 8 W Set Pack

The initial impression of this bag is that it’s a stunner. The cloth is soft to the touch and virtually begs to be worn while jogging for lengthy stretches of time. ‘ We instantly felt at ease once we put this hydration vest on our body.

When we put the ADV Skin 8 through its paces, we never once felt like we were going to give it up since it fits like a second skin. As a result, it immediately became one of our most often used vests.

The ADV Skin 8 running vest uses a hook and elastic band mechanism for fastening instead of the more common lightweight buckle alternative. The adaptability of this closure got this vest a lot of points. Simply thread the elastic around one hook and then the other to fasten the pack. Depending on your own anatomy and the amount of stuff you’re carrying, you may adjust the fit by adjusting the drawstring fastening. When opposed to other unisex hydration systems, the MotionFit system relieves strain on the breasts thanks to the integrated soft flasks. In addition, this courteous closure offers the lungs the opportunity for maximum expansion in times of stress and strain.

Features That Make This Running Vest Stand Out

The elastic loops and cords on this vest may be positioned in a multitude of ways, making it very versatile. In our view, one of the best methods to pack your trekking poles is by arranging the loops. This is so adaptable, it’s fantastic.

You may wash the ADV Skin 8 running vest in cold water in your sink or bathtub. It is made mostly of polyester. When you’re out there hiking for long periods of time, you’re certain to have some stinky scents on your clothes. While using this pack, we observed some snagging of the fabric on the major panels of the bag. In spite of this, the ADV Skin 8 is made to last, and only the surfaces exhibit wear and tear.


• Distinctively styled bundle just for women.

• MotionFit is a design that employs elastic fabric to relieve strain on the chest.

• Two 500-ml asymmetrical bottles with adjustable straws, Salomon Soft Bottles

• In order to keep the sternum strap in place, a fabric loop is used.

• A lot of space.

• As a safety precaution, a whistle is included in the left shoulder strap’s pocket.

• Optional use of a removable, insulated sleeve 1-quart Hydrapak Soft Bladder by Salomon (not included) Hydroponics System

The ADV Skin 8 comes with two 500mL soft flasks for convenient access to one liter of water while on the go. Due to its ergonomic design, the soft water pouches are very pleasant to wear.

The front of the vest has a distinctive design and inserts the soft flask below the breasts to alleviate strain on the hydration. Women will be able to drink more often since they will be more comfortable.

A two-way stretch chest structure reduces strain on the breasts for ultimate comfort with the MotionFit for ladies.

Pros of Salomon ADV Skin 8 Running Vest

ADV SKIN 8 - keeping core warm

• The pack’s components provide several options for fitting and transporting trekking poles and other tools.

• Correct fit reduces bouncing and allows for easy breathing without restricting movement.

• Allows for rapid adjustments and connections of your pack, even while on the go.

• During strenuous exertion, the elastic strap allows for comfortable breathing.

• Two 500 ml soft flasks for ladies with a straw included in the package.

• When you push on the flask, a straw pop out for effortless sipping.

• Specific to sensifit women A shortcut to the desired destination. Sleeve insulation.

• Suitable for the bladder.

• Two 500 ml soft flasks for ladies with straw included with the package.

• Pair of front flask pockets with secure loops.

• Two top-stretch pockets are available.

• Side zippered access to the main stretch section.

• 1 mesh pocket on the back.

• 2 side accesses to a low back pocket and 1 pocket on the back of the neck.

• Two zippered compartments on either side. Zipper manufacturer YKK.

• There are several pole holder options.

• The light has an extra reflecting loop.

• As an added bonus, you’ll get a Whistle Soft water bottle. 6 liters to 10 liters.

Cons of Salomon ADV Skin 8 Running Vest

Salomon Advanced Skin 8 Set Wmn's Hydration Pack | Ultimate Direction

At this low price range, we anticipate some compromises, but complaints about the Active Skin are few and few between. In order to save money, Salomon decided to eliminate stretch in the body fabric (the ADV Skin has 16 percent elastane), which has a little influence on the fit and feel of the clothing. As a result, you won’t have access to the back compartment as you would in some of the more expensive versions.

  • The bungee chest strap might be a drawback for some people.
  • With the pack on, it is difficult to reach the bag’s zippered compartments.

The ratio of volume to mass

When compared to other running packs we examined, ADV Skin 8 has the worst volume to weight ratio. On the other hand, it doesn’t have the worst. Weighing in at 10.16 ounces with an overall carrying capacity of 8 liters, we’d say the 0.8 to 1 ratio is about standard.

This jacket is not lacking for anything when using this pack in the field. We chose this hydration pack for training because of its lower storage capacity than average. Training runs don’t require to carry a lot of gear, thus an 8L pack is perfect. It’s completely laden, it doesn’t feel like carrying additional weight since the weight is well distributed. Because Bag Pack carry 3 liters of water in flasks and an extra bladder, the runner will always be well-prepared And runner can still connect and store more gear in the pack’s hidden pockets and loops even when it is fully loaded with water.


Salomon ADV Skin 8 Set Review | Rain Jacket

Zippered pocket on the rear of the ADV Skin 8 include diagonal front openings. You’ll find a little mesh, fold-over key holder in the second tier of pockets beneath it, but they don’t have any kind of secure closing.

This one defeats most of the running vests in featuring a well-planned layout. There is plenty of space in the back zip pocket for a light jacket or some additional nibbles in the chest pockets.

The jacket contains two double-layered compartments under your armpits. Likewise, a zip closure and mesh inside in the layer closest to your body, which provides a soft elastic closure. Some of our testers found these compartments to be ideal for keeping a small first aid kit and pepper spray close at hand.

During our trials, we were able to fit both drinks, an iPhone, two energy gels, and a handkerchief comfortably in our front pockets.

Great Value

The cost of a good hydration pack may add up; we’ve purchased a slew of them over the years. The ADV Skin 8’s quality and comfort make us believe that the average price is a great deal.


The Salomon ADV Skin 8 has exceeded our expectations, and we couldn’t be happier. Flexible, well-engineered, and comfortable: these are the hallmarks of the hydration system. This pack’s many loops and cables allow you to customize it to your own needs, even on the hottest of summer days. Clean, reusable, and free of BPA, these malleable water bottles are great for the environment. This is our Top Pick for Training because of its 8L volume and slim design. It’s a great idea to have a bundle like this for women in your arsenal. As much as we like it, we hope you will too.

When it comes to finding a running pack that works for women, the Salomon Advanced Skin 8 W Set Pack is going to alter everything. The ADV Skin 8 W Set Pack is clearly made for women, as seen by the smaller sizes and accommodating straps. With a hydration reservoir option, 500-ml two soft flasks, and a variety of storage options and pack can be tailored to suit the wearer’s requirements, no matter what she’s doing or where she’s going.