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Scarpa F1 Org Full Detailed Review That You Must Read

August 16, 2021
Scarpa F1 Org
Scarpa F1

Despite the fact that the F1 is primarily a touring boot due to its lightweight. Scarpa packed it with a slew of functions. The F1 shoes are packed with features, from the grippy Vibram UFO Eva soles to the Intuition Pro Flex Evo lining for comfort. The BOA closure system, Fast Buckle Closure power strap, and Grilamid, Carbon Core, and Pebax construction keep things light in weight, while the F1 lever adds a 62-degree range of motion in walk mode. Scarpa has a flex rating of 95 in F1 to ensure it performs effectively on the downhill. While not very difficult, the F1s astonished us with their performance, despite the flex rating’s dubious accuracy.

Complete Review Of Scarpa F1

The Good Of Scarpa F1

  • Extremely light.
  • In walk mode, there is a lot of cuff rotation.
  • The BOA method is quick, simple, dependable, and portable.
  • Right out of the package, the fit is perfect.

The Negative Of Scarpa F1

  • When it flexes, it makes a squeaky sound.
  • Driving fat skis is difficult.
  • In heavy snow, the walk mechanism may freeze up.

Fit/Comfort Of Scarpa F1

Scarpa has long been a market leader and is known for its best-fitting boots, and the F1s maintained the tradition. The purpose of the Intuition Pro Flex Evo liners is to offer a personalised fit since they are Thermo Moldable, however the F1s were simply plain comfortable straight out of the box, with no pinches or hot areas. The F1s provides a premium footing with a fantastic deep hole pocket and roomy up front in the toe box, which is made possible by a fast liner cook and the insertion of some bespoke footbeds.

Weightless Of Scarpa F1

F1s are among the lightest footwear I’ve ever reviewed, weighing just around 5.5 pounds. All of this was made feasible by the shell’s Carbon Core and usage of grilamid, as well as a smooth-flexing Pebax tongue and HPA cuff material. All of the credit cannot be ascribed to space-age technology; nevertheless, Scarpa eliminated everything save for an extra buckle on the forefoot with a single BOA closure. The Fast Buckle Closure (basically a robust power strap) is the only buckle that continues to reduce the F1’s weight.

Power Of Scarpa F1

Given the F1’s light weight, powering a fat ski in shifting snow conditions is not something it was designed for. Even while this boot will get you down the mountain, there are boots designed specifically for this purpose, like as Scarpa’s Maestrale RS, which has a flex rating of 125 compared to the F1s’ 95. I was astounded by the power the F1 could produce with such a low flex rating, but it’s not a boot for the average driver; it’s a backcountry machine built for lap after lap.

Walk-ability Of Scarpa F1

Scarpa’s F1 boot is now competing to be the best. The F1 Lever on the boot’s spine allows for a quick entry into the boot’s 62-degree cuff rotation. However, in walk mode, without unbuckling the Fast Buckle Closure or the power strap above it, the F1 provides a variety of mobility choices. Remove the Fast Buckle Closure, and this improves much further. It’s not essential to fully unbuckle the boot, but you just did since the F1 only has a single Fast Buckle Closing and the lower BOA closure mechanism is solely responsible for forefoot hold. The entire cuff rotation is bifurcated equally from front and read back flex, with a bit more moving towards the read of the boot to aid longer strides and steeper skin tracks.

With the F1’s 62-degree cuff rotation and 5.5-pound weight, it’s easy to see why it was designed from the ground up to be a compulsive climber for backcountry skiers. With a flex rating of just 95, it’s not the hardest touring boot on the market, and it’s not ideal for the changing snow conditions and difficult terrain you may encounter in boundaries at the resort. The F1 is a ski touring boot designed to ascend easily and turn quickly on the way down. Basically, this boot can ski everything, but without the weight to support it, it is not a quiver-of-one boot.

Customer Feedback Of Scarpa F1

Following foot surgery, I’m looking for a lightweight, flexible AT boot that can accommodate my broad foot. Thermal fitting options that are very adaptable, including a moldable outer shell


  • It is light.
  • Excellent thermal fitting options, including numerous therm re-fits to accommodate changes in foot form over time.


  • Price
  • Only in pin style
  • More adaptability than a tele/randonnee boot.

Last year’s season in Colorado was cut short due to my bone spur removal operation. But now that I’m back in the game, I’m looking to grow into the AT world. After doing extensive research on bood and getting sound advise from a Scarpa representative I talked with, I chose the Scarpa F1 because to its versatility in fittment choices and lightweight materials.

Even though the boot is pin-style only, I’m okay with it in terms of weight. As a result, I’m looking forward to some great runs with these beautiful boots!


A tiny bit here and there, but it’s getting better with each passing year. I’ve been wearing these boots for a year.

Purchased as part of a “pro deal”


Scarpa’s F1 Evo updated version F1 AT Boots are launched to address any shortcomings in the original boot design, and it also has a Carbon Core Evo backbone to guarantee a dependable 95 flex. The F1s are a unique ski touring boot with a fundamental purpose for large days, including ski climbing, in the backcountry. They have minimal weight and 62-degrees of cuff rotation in walk mode. However, the F1 boot is not an all-purpose boot; its main function is to make climbing simpler, traverse great distances, and perform admirably. If you are planning to take Rei Quarter Dome 3 on snowy mountains and love to ski then you should check Scarpa f1 for a perfect combo.