Scarpa Kailash GTX
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Scarpa Kailash GTX Full Reviews

August 16, 2021
Scarpa Kailash GTX
Scarpa Kailash GTX

These Scarpa Kailash GTX boots feature four closed grommets along the top of the foot and three open grommets on the ankle, offering the wearer a lot of cinching options. The ankle is raised somewhat higher than in most of the other boots in this test set, providing adequate ankle support with stiff and supportive leather sides. They feature a Vibram sole with a typical medium aggressiveness pattern that is suitable for most trail and mountain situations. The boots have good edging for scrambling.

Full Review of Scarpa Kailash GTX

Quality & Construction of Scarpa Kailash GTX

The material on the upper is suede with a Gore-Tex lining which gives this boot great waterproofness. The tongue, which is connected at the lower ankle, is a bit more robust than other boots that were tested. The fact that all grommets are riveted and not threaded enhances the boot’s credibility as a durable product.

Comfort of Scarpa Kailash GTX

The leather material restricts the flow of air. Hence, the boots are unable to dry out once they are soaked. The insole is thin and soft, and the toe box is quite spacious. The boot is a bit hefty when it comes to balance.

Weight of Scarpa Kailash GTX

The Scarpa Kailash Trek GTX weighs 0.3 pounds heavier than the second heaviest boot in our test, which weighed 2.8 pounds. Its weight is satisfactory since it provides great protection and is a durable product if you use it with care.

Protection of Scarpa Kailash GTX

The first impression of The Scarpa Kailash Trek GTX features a big tow cap that disturbs the balance, and the boot feels a bit heavier at the front. The outer and the sides are all Suede leather, and the ankle is reinforced to provide added comfort. The sole is strong and thick, which hinders flexibility but ensures footbed protection. The robust sole makes the boot a bit heftier at the bottom as well.

Nice sole and support, questionable durability. Very comfortable!

The Good of Scarpa Kailash GTX

  • The solid lacing system and riveted grommets
  • Robust construction
  • Strong weatherization
  • Solid toe cap

The Bad of Scarpa Kailash GTX

  • Hefty
  • Poor breathability
  • Unbalanced weight

Customer Review #1

I bought the Scarpa around ten years ago in 2009. Despite the fact that I used them with great care, I was surprised at the quality and durability they offer.

These boots were worn at least four months each year (November to March). They were also worn for a period of 7-10 days twice or thrice during cold temperatures. The temperatures would normally be -15° Celsius and could even drop to -25 degrees Celsius.

I wore a thin sock at temps ranging from -5 to 5 degrees Celsius to keep my legs from sweating. I wore a thick, special-type sock at these temps and was never chilly. The boots were designed to provide good comfort to people with a wider foot too. Moreover, the fixing of the sole on slippery surfaces is amazing.

They showed the sign of depreciation after eight years of usage. The soles were visibly damaged, and the boots gave in after three days of activity. The sole was torn off on the left boot.

The boots held up longer than I had imagined.


This was the very first product of this type.

Source: bought it new

Price Paid: 100$ or 80euro

Great medium-duty hiking/backpacking boot; poor durability.


  • Durable
  • A quality product


  • Few design flaws

Customer Review #2

I have exclusively worn these boots as light to medium intensity hiking gear. I was impressed with these boots on the first try because they had the quality and comfort a Scarpa product typically has. The downside was that I didn’t find them as durable as other Scarpa boots that I’ve tried. The midsole wore out very rapidly and stopped offering any support: after one season of use, the tread on the sole depreciated quickly. Although I’m quite satisfied with the overall performance of this boot, I believe Scarpa could do better if it was withheld for a longer duration.

Source: bought it new

Price Paid: $120

The Scarpa Kailash GTX is a versatile boot that offers great comfort and breathability. It is the go-to for people with narrow heels.


  • Lightweight
  • Great comfort
  • Supportive
  • Medium flex
  • Waterproofness
  • Abrasion-resistant


  • Sole tread wears out relatively rapidly
  • Midsole depreciates rather quickly


I want it to be known that I have used a plethora of boots before finally giving this one a try. For over eight years, I used some of the old Italian-made Vasque Skywalk boots, which were really my favorite, until I bought the Scarpa.

As I have narrow heels, I was suggested by my acquaintances to try either the Scarpa or LaSportiva. I gave both a try and settled on the Scarpa because of its great construction and lighter weight. It has great versatility and can be worn on day hikes as well as on long backpacking trips.

It doesn’t wear out quickly and runs for many miles. It’s also great in terms of breathability and durability. I no longer experience heel blisters, even in humid conditions. I’m a Scarpa fan already.


  • Breathability, durability, and comfort
  • Great for people with narrow feet
  • Good gripping sole for both loose rock as well as mud


  • No full leather version—I liked that aspect of the old Sundowner

Provides excellent support and waterproofness. It’s a medium weight flexible boot. Great comfort.

Source: bought it new

Customer Review #4

I liked this more than any other hiking boot I have tried. It caters to people with narrower feet as not every hiker has wide heels. The weight is average since there are both heavier and lighter options available out there.

This is the only boot I have tried with a Gore Tex lining that actually provides waterproofness. I have used three types of Salomon Gore Tex boots which were all leaking through the seams despite being claimed to be waterproof.

I’ve run the Kailash through streams that reached the top of my boot, and the boot kept my feet dry the entire time. This waterproofness is important in the winter.

I deduct one point for the lightweight footbed inserts. To make the boots almost flawless, I replaced them with appropriate shock-absorbing insoles.

It is strongly recommended!


  • Heavy
  • Flexibility
  • Gore Tex lining
  • Tough sole unit


  • The quality of the footbed inserts does not match the rest of the boot.


The Scarpa Kailash Trek GTX is heavy and probably scores better in terms of durability than other boots tested. The downside is that its protection ability is not in line with its weight, i.e., the protection to weight ratio is not adequate. The Scarpa Kailash Trek GTX is a hefty mountain boot.