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Taylormade sim2 max irons complete review

September 8, 2021

The Taylormade sim2 max product line will be introduced in 2021. While this year’s new distance irons will be known as Max and Max.

In terms of performance, I was so pleased with last year’s offering that I suggested it to a student of mine. The SIM Max OS irons have completely transformed his iron game. Allowing him to achieve a 7 iron 150 yard carry that was previously impossible with his forged clubs.

What is the big deal with Taylormade sim2 max

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The focus for TaylorMade with this year’s irons is. As you would imagine, distance, forgiveness, and improved performance on off-center hits – all of which are prevalent among the target demographic of high handicappers.

If you have been paying attention to golf equipment in recent years, you will know that TaylorMade is not afraid to be aggressive with their marketing of new goods, and the SIM2 line seems to be no exception, with the SIM2 Max sporting the phrase “Don’t just want better shots, expect them”

An all-new multi-material Cap Back Design combines high strength stainless steel with lightweight plastics to reduce CG and promote maximum distance, forgiveness, and feel. The design covers the whole cavity to offer stability from heel to toe, and it works in tandem with the Thru-Slot Speed Pocket to enhance flexibility and ball speed.

The SIM2 Max has a thinner and faster face that offers more flexion for hotter outcomes, and it has been developed as near to the legal limit as possible.

TaylorMade has also worked to improve the Echo Damping System, which was first seen in last year’s SIM irons, with a more concentrated ‘Hybar’ material for 2021 for a softer feel with less vibrations, and TaylorMade claims that this gives you the feel of a forged iron but with more flex for faster speeds.

Finally, an upgraded Progressive ICT technology is claimed to offer a 10% increase in the sweet spot from SIM to SIM2, with this progressively shifting towards the toe in the longer irons to encourage a neutral ball flight and assist prevent the ‘big right miss’ without the need for a lot of offset.

Looks of Taylormade sim2 max

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Taylormade sim2 max irons are the pinnacle of contemporary game enhancement irons. There is a little misalignment and a broad top line. The sole is broad enough to reduce the centre of gravity and minimize digging, but not so wide that it protrudes beyond the top line at address.

The SIM2 Max follows the current trend of downplaying color in the bag. The cavity has a hint of carbon fiber, many colors of silver, and a smidgeon of blue. It is a bustling cavity that shouts “TECHNOLOGY!” but yet manages to be subtle owing to the color palette.

When comparing the SIM2 Max (left) with the SIM2 Max OS [review HERE], the top lines are quite close in size. The most noticeable address change is the extra offset in the OS model. A 360-degree examination will also show a larger sole and a deeper hollow on the OS.

The Sound and the Feel of Taylormade sim2 max

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Changes in iron construction over the past several years have resulted in a variety of impact sensations rivaled only by drivers. It has come to the point that I do not know what to anticipate when I swing a GI or SGI iron for the first time.

I discovered an impact feeling with the TaylorMade SIM2 Max irons that spans the gap between conventional and contemporary. Contact generates a somewhat louder-than-average “snap.” The tone is steady and mid-pitched, with no harsh, jangly edges. The impact is fairly solid, with a hint of explosiveness.

The SIM2 Max provides excellent feedback for such a big, stable iron. Mishits create a significantly uglier tone, and I was able to pinpoint the exact impact area with ease.

Performance of Taylormade sim2 max

TaylorMade SIM2 Max Irons Specs

I began testing the TaylorMade SIM2 Max irons on one of the few gorgeous March days that we have here in Illinois. The SIM2 Max’s easy ability to fire shots downrange added to my pleasure of the unusually good weather. Almost every shot had the same medium trajectory, looked to have mid-low spin, and covered a lot of ground. While this iron is designed to be straight and simple to launch. It did not resist me when I tried to fly the ball down or make curved strokes.

When I hooked up the SIM2 Max irons to the launch monitor. The figures matched what I observed on the range. The launch angle was a few degrees lower than with my normally lofted gamer irons. The spin rate was several hundred RPM lower. The spin on the SIM2 Max irons is not too bad — with a nice shot, I could hold a green. Having said that, it is still important to become fit and select a shaft that complements this head’s characteristics.

The SIM2 Max iron excels at forgiving. For a not-overly-oversized iron. It performs an excellent job of maintaining ball speed on mishits and generating consistent launch angles and spin. Consistent speed, launch, and spin are required components for longer distances and improved iron play.

Outdoor Capability Taylormade sim2 max

On the course, I felt more at ease with these clubs and less concerned about the left stroke with the SIM2 Max than with the SIM2 Max OS. Which is chunkier and somewhat offset. I found shaping them to be simple enough that I decided to put them to the test in a variety of situations.

Scenario 1: I am lying downhill with the ball under my feet. My 4 iron soared low and cut, and the distance I was able to hit it was the most amazing thing to me. It was no difficulty at all to carry 160 pounds with four irons outdoors in the damp winter weather.

Scenario 2: A tee shot on the 10th hole at Prestbury GC with an 8 iron from 130 yards downwind to a flag on the left. I went for a little draw, which I got, and it landed safely on the green, a comforting indication that you can still have some distance control.

Who Is It Intended For?

You must consider where you want your victories and losses to fall in your iron. If you are seeking to purchase them, your emphasis should be on forgiveness and distance, so you have a big edge from tee to green.

As you approach closer to and around the greens, this becomes less of an issue. If you struggle to reach greens and leave pitch shots short, the spring off these faces will assist you. Instead of purchasing bladed wedges, stick with the same model into the wedges to ensure that the lofts are matched. Consider switching from a 43-degree Pitching Wedge to a 52-degree MG2 Gap Wedge; the change in lofts, yardages, and forgiving would be significant.

This is an area I believe TaylorMade could consider in the future, or you may opt to combine into P790 wedges. Long irons now have the same distance components as short irons, but would not it be great to have a little more feel and shape in the head for those more imaginative strokes closer to the green?

Taylormade sim2 max Advantages

  • Allows for a simple launch and a long-range.
  • It seems to be a better model than the one from the previous year.
  • Across the face, forgiveness
  • Most of TaylorMade’s claims are true.

Taylormade sim2 max Drawbacks

  • Shorter shots around the green have a little feel.
  • Lofts are too powerful for true creative workability.


Are SIM2 Max irons more forgiving than SIM Max irons? They certainly are. This is related to the increased ball speed performance on mis-hits.

In mis-hit areas, the irons perform better in terms of maintaining ball speed, reducing dispersion, and generating optimum spin and launch.

I observed the most significant increase in performance at the top portion of the face. (I tried to reach down under the ball to verify this), which is definitely the Cap Back at work.

Overall, the SIM2 Max irons feel extremely solid through the ball, and even when you make bad contact, it does not seem like a huge problem.

Trajectory & Playability

I was hitting a mid-high trajectory with mild spin with the SIM2 Max irons. In this respect, the irons are extremely well-rounded, with no twists or surprises like a GI iron. When the powerful lofts are combined with the pre-launch characteristics of the head and stock shaft. The ball flight is very neutral.

The soles are not as broad as they are on the SIM2 Max OS, but the irons are still extremely playable. Handle a variety of lies effectively. The only complaint I have is that the irons may be a bit “grabby” in thicker grass.

Even though they are not called players irons, the SIM2 Max irons offer good workability and enable some precise shotmaking. I was pleasantly pleased by the performance of the short irons, which I expected to be clunkier than they were.