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TaylorMade SpeedBlade Irons Full Detailed Review

September 8, 2021
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care a fantastic set that has really survived the test of time.

They originally appeared in 2013, and we are still talking about these incredible game enhancement irons in 2021!

In general, most golfers work hard to improve their clubhead speed. Furthermore, makers of drivers and fairway woods focus on increasing distance while maintaining forgiveness.

The Taylormade SpeedBlade irons, on the other hand, are aimed primarily at players who want to enhance their launch trajectory in order to get more distance and height on their iron shots.

Personally, I have a very steep swing plane, thus the Taylormade Speedblade irons would be a poor match for me. (I believe I would need the inverse.)

However, if you have a shallower swing and the ball does not acquire enough height, these irons may significantly enhance your ball flight.

What exactly is the TaylorMade SpeedBlade Irons “Speed Pocket?”

The Speed Pocket is a handle-bar-shaped slot in the sole of the long and mid-irons that aids flex and rebound upon impact by allowing a greater area of the clubface to bend and rebound.

Hitting the sweet spot of the Speed Pocket causes the face to bend, allowing for more ball speed and a higher launch.

Overview of TaylorMade SpeedBlade Irons

Looks Of TaylorMade SpeedBlade Irons

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TaylorMade’s SpeedBlade is a stylish game enhancement iron. The top line is not razor-thin, but it is also not excessively muscular. The overall size of the blade instills confidence while not completely encircling the golf ball. At address, I appreciate how the difference between the center of the face and the heel/toe regions frames the ball and conceals some of the club’s size.

At the end of the day, they are attractive clubs. They are not going to flood the boards with drooling emoticons, but their appearance should not deter anybody. The SpeedBlades seem to be exactly what they are: game-improvement irons loaded with technology.

The Sound and the Feel Of TaylorMade SpeedBlade Irons

TaylorMade SpeedBlades - game improvement iron  - taylormade speedblade iron

Because I have only ever used forged irons throughout my golfing career, you would think I would dislike the feel of the cast SpeedBlades. You would be mistaken. Whether cast or not, the sensation of the SpeedBlades on a pure shot is extremely satisfying. It may not be “buttery soft,” but anybody who claims it is not enjoyable is lying.

Mishits are where the SpeedBlades’ and my existing irons’ differences shine through. The SpeedBlades provide much less input regarding the position of the mishit and have a very solid feel. The disadvantage is that mishits perform considerably better than focused shots. Most golfers, I believe, would accept that swap.

Speed Pocket Technology and Other Features Of TaylorMade SpeedBlade Irons

If the Speedblade’s one-of-a-kind design seems to provide unique features, that is because it does. With Speedblade irons, Taylormade almost assures the following:

  • More adaptability
  • Increased launch
  • Increased ball speed
  • Shots that are consistent

These may seem to be strong assertions. However, the Speed Pocket technology allows for all of the above. Without a doubt, the Speedblade irons are longer than normal. That certainly enables players to fill certain holes in their bags.

Golfers can produce more consistent strokes because of the increased length, wedge surface area, and lower CG. This information is based on TaylorMade’s own research.

The firm discovered that the overwhelming majority of golf hits—more than 70%—have a handicap between 5 and 25. Moreover, half of the balls were hit below the middle of the face. Experienced golfers understand that this is not the best method to hit the ball. Inconsistent shots are the direct consequence of this kind of handicap. It also has a negative impact on the launch speed.

Regular golfers may avoid these issues because of the Speedblade’s design. Launch speeds may be increased by the handlebar design and a taller topline. According to Taylormade, Speedblade features the quickest faces the business has ever created. Overall, your shots should be more consistent.

Furthermore, the Speedblades come in a variety of variations. You have the option of selecting the kind of shaft you desire. To best meet your requirements, the irons are available in both left and right orientations.

Game Improvement Irons Of TaylorMade SpeedBlade Irons

TaylorMade SpeedBlades - handle bar shaped slot  long irons  speed blades  forged irons  golf club

Let us begin with the one performance characteristic that everyone is concerned with: distance. The TaylorMade SpeedBlades are, predictably, lengthy. The 6-iron is approximately 13 yards longer than my existing irons, and the 5-iron is even longer.

Haters, I hear you. “The lofts are simply jacked up, and the shafts are overly long. They just stamped a ‘6’ on a 5-iron.” Here’s the problem: you are incorrect. If that were the case, I would be the first to rush to the press with a scathing review blasting TaylorMade for duping golfers who do not know the difference, but it isn’t. These irons are really unique.

The first thing no one mentions is that shots from these irons fall softly. If this iron was just about “jacked up lofts,” the shots would fly out like a driver along a burnt-out fairway. They aren’t. Strokes from the SpeedBlades landed 1-3° steeper on average than shots from my existing irons. That means these irons are more powerful and have a greater grip on greens.

The second point that no one is bringing up is that the distance in these clubs has been increased in a sensible manner. You will note that the 8-iron through PW are not equipped with Speed Pockets. That is because they do not need them. My forged “players” irons’ PW travels 135 yards, as does my SpeedBlade. My current gamer is 2-3 yards longer than the SpeedBlade 9-iron. The 8-iron is 5-6 yards longer than the 7-iron. You can probably guess where this is heading. TaylorMade did not only make all of your clubs longer; they also increased the gapping between the irons, allowing them to link better to your fairway woods and hybrids.

Finally, these clubs are very accommodating. You will receive a good outcome if you hit the ball anywhere on the light grey part of the face. I was fortunate (?) to have a terrible ball striking day on my first session with the SpeedBlades, which highlighted the difference between them and my previous irons. The Speed Pocket is very beneficial to thin shots.

Taylormade Speed Blade Irons specs of TaylorMade SpeedBlade Irons

speedblade-spec-data- taylormade irons - short irons

For the Handicapper with a Low score

Harvey Penick recommends in The Little Red Book to “hit it thin to win,” implying that in a tight situation, a thinly struck iron shot may act as a safety valve since it travels further.

In general, there is more difficulty in front of the greens than behind them, thus a “fat” shot struck high and short may spoil many a fine round, while a thin shot can help you salvage that par.

Colin Montgomerie had arguably his greatest opportunity to win a major U.S. event at Congressional, but he blasted a big wedge shot short of the green towards the end of his final round, making bogey.

When your match is on the line, an iron set like the SpeedBlade may offer a buffer against such catastrophes.

Due to the Speed Pocket design, though, assessing your swing path is essential. Golfers who hit their irons with a long, sweeping action and a small divot will most likely get a terrific feel and consistent flight path from these clubs.

Meanwhile, those who attack downhill with a big divot, like Lee Trevino, may find themselves hitting the ball closer to the top of the head, producing in the “dead” sensation and line-drive trajectory that several reviewers have complained about.

For the Exceptional Handicapper

A common issue with beginners and high-handicappers is “skulling” the ball, or pulling the body up dramatically on the downswing and impacting the ball at the very bottom of the clubhead, resulting in a worm-burner or very low line-drive shot that bounces short of the target – and frequently into serious trouble.

These irons may help address that issue, at least in terms of outcomes and total score, if not real swing path assistance.

For the majority of newcomers, distance is critical. A longer-hitting pair of irons may help beginners swing in a more comfortable manner, not as obsessed with blasting the ball as hard as possible.

However, feel is equally crucial for the rookie, an area in which these clubs may vary from player to player.

If the beginner golfer feels an uncomfortable vibration in his wrists and arms with every stroke, not only will his follow-throughs suffer, but he may simply be unwilling to tee off again the following day. As a result, we recommend hitting several practice shots to get a sense of how these clubs feel when struck properly (and badly) before making a purchase.

Furthermore, the cost of these irons may be too expensive for a novice enthusiast seeking for a decent set of sticks, to begin with.

For the Hard Hitter

Is it really worth it to invest in a long-hitting iron set if you already hit your shots long? Is not there anything more essential to consider, like control, backspin, and forgiveness?

Perhaps. However, keep in mind that courses are growing longer all the time. Chambers Bay, with its 500+ yard Par 4s, was unheard of until the introduction of modern golf balls and muscular training. However, as scratch players smash harder and longer shots, architects continue to lengthen the courses to accommodate.

If your favorite course is constantly lengthening holes from the back tees, a power-hitting pair of irons may increase your score…

even for the most powerful hitter.

Short and straight hitters will like this.

Hitting capacity demo image

Obviously, these clubs may be very beneficial to a short hitter. Hitting a 7-iron instead of a 6-iron to a pin hidden behind a bunker may not seem like much of a difference, but it may make all the difference when stopping the ball fast near the hole is critical.

But keep an eye on that swing route!

Again, a few old-school players with forceful downward movements and big divots may find it challenging to hit these clubs cleanly. Junior and senior players with a smooth, sweeping swing that could use a little more power, on the other hand, should certainly give them a go!

Overall, the Taylormade Speedblades is a fantastic set of irons, and we hope our review helps you determine if they are the right clubs for you!


  1. Longer iron lifespan Vibration reduction
  2. Excellent sensation
  3. Various orientations are available.
  4. A one-of-a-kind technology that improves shooting consistency


  1. Your swing has an impact on your performance.
  2. For newcomers, it is too costly.

Let’s see what users of the Taylormade Speedblades Irons has to say…

Arnold Bookheim

”These Irons are super easy to hit, have a wonderfully solid feel and for me, the carry is about one club distance further than my previous Burner II HP set. I only had my TaylorMade Burner II HP Irons a bit over 2 years when I rented a set of these for a round of golf while on vacation in Las Vegas last November. I was so impressed that I requested and used them for around at another course later in the week and then ordered a set upon arriving home. The feel is closer to the forged TM 300’s I had (when I could play) yet very forgiving and way better than the burners’ which I was actually comfortable with. I’m in my early 70’s and had quite hit the 4 & 5 irons a couple of years ago. With the Speedblades’ I am hitting the 5 iron without hesitation and dabbling with the 4. Both are longer than the hybrids which replaced the 4 & 5 irons. The “speed slot” in the middle irons and 4 Iron really works, increasing feel and distance. All this tends to bolster confidence which is helpful with increasing age and declining ability”


”These irons have been the best ones I’ve owned. The sweet spot is much larger and accommodating than any other irons I’ve owned. These irons added more control and distance to my golf game than other irons I’ve played with. Seriously, I’m hitting a 9 iron now where previously I was using a 7 iron. It was such a shock to overshoot a green when I thought I would be coming up short. The grooves are perfect and have enabled me to put a great backspin on the ball when needed to navigate the green.”


”I kept putting off getting a better set for years, I tested these a couple times in person and when I saw them on sale here I bit my lip ordering hoping it was the same feel, at half price I thought red flag red flag! when I finally beat my golf partner the first time using them, the gamble really paid off. Only thing is if you hit the ball with the toe often, your gonna have a bad time, they are a little lite and can spin in your hand.”


The Taylormade Speedblade is built with cutting-edge technology to help you play better on the golf field. It features a longer body and a more modern look. This significantly increases shot flex, launch speed, and consistency. The Speedblade iron is ideal for short, straight shots.

Having said that, the Speedblade is not a magical iron that will significantly enhance your performance. It is mainly dependent on your swing to determine whether or not this iron is right for you. It may also be costly for certain golfers.

Overall, the Speedblade is a well-designed iron that will assist the majority of experienced players. Most people would consider investing in a promising iron like the Speedblade to be very beneficial.