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Titleist ts1 Driver Review

December 27, 2021


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Titleist has long been known as the go-to brand for avid golfers. Our site offers a thorough Tetleist ts1 Driver review demonstrating this. Why this driver is the best. If you were playing twenty-five rounds of golf or had a handicap of 10-15 or less, you would gravitate towards Titleist.

For the first time in Titleist history, they have created a golf club that can be used by a more novice player with a greater handicap in the 25 to 35 range.

They’ve built a little bit of a new form that has a pretty high MOI (Moment of Inertia), which is a positive thing. Greater MOI equates to more forgiveness. A hefty tungsten weight can be seen in the rear of this golf club.

The tungsten weight is fastened by a little dial, and the farther back you can move the weight club. The greater the moment of inertia, which means that if you hit the ball from the heel or toe. The head of the golf club will twist less, keeping your strokes straighter.

All of the suppliers that design golf clubs for medium to high handicap players are attempting to relocate the center of gravity. As far back in the golf club as possible in order to achieve a higher trajectory, greater forgiveness, and lower spin.

For the typical golfer, spin may help you get the ball airborne, which is beneficial for medium to high handicap players.

Overview Of Titleist ts1 Driver

The overall weight of this driver is another important factor that they’ve considered. If I compare the Titleist TS1 driver to the TS4, you will see that the TS1 is substantially lighter due to its 45-gram shaft.

The TS1 is intended for golfers with intermediate swing speeds, as opposed to the TS4. Which was built for extremely skilled players. If you’re not acquainted with Titleist’s jargon, TS stands for Titleist Speed. Which is the pursuit of speed from every angle of the driver.

Titleist seems to have done an excellent job of keeping brand identification throughout the four models of the TS driver family. The TS1 sports a gloss black crown with a simple triangle for aligning the sweet spot, same like its brothers.

Although the length of a head is the most often used characteristic, the TS1’s head has a lot of depth from front to rear.

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What distance do you believe the typical club golfer strikes the ball?

The answer, according to a 2018 USGA analysis, is an astounding 208 yards. Let’s put the ball rollback debate on hold while we take a deeper look at better players — those in the 6-12 handicap bracket. Those men had to be taller, right? They certainly are. They struck their drivers 212 yards on average.

When Titleist examined those men more extensively, or more particularly, their bags, they discovered a lot of Vokey wedges, a lot of Pro V1 balls, a lot of Cameron putters, a few Titleist irons here and there, but not a lot of Titleist drivers.

This is due in part to the strength of competing brands in the driver category. It’s true that TaylorMade and Callaway have dominated the driver market for more than a decade. This group of golfers includes many who would be Titleist guys if it weren’t for the perception – arguably the reality – that there hasn’t been a Titleist driver that’s right for them in a long time, if ever.

We’re talking about the golfers whom the industry charitably refers to as having a moderate swing speed. Aside from semantics and demographic sensitivity, it’s what we call slow swing speed golfers. Please accept my apologies.

With swing speeds of less than 85 mph. It covers a significant proportion of the elderly male golfing population. As well as the bulk of female and younger players.

Within the context of the wider picture, a driver created exclusively for this group would allow Titleist fitters, particularly those who work extensively in country club contexts, to fit more members.

The Sound and the Feel of Titleist ts1 Driver

The TS1 driver emits a pleasing, medium-volume metallic ‘thwack’ that is constant throughout the face. For the sound to be muted, I had to grab one near the heel or out on the toe.

Similarly, it needed a genuine mishit for me to get feedback in my hands. Does this imply that the club lacks character? Perhaps, but it seems to be a testimonial to the TS1’s steady, high MOI design, which is entirely matched with the intended market — swings under 85 mph.

The family motif continues on the sole with silver wings, a basic TS, and a red highlighted 1. The circular weight port seems to be an unusual departure from the triangle design used on the other models, yet it fits in beautifully while indicating the deep CG.

The Titleist TS1 driver has nice face symmetry, and I like the old Titleist writing on the toe.

Performance of ts1 Driver

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Weight reduction was the goal in order to provide the Titleist TS1 driver speed. The TS1 driver was built from the head to the grip to be ultra-lightweight, weighing 45 grams less than the original TS2. Swinging the TS1 driver seemed easy because to its light, aerodynamic head and lightweight shaft. Reasonable contact sent the ball on a very high trajectory.

My normal shot form is straight or with a small draw, therefore the minor draw bias of the TS1 design caused my dispersion to trend to the left.

I was hitting my longest drives straight down the middle or slightly right of center after making a minor swing change. The TS1 comes with Titleist’s SureFit Hosel, which has 16 loft and lie adjustments for even further ball flight adjustability.

When we reviewed the Trackman data from Club Champion, we were astounded by the Titleist TS1 driver’s consistency.

The strikes’ sturdy feel was verified by good performance figures. Spin counts were likewise consistent with the club’s advertised mid-spin configuration. It’s a satisfying feeling to sit down to write a review and see that the marketing details correspond to real outcomes.


  • It has a lot of forgiveness, which makes it appealing to higher handicappers.
  • Very simple to swing at a decent pace.
  • Because of its lightweight design, this club is ideal for young golfers as well as players of all ages.


  • Occasionally bends to the left
  • The high degree of spin


The Titleist TS1 driver comes in lofts of 9.5° (right hand only), 10.5°, and 12.5°. (RH only). The TS1 (and TS4) will be available for purchase in stores on June 27. It will cost $499, much like the rest of the TS driver family.

When you buy this beast you must also have the best golf bag that stands out like Titleist ts1 driver.