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Top 10 Best Ski Helmets In 2022

December 27, 2021

Buying a helmet for skiing or snowboarding is a no-brainer, regardless of your skill level. If you’ve been putting off updating an old helmet or are new to the sport, recent developments have made them lighter and even safer, so now is a wonderful time to do so. The more expensive versions on the list include extensive fit adjustment and venting, but people who only visit the mountains a few times a year will be comfortable with a less expensive alternative. The greatest ski helmets for the 2021-2022 season are listed below, ranging from the feature-packed and technologically advanced to the simple but effective.

Here is the list of best ski helmets of 2022

No.1 Smith Vantage MIPS ($270)

Smith Vantage MIPS ski helmet - ski helmet market  snowboard helmets  best budget ski helmet

Price: $270.00

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We’ve tried a lot of ski helmets, and none has surpassed the Smith Vantage. With a soft yet supportive liner, superb covering all around your head, and an easy-to-adjust Boa dial for fit, the quality, and attention to detail are obvious. You put on the Vantage and forget it’s there since it’s so light and comfy. Superior ventilation is also provided, with a total of 21 vents (13 more than the second-place Oakley MOD 5 below) adjustable by two different sliders for simple adjustment. Overall, you won’t find a more comfortable and versatile helmet for frontside and backcountry usage.

The Vantage also comes standard with all of Smith’s safety features. Their unusual honeycomb Aerocore architecture, visible via the vent apertures, is meant to assist energy absorption in the event of a collision. In addition, the famous MIPS liner, which is meant to protect your brain in the event of an angled collision, is incorporated. These safety measures are difficult to quantify, but it’s worth noting that the additional technology is neatly incorporated into the low-profile design. It’s up to you if the whole bundle is worth the expensive $270 price tag.

Pros Of Smith Vantage MIPS

  • Hybrid in-mold construction
  • 1 pound, 2 ounces
  • Adjustable ventilation (21 vents)

Cons Of Smith Vantage MIPS

  • The Vantage combines comfort, performance, safety, and style.
  • What we don’t have: It’s rather pricey.

No.2 Oakley MOD 5 ($200)

Oakley Mod5 snow helmet -  smith helmets  skiing helmet  best ski helmet  backcountry ski helmet

Price: $89.39 – $200.00

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Oakley offers some of our favourite ski goggles, but the MOD series is the company’s first foray into the helmet market. We like their top-tier “5” model, which includes durable ABS plastic panels for increased protection and adjustable ventilation. Furthermore, its one-of-a-kind Modular Brim System (MBS) eliminates the dreaded gaper gap by integrating two brim sizes (small and large). It’s not a perfect solution—we discovered that it prefers Oakley brand goggles over others—but the ability to replace the brim makes it the most ubiquitous solution on the market in 2021-2022.

The remainder of the MOD 5 is classic Oakley. The helmet is lightweight and has quality features such as a magnetic chinstrap, a Boa dial at the rear, and a replaceable liner. The ventilation system relies on a chimney-like effect to suck air up through the goggle and out the top, which means it can’t dump heat as rapidly as a helmet like the Smith Vantage above (a downside for side- and backcountry use). The liner is considerably less padded, and the cutaway ear cushions make it impossible to use headphones. However, these issues aren’t deal breakers for most people, and the design is pretty strong overall. Remember that the MOD 5 is available with or without MIPS, and the additional safety feature raises the price to $240.

Pros Of Oakley MOD 5

  • Hybrid in-mold construction
  • 1 pound 4 ounces
  • Adjustable ventilation (8 vents)
  • The innovative retractable brim design ensures a proper goggle fit.

Pros Of Oakley MOD 5

  • The ear pad design isn’t our fave.

No.3 Smith Holt ($80)

Smith Holt ski helmet - alpine ski helmet  adjustable vents  lightweight helmet  best backcountry ski helmet

Price: $80.00

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Smith nails it from head to toe with their snow helmet lineup. The Holt is their real budget option, priced at $80, and our best helmet in its price category. It’s an exercise in clever design, and one of the Holt’s most notable achievements is avoiding the bulky and unappealing mushroom appearance associated with inexpensive helmets. While it’s not as low-key or technological as the premium Vantage above or Level below, it’s a significant upgrade over the rest of the budget sector.

The Holt’s adjustability mechanism is a very great addition. Although there is no dial adjustment, an elasticized band at the rear of the helmet expands to fit your skull remarkably nicely. Warmth and comfort are also comparable, however the foam, although thick and toasty, seems less expensive and muffles sound more than we desire. Overall, we’ve seen that upgrading to a mid-range or premium ski helmet is generally worthwhile, especially for people who spend a lot of time on the mountain. However, if you don’t mind sacrificing a little comfort and aren’t prone to overheating (the fixed ventilation is only modestly efficient), the Holt is a true winner.

Pros Of Smith Holt

  • ABS construction
  • 1 pound 4 ounces
  • Fixed ventilation (10 vents)
  • Our best under-$100 helmet

Cons Of Smith Holt

  • The liner and foam are less expensive than the more expensive helmets on our list.

N0.4 Bern Rollins E2 MIPS ($100)

bern rollins e2 mips helmet - ski goggles  budget ski helmet  removable ear pads  snow goggles

Price: $100.00

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Bern helmets’ visor brim and rounded dome are renowned in the skiing world. Bern established once again that it is a leader in the junction of protection, function, and elegance with the Rollins E2 ($140).

The Rollins E2 is on the lighter end of the ski helmet range, weighing in at an even one pound. Bern has considerably enhanced the Rollins’ protection by using MIPS in the latest edition. Other notable features of the helmet include a crank fit adjustable fitting dial, concealed adjustable vents, and an impact-certified Zipmold foam layer.

When riding at high speeds in cold weather, several customers say that the Rollins E2 feels draughty. Otherwise, this helmet is devoid of defects and will keep your head safe for many seasons to come. The weight of Bern Rollins E2 is one pound.

Pros Of Bern Rollins E2

  • Stylish materials and protective technologies

Cons Of Bern Rollins E2

  • Earflaps aren’t the warmest.

N0.5 Salomon MTN Lab ($200)

Salomon MTN Lab ski helmet

Price: $129.95 – $200.00

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The Salomon MTN Lab is a backcountry standout that is suitable for both downhill skiing and climbing. The helmet’s featherweight 13.3-ounce weight (in our medium size with the bulkier winter liner) is the second lightest on our list (after the Petzl Meteor), making it comfortable to wear all day or connect to a pack. With 12 huge cutouts placed around the top and sides of the lid, ventilation is also a strong feature. The MTN Lab also works nicely with our Smith I/O Mag goggles, the adjustment dial at the rear is simple to use, and the two provided merino wool liners (one lightweight and one winter-weight) are comfortable and toasty.

The MTN Lab falls short of a general-purpose helmet. The Salomon’s basic cushioning is less comfortable and doesn’t shield you from the cold as effectively as the plush, resort-ready choices above. Furthermore, the vents are non-adjustable, and we discovered that in heavy snowfall, moisture may force its way through the apertures (placing our hardshell’s hood over the helmet helped reduce this problem). These trade-offs make it a less-than-ideal option for lift-assisted days, but it’s as excellent as it gets in the alpine.

Pros Of Salomon MTN Lab

  • Hybrid in-mold construction
  • 13.3 oz. in weight
  • Fixed ventilation (12 vents)
  • It’s really light and can be used for both skiing and climbing.

Cons Of Salomon MTN Lab

  • Fixed vents may let moisture in.

Our most Recommended best ski helmet

No.6 Smith Level MIPS ( $324.00 )

Smith Level MIPS ski helmet

Price: $100.00 – $324.00

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Smith replaced the popular Variance with the Level MIPS, which is one of our all-time favorite resort lids. The current model is immediately noticeable as a totally contemporary helmet, with its sleek appearance, excellent airflow, and hybrid shell construction closely resembling the more expensive Vantage above. It also inherits the Aerocore design from that helmet and adds a MIPS lining for robust crash protection. With a soft and comfortable inside, the Level (and women’s Liberty) has all the components to take up where the Variance left off.

In order to save $50 over the top-rated Vantage, you must make a few sacrifices. To begin, the Level is somewhat heavier (by roughly 1 oz.) and has just one adjuster for the top vents (the Vantage has two). They’ve also replaced the Vantage’s premium Boa fit system with an in-house VaporFit design. Having said that, the amount of customization is pretty comparable, and we’ve had no issues with our other VaporFit-equipped helmets.

Pros Of Smith Level MIPS

  • Hybrid in-mold construction
  • 1 pound 3 ounces
  • Adjustable ventilation (20 vents)
  • The high-quality and really comfy construction.

Cons Of Smith Level MIPS

  • It’s not as adaptable as the Vantage.

No.7 Giro Crue ($90)

giro crue kids helmet

Price: $90.00

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The Giro Crue helmet ($90) incorporates the same protective technologies seen in competitive adult helmets into a child-sized variant. The Crue is completely capable of park laps and backcountry missions thanks to a sturdy adjustment dial, MIPS, and traditional skate styling.

The Super Cool vents from Giro are on par with the greatest ventilation systems on the market. This helmet has an extra-large vent that exactly coincides with the central vent of a pair of goggles to decrease fogging and boost visibility.

On frigid days, with up to 6 cm of flexibility, the Crue may easily open up to fit a beanie or buff. This helmet is the ideal combination of safety and elegance for the youthful shredder.

Pros Of Giro Crue

  • MIPS is difficult to locate in juvenile helmets.
  • Proper ventilation

Cons Of Giro Crue

  • It is most effective when used with Giro goggles.

No.8 POC Obex MIPS ($200)

POC Obex MIPS ski helmet

Price: $200

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POC, located in Sweden, has earned a reputation for robustness and safety, and the Obex is their most comprehensive helmet to date. The helmet is relatively light but can still withstand a bump (and minimize aesthetic damage) owing to the outside layer of durable plastic, which combines an in-mold structure with a robust ABS shell over top. We also believe it has a nice appearance, and the variety of color choices make it stand out in the market. The Obex also has an easy-to-use fit system that fits evenly around the head, adjustable vents, and a new MIPS lining (prior versions utilised the brand’s in-house SPIN system).

What isn’t there to appreciate about the POC Obex? Despite their best efforts, the helmet is still thicker and less streamlined than Smith’s Vantage and Level models. As a consequence, it seems a bit heavier than its 1-pound weight would imply. Furthermore, the inside padding isn’t as velvety as in the Smith designs, and we’d like to see extra cushioning around the chin strap. Finally, only the top vents are adjustable, which means that on cold days, the helmet will be too chilly. To be fair, these distinctions are small, and the Obex’s combination of a premium safety suite and a reasonable $200 price tag earns it a position on our list for 2021-2022.

Pros Of POC Obex MIPS

  • In-mold with ABS shell construction
  • 1 pound in weight
  • Adjustable ventilation (11 vents)
  • The sturdy construction and well-integrated safety measures.

Cons Of POC Obex MIPS

  • It’s a little thicker and less ventilated than the Smith choices listed above.

No.9 Giro Ledge MIPS ($90)

Giro Ledge MIPS ski helmets

Price: $90.00

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Giro was an early user of MIPS technology, and their current snow helmet collection is jam-packed with MIPS models. The Ledge is a highlight and, at $90, is the least expensive helmet on our list with the angled impact protection feature. Aside from that, there aren’t many bells and whistles, but there are plenty to satisfy most riders: a goggle retention hook around the back, replaceable ear cushions, and a fiddly but still fairly functional fit adjustment mechanism. Anyone from casual riders to season-long rippers on a budget should seriously consider the Ledge MIPS.

A variety of Giro and Smith models compete, and the Ledge is a direct rival to the Holt mentioned above. Both lids feature extremely clean, skate-inspired designs, durable hard shells that can withstand a beating, and come in a variety of colours. The Ledge has the benefit of including MIPS for just $10 more (Smith does not provide a MIPS liner on the Holt). However, we like the Holt’s overall fit and comfort, and it integrates a bit better with a wider selection of goggle designs. However, if MIPS is a must-have feature for you and Giro helmets fit you well (they’re known to perform best with oval-shaped skulls), the Ledge MIPS is a tried-and-true cheap alternative.

Pros Of Giro Ledge MIPS

  • ABS construction
  • 1 pound, 2 ounces
  • Fixed ventilation (8 vents)
  • A MIPS-enabled helmet for less than $100.

Cons Of Giro Ledge MIPS

  • It’s not as comfy as the Smith Holt.

Our Most Honorable Best Ski Helmet

No.10 Pret Cynic X ($150)

Pret Cynic X ski helmet - ear pads  eps foam liner  sweet protection  best ski  many helmets

Price: $190.00

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Choosing the best $150 helmet is a matter of prioritizing. If liner comfort, adjustable fit, and standing out from a sea of Smith, Oakley, and Giro lids are important to you, the Pret Cynic X is a good pick. Its wool-blend lining makes it one of the most comfortable under-$200 interiors, and the simple fit mechanism is akin to a Boa design. At this price, we’d like to see adjustable ventilation, but Cynic’s fixed system with 12 vents and several open/close flaps throughout the inside does a fair job of temperature management.

The Cynic’s in-mold construction keeps weight under a pound for the medium size, and we like that you get a little additional robustness owing to strategically placed polycarbonate sheets that stiffen areas of the shell. Finally, although appearances are always subjective, we enjoy the style of the Cynic and Pret’s lineups in general (though some may find the huge “Pret” down the sides a little excessive).

Pros Of Giro Ledge MIPS

  • In-mold construction
  • 15.5 oz. in weight
  • Fixed ventilation (12 vents)
  • The comfortable lining and the playful style.

Cons Of Giro Ledge MIPS

  • non-adjustable vents.

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