Under Armour C1N Mid Performance Review

September 22, 2021
Under Armour C1N Mid

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For quite some time, Under Armour has been a leader in the Football category. UA covers everything Football, from their base layer gear and training to their apparel. They then moved on to footwear. Apparel and cluts are two completely different beasts. Fortunately, UA treats all items as one.

Some may say “Just do it “…” but Under Armour says, “I will”.

Traction –

These were my first pair detachables cleats so I was unsure what to expect. Initial impressions were that the setup might lack traction. However, I was wrong. I was able do all of my cuts with ease and felt the shoe grip the grass or turf, preventing slippage. This cleat I recommend for both surfaces.

Although detachable cleats can be more difficult to maintain, they are very durable and will last a lifetime. The cleats have a 7-piece TPU plate to grip on natural surfaces. Secondary cleats ensure stability and traction.

Cushioning in Under Armour CN1:

4D foam is my favourite cushioning system. I was as thrilled to see it in action in the C1N Mid as I was when the Seahawks made that game-winning pick in the endzone. The design of 4D foam helps in relieving pressure from the cleat and mold to your foot in order to provide maximum cushion. It gave the desired results from the first use. The cushioning effects were evident throughout my use of the cleat and I always felt very comfortable. The cleats were not visible on the surface, so I don’t think that they have any impact on my comfort.

It uses Armour Bound technology to create the midsole. This provides a supportive cushion that complements the 4D foam. The interior is soft and the exterior is firmer. Comparing my last review of Puma Nitro Deviate Elite, I find Under Armour CN1 more comfortable and high performance capacity. This increases stability, while maintaining a supportive and cushioned ride.

Materials used in Under Armour CN1:

They are 14.1 Oz in weight and the cleats were very light, but they still provided the promised support. The upper is made from an engineered synthetic upper, which provides durability and comfort without adding weight. This lightweight cleat plate provides additional traction through acceleration, and is becoming increasingly popular in all Under Armour cleat models.

They fit true to size. They fit well and felt great. The collar was lower than the original C1N so I felt confident that I could do all the moves and cuts without fear. The boot has a strap in the middle of the boot that provides additional lockdown. It also helps to prevent movement during agility drills or running routes. They did cause some discomfort along my arch until I got used to them.

CluchFit can be found at the back of the shoe, and it extends up to the collar. This provided a snug fit and mobility that I really enjoyed. I never felt like I was lacking heel support or lockdown in this region, nor could I move.

Overall, well-constructed this shoe and Under Armour on-field products really impressed me. I was skeptical when I heard there would be a mid-sized version of the C1N. However, this has changed my negative notion. It is no doubt light, comfortable, and supportive. I was impressed by the lockdown and feel that this shoe could be a great purchase for the season at $79.99, which is a lot less than other cleat options.

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