Vasque Skywalk
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Vasque Skywalk Full Detailed Review

August 16, 2021

Price: $ 160

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The Vasque Skywalk features a polyurethane (PU) midsole and footbed that offers excellent underfoot support. It also completely covers the ankle, which provides enough support but at the expense of comfort since the boot lacks a notched back like most other boots. Despite protecting the ankle, the boots do not tie up as securely around the ankle as many of the other boots in this category, resulting in a little less support.


The Good Of Vasque Skywalk

  • Durable & reliable
  • Old school popular design
  • Quick to lace-up

The Bad Of Vasque Skywalk

  • Long break-in period
  • Uncomfortable
  • Slippery sole

Protection Of Vasque Skywalk

This boot performs similarly to the others tested in terms of protection. The Skywalk is constructed of tough full leather, which keeps pebbles and dirt out of the boot. It also has a Gore-Tex liner, which is great for crossing streams. The lacing mechanism, on the other hand, is old school and not as advanced as most of the other boots examined, but it is the fastest to tie up since it only requires two metal hooks on each side rather than three.

Comfort Of Vasque Skywalk

In terms of comfort, the Skywalk leaves a lot to be desired. Because it is made of complete leather, the boot is not particularly comfortable right out of the box and requires a lengthy break-in period. Due to the stiff leather, the boots were still very unpleasant around the ankle and calf even after several camping excursions. While the leather may ultimately soften, most individuals will not want to deal with a lengthy break-in process when similar boots are available with no break-in time. In contrast to the other boots, which were all true to size, the sizing also runs a little small, so it felt tight with little space in the toe box.

Traction Of Vasque Skywalk

The traction on these boots also lacked when compared to the other footwear examined. In contrast to the other boots tested, the Vasque Pyrenees sole appeared to slide more while traversing rough terrain. The sole has an aggressive design. However, it is very open and easily clogged with muck.

Weight The Skywalk weights slightly under 20 ounces each boot, which is about average for lightweight hiking footwear, although they are a little clunky. They make your feet considerably more visible when hiking, and testers never forgot they were wearing them all day on lengthy treks.

Comfortable, fantastic grip on the rock on a canoe portage, even wet. Great first impression.


  • medium weight
  • looks good
  • waterproof!
  • great traction
  • tread sheds mud quickly


  • tying lugs rusty, must not be stainless steel

Customer Review

These boots felt wonderful as I hauled my belongings across a steep, rocky portage that I had been dreading since I was wearing crocs or normal running shoes… On my trip up North, I stopped for some other things and came upon these beauties, which looked nearly fresh amid the other old chewed-up shoes in the shop. They drew my attention as I went past. I figured, what the hell, Gore-tex! $9.99?

I started late and got to the portage in total darkness. Because I was carrying goods and there was no light on the path, I managed to put my feet in up to 4″ of water while I loaded and unloaded the canoe a couple of times. I was obliged to remain there to ensure that the weight was correct — not capsize the canoe in the water for any longer than I would have wanted, bracing for that soaking dampness to occur — and it didn’t! Not a drop went in, yet I was just a few inches from having the water pour over the boot tops! After unloading, I glanced down and watched as the water beaded right off the suede as I walked away from the water’s edge.

I am not sure why anybody would part with them in a charity box. They must have gotten the sizing completely incorrect, but well, my loss!

It was purchased used.


$9.99 was paid.

It is in need of a third pair of soles—it is starting to come apart.

Customer Verdict

After approximately three years of moderate usage, the soles separated/fell off. I had the soles changed and am now doing the same. We must return to 43-year-old Red Wings that show no signs of single failure despite severe, heavy usage.

The Vasques are more comfortable on the feet and feature Gore Tex=dry, but the sole failure rate is very high. The first time it occurred, I was really taken aback since the ankle continued attempting to angle weird. It prompted an inspection and had simply oxidized to crumbly failure in several areas, particularly in the heels.

When the weather became colder in the winter, most people used it in the city and at school. It was completely unexpected. Tread was still over 80%, perhaps 90%. Vasque provided no assistance other than to resole at half the purchase price plus delivery.

Bass Pro was a true pro. They totally covered the resole. However, I have spent more than $4,000 with them in one day.

Purchased brand new (Bass Pro)

$180 was paid.

2nd Customer Review

As strange as it may seem, I got married wearing these boots. My wife and I quit our employment in 1994 to marry on the Scottish Isle of Skye. We went across Europe, Africa, and the Mediterranean for three months with just my Skywalker boots and a pair of Teva sandals. Although my Tevas saw more usage in Africa, my boots were comfortable enough for daily walking as well as strenuous trekking and backpacking.

I have worn them while hiking in Yosemite’s backcountry with a 60-pound pack, exploring volcanic cinder cones and craters, lava flows, snow, and ice (not much help on ice, but they were warm enough on short hikes). I have hiked the Marin Headlands on 20-mile all-day treks and enjoyed every minute of it.

Since 1994, I have had the boots resoled once (unfortunately, they would not replace 12 size soles. Thus, the 11 soles they used changed the fit significantly). Had to have surgery on the toe of one boot when the leather ripped off the Cordura during a fight with a rock, but they are still seven years old. I just purchased another pair of Skywalker boots this weekend, and I intend to follow all of the “care and feeding” instructions to see how long I can enjoy them. Just came out of the shop after putting them on for the first time, and the fit was just as I recalled it. I am excited to get these out on the trails and see how they perform under stress.

Materials: Leather with Cordura

Use: Rough Trail, Volcanic Rock, Yosemite backcountry w/60lb pack

Break-in Period: 1 week

Weight: 165

Price Paid: $120 and $140


I bought these boots in 1992, and they have served me well for the last six years. They have traversed Northern England’s muddy, wet environment, the rocky high altitude Andes, and the Eastern and Western highlands of the United States. They have held up well to water and have been comfy from the start. The fabric/leather has proved to be abrasion-resistant, and the soles have held up nicely.

My hikes have usually lasted 3 to 14 days, with a light pack weighing 10 to 20 pounds. I am not sure how the boots would handle the additional weight.

The tongue, which does not remain in place and slips to the side, and the looseness of the top of the boot to my leg have been the drawbacks. It seems to provide enough ankle support, but it could be more form-fitting.

If the boots are still manufactured in the same manner as they were in 1992, I would strongly suggest them for moderate to heavy-duty trekking. I am not sure how they would fare on a hiking trip.

Leather/Fabric w/Gortex are the materials used.

Hiking with a light (15-pound) pack

There is no break-in period.

$140 was paid.


The Vasque Skywalk may have been popular 30 years ago, but it lacks many of the current features that ensure the success of new hiking boots. Although the Skywalk is very robust and trustworthy, it never achieved the same degree of comfort as the other boots tested and also had poor traction performance, making it unsuitable for extended backpacking excursions when you require dependable boots right out of the box. You can check these Scarpa boots feature if you want something with four closed grommets along the top of the foot and three open grommets on the ankle, offering the wearer a lot of cinching options. The ankle is raised somewhat higher than in most of the other boots in this test set, providing adequate ankle support with stiff and supportive leather sides.