Adidas YEEZY QNTM BSKTBL Frozen Blue

September 23, 2021

Price: $340.00 – $1,108.88

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The Adidas YEEZY BSKTBL Frozen Blue video begins with a retract. Why? Why? Because Adidas, YEEZY, Kanye West and Kanye West don’t clearly define the differences between YZY QNTM or YZY BSKTBL. We never got straight answers. What was the result? The result?

Chris now has the opportunity to compare the versions and take a look at the differences. You can see the difference by clicking play above.

What’s in the video?

Chris gives detailed information on all of the categories. This video will provide the information you require. He provides expert opinions on materials, cushioning and traction, as well as support and fit. Here are some examples of his discussions:

  • Are you a Minions fan, Kanye West?
  • 3 different QNTMs?
  • Collar differences?
  • Additional padding
  • They are a good basketball shoe.
  • Sizing recommendations

We would love to hear your thoughts on the YEEZY BSKTBL Frosted Blue on YouTube and Twitter.

Click here to view the entire video on YouTube or press play above.


The YEEZY QNTM (Frozen Blue) and YEEZY BSKTBL are available on StockX and eBay resale platforms.

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