When comparing the KD 14 to the Nike Air Zoom GT Cut, the KD 14 has better grip, but the Air Zoom GT Cut’s three-layer cushioning was next level of comfort. Both indoors and outdoors, the shoe worked really well. Until I get my new Puma Clyde All-Pro, these are the shoes I wear most.

Nike KD 14

Nike KD 14

Nike: $150


  • Advanced Cushioning System

  • Supportive Design

  • Traction Performance

  • Durability


  • Breathability Issues

  • Price Point

Key Specs

Fabric Type:

100% Synthetic

Sole Material:


Outer Material:


Closure Type:


That being said, the KD 14 is just as solid as the Air Jordan 1, Nike Kobe 9, and Air Jordan XX8. They might not have as much bite, though.

Fill the cushion

The Nike KD 14 Cushion has a Cushion Midsole and a full-length Zoom Air Strobel.

Even though it’s soft, the Cushion is springy, sensitive, and soft. There is a Zoom Air unit in the shoe that makes it quick and slow at the same time. The cushion isn’t too thick (you can sit in most of them), so every step is smooth.

You can wear these shoes inside or outside. When I was outside, I couldn’t feel the blacktop or pavement. The ride was easy, and I felt like my feet were being held in ease.



I may not like materials very much, but they do a good job when it comes to efficiency.

The build is firmer than the KD 13, but it still feels light. The shoe is easy to break in, and after only a few weeks, it felt great on my feet. These are my favorite shoes right now. They make the world a better place.


These clothes don’t fit very well. I was able to try on a size 9 pair after making the video report. I bought a new pair in size 9.5 in the end. It’s the same size as the one I tried. When the KD 14 first came out, size 9 was not available. I could only get a size 9.5 unless I had to go down one size. I didn’t want to take a chance because KDs are usually pretty tight. The size 9 wasn’t quite snug enough for me, but the 9.5 felt great, so I bought it. I suggest that you try them on in the store to avoid any possible problems.

Lockdown was great. Because the build isn’t flexible, I felt safe from my ankle to my heel. Not a big deal, since the strap didn’t stay in place all the time.


It’s pretty normal for modern Nike basketball shoes to have a support system.

A heel counter on the inside and a normal base are in place. The strap isn’t very useful, but it’s more important for supporting the shoe. They are great in that way. The TPU base is stronger than the soft Cushlon and keeps your foot on the cushion. The bottom of the shoe is also wide, so it fits your foot well.


Since 2021, I’ve loved the Nike KD 14 basketball shoe in general. They will always be there. It is possible. June still has a lot of shoes to come out. There was great grip on the KD 14, good cushioning, good materials, and good support. It can do a lot of different things well.

First Impressions

It’s a big shoe, the Nike KD 14. Zoom Strobel was added to the KD 12, and a forefoot Zoom unit was added to the KD 13. The Zoom Strobel was added to the KD 12, and an extra heel Zoom unit was added to the KD 13. This made the users feel low to the ground and springy, and it also kept their knees healthy enough that they could play longer. It would be sad if that was the end of the line. It looks like it’s not, though.

What’s in the video?

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Chris talks about all of the topics in great depth. The information you need can be found in this movie. He gives his professional opinion on things like support and fit, as well as materials, padding, and grip. Here are some examples of the things he talked about:

It looks like Chris’s all-time best KDs.

  • Design cues and grip pattern technology without the padding?
  • Insoles that look like those in the Kobe 6 or KD 13 Price
  • Sushlon foam
  • Problems with the stabilizer plates
  • Very appealing looks
  • Upper with four layers
  • Who is calling from “Slim Reaper?”
  • What sizes to choose
  • How to return items to Nike

Mrs. Wing also talks about the planned show and gives away two things to Discord users.

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How to Buy the Nike KD 14

Colorway: Black/Copa/Orange Trance/White

  • When it comes out: April 14, 2021
  • Style number: CZ0170-001
  • Price at stores: $150

The Nike KD 14 is on sale from Nike.

Nike KD 13 VS Nike KD 14

Even though they have the same level of grip and tightness, there are two big differences between the two sets.

If you want a shoe that is lighter and lets more air in, I would suggest the Nike KD 13. The KD 13 also doesn’t have the Velcro strap across the top, which is something you grow to love about it.

The Nike KD 14 is a good choice if you want more cushion, especially if you jump or leap. The KD 14 got better at gripping wood floors over time, but it was still hard to stop and go.

Either one is a great choice for any level of basketball play. Last few weeks, I worked out mostly in the KD 13, and when I play games, I like the KD 14.

Performance of KD 14

In the insole, comfort, shock protection, and agility are all brought together. Some people have called it the softest KD ever.

They feel cheap to the touch, but they’re soft and comfortable on the feet. The wide base and plastic reinforcements on the sides give a lot of support and lockdown.

If your feet aren’t too big, this KD fits better than the last ones and should work for most players.

Performance of KD 13

The best part of the KD 13 is the full-length Zoom Strobel, which has one of the best padding levels in basketball.

It’s tough enough to last outside, and the grip pattern works well in all directions.

It’s made of thin, light materials that work well, but the quality doesn’t feel high-end when you hold it.

The good fit and wide base give support, but the simple top doesn’t lock you down as well as older KD models.

If your feet are average or narrow, the KD13 fits great. But if your feet are wide, you should go up half a size or look elsewhere, just like with other KD models.

With great padding, the KD 13 is a great basketball shoe.