The Gregory Stout 75 backpack is an outstanding mix of load-carrying capacity, torso flexibility, and user-friendly access and organizing features.

Gregory Stout 75

Gregory Stout 75


  • ‎Lifetime Warranty

  • Large Capacity

  • Comfortable Fit

  • Versatile Design


  • Weight

  • Bulky Size

Key Specs


25.2 x 16.93 x 9.06 inches


‎2.63 Kilograms




Comfort/Fit of Gregory Stout 75

The Gregory Stout’s 75 greatest feature is its lightweight (3 lbs).Secondly it is the second lightest bag is approximately a pound heavier than Gregory beacuse it’s also a well-constructed harness, with no seams in the top or midback. Thirdly a decent ventilation system running throughout to keep cool air flowing to the back. The presence of a bump in the lower back padding didn’t prove much of an annoyance whilst testing. Lastly adjustability of torso length is also a great feature.

Storage of Gregory Stout 75

Moreover, The Gregory Stout 75 offers 75 liters of volume with its spacious design. The body compartment can also be divided which further increases the storage. The body compartment consists of two areas: a zippered access and a cinch pocket near the top brain pocket. The pack has a mesh sleeve on the rear that keeps rain layers accessible. The Stout is well adjustable. It can compress and expand if you want to under-pack or over-pack it respectively.

Stability of Gregory Stout 75

The waist straps on this pack bend at the waist to provide a basic level of pivot, aiding stability. The height-to-width ratio is ideal for a trip worthy amount of gear. The wide mouth facilitates easier and organized packing. The expandability and balanced center of gravity enable the pack to carry gear while being balanced and stable.

Durability of Gregory Stout 75

The buckles on the Stout are made out of plastic, but it is beefy plastic that inspires confidence. The water bottle side sleeves are made of mesh that can easily snag or tear away. The fabric on the body compartment is thin but the seams are perfectly sewn. A single gripe is the thinness of the joint between the shoulder harness and the sliding panel used to adjust the torso length.


The two hip pouches on the waist strap are both waterproof. The Stout has no whistle on the shoulder strap. The interior contains a long water bladder. Moreover, the back of the pack has two gear loops, both of which contain a medium and small-sized loop to attach an ice axe or trekking poles.

If you want to carry heavier stuff and don’t want to compromise on comfort, this pack is for you. The pocket arrangements facilitate efficient packing.

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