Performance Review of Gregory Zulu 40 bag makes it clear that it is a popular choice among outdoor lovers. Best for those looking for a reliable and unique pack for their adventures. In this review, we’ll delve into the features, performance, and user experiences of the Gregory Zulu 40 bag to help you make better decisions.

Performance Review of Gregory Zulu 40 Bag Key Features:

The Gregory Zulu 40 bag is a premium backpack designed for modern adventurers. It pays homage to the classic era of outdoor exploration. Inspired by rugged gear used by backpackers of yesteryears.

Crafted from high-quality materials, the Gregory Zulu 40 bag withstands the rigors of the trail. Its 40-liter capacity accommodates gear and essentials, providing maximum comfort and support. It is the best choice for day hikes, overnight trips, and multi-day adventures.

Featuring an adjustable suspension system and padded shoulder straps, the Gregory Zulu 40 bag ensures a customized fit. Additional features include multiple pockets, hydration compatibility, and a ventilated back panel. It enhances versatility and performance on the trail. Whether trekking or exploring, it’s the perfect companion.

Performance on the Trail

One of the standout features of the Gregory Zulu 40 bag is its performance on the trail. Whether navigating rugged terrain or trekking through wooded trails, this backpack offers stability and support. The suspension system effectively distributes the weight, reducing strain on the shoulders and back. Users have praised its ability to carry heavy loads without compromising comfort, making it ideal for multi-day hikes and backpacking trips.

You can learn more about the durability, storage, and stability of this bag by clicking here.

Performance Review of Gregory Zulu 40 bag: Pros and Cons


1. Large storage capacity: With its ample capacity for gear storage, the Gregory Zulu 40 bag is a great choice for day hikes, overnight excursions, and even multi-day backpacking journeys. Users can store important items without feeling constrained because of its 40-liter capacity.

2. Effective weight distribution: By distributing weight equally, the backpack’s design lessens the pressure on the shoulders and back. This feature makes traveling farther or carrying heavier weights more comfortable.

3. Ventilated back panel: The backpack features a ventilated back panel to promote air circulation and reduce the risk of overheating. In warm weather, this keeps the user cool and comfortable even when engaging in vigorous activities. 

4. Padded shoulder straps: By offering support and padding, padded shoulder straps lessen pressure points and discomfort. This innovation guarantees comfort, especially when carrying the rucksack for lengthy periods.

5. Sturdy construction: The Gregory Zulu 40 bag is made to withstand outdoor difficulties thanks to its premium materials. Because of its durable build and endurance, it is a dependable travel companion.

6. Stability on difficult terrain: The backpack’s excellent stability on difficult terrain increases the wearer’s sense of security and confidence. Users rely on the rucksack for support and stability when walking on uneven or rocky terrain.

7. Comfortable and customized fit: The ergonomic design and customizable features of the Gregory Zulu 40 bag allow it to fit individuals of all shapes and sizes. It guarantees that even with prolonged use, the backpack will remain comfortable and secure.

8. Adaptable to several outdoor pursuits: The backpack’s versatility makes it suitable for a variety of outdoor activities, including hiking, trekking, camping, and more. Users may take on a variety of excursions with comfort and confidence because of its versatility.

9. Reliable performance: The Gregory Zulu 40 bag performs dependably in a range of outdoor conditions. Thanks to its considerate features and expertly crafted design, users can depend on it to meet their needs and exceed their expectations.

10. Satisfied customer reviews: Customers have given the bag high marks for functionality, comfort, and durability. Prospective customers feel reassured by these testimonies. They also emphasize how reputable and high-quality the bag is.


Hip belts could be more supportive: Some users have noted that the hip belt of the Gregory Zulu 40 bag could provide better support, especially when carrying heavier loads over extended periods. A more supportive hip belt would distribute weight more effectively and reduce strain on the wearer’s hips and lower back.

Not fully waterproof, requires rain cover: While the backpack is water-resistant to some extent, it is not fully waterproof. During heavy rain or wet conditions, users might discover that the backpack’s contents are insufficiently shielded from moisture. Moreover, use a rain cover to overcome this limitation. It provides extra protection against water infiltration.

While these drawbacks are relatively minor, they remain significant factors for prospective buyers to take into account. They should keep these points in mind when evaluating the Gregory Zulu 40 bag. Despite these drawbacks, the many strengths and positive attributes of the backpack.

Comparison with Other Gregory Backpacks

Comparison with Other Gregory BackpacksGregory Zulu 40Gregory Jade 63Gregory Baltoro 65Gregory Zulu 55Gregory Zulu 65Gregory ShastaGregory Facet 55
Storage Capacity40 liters63 liters65 liters55 liters65 litersVaries (Depends on model)55 liters
Suspension SystemYesYesYesYesYesYesYes
Additional FeaturesRain cover, multiple pocketsHydration compatibilityRain cover, multiple pocketsRain cover, multiple pocketsRain cover, multiple pocketsDetachable lid, sleeping bag compartmentRain cover, multiple pockets

User Reviews

These are some of the feedback from the people who used the Gregory Zulu 40.

1. “The Gregory Zulu 40 is my go-to backpack for weekend hikes. It’s incredibly comfortable, and I love how well it distributes weight, even when I’m carrying my camera gear.” – James Smith

2. “I’ve taken the Gregory Zulu 40 bag on multiple backpacking trips, and it has never let me down. The ventilation system is excellent, and the pack feels sturdy and durable.” – Emily Johnson

3. “I recently used the Gregory Zulu 40 on a week-long trek through the mountains, and it exceeded my expectations. The adjustable fit was perfect, and I appreciated the thoughtful design features like the integrated rain cover.” – William Brown

4. “I’ve been using the Gregory Zulu 40 for over a year, and it’s been fantastic. It’s spacious enough to fit all my gear, yet compact and streamlined enough for day hikes. Highly recommend!” – Olivia Jones

5. “The Gregory Zulu 40 backpack is my favorite backpack for wilderness backpacking. It’s rugged, comfortable, and incredibly versatile. I’ve put it through some tough conditions, and it’s held up admirably.” – Benjamin Taylor

6. “I’ve tried several backpacks over the years, but the Gregory Zulu 40 is by far the best. It’s lightweight, comfortable, and has all the features I need for long days on the trail. Couldn’t be happier with my purchase!” – Charlotte Davis

7. “I’ve had my Gregory Zulu 40 for a few months now, and I’m impressed by its performance. The organization options are excellent, and I love the attention to detail in the design. It’s my go-to pack for outdoor adventures.” – Alexander Wilson


In conclusion, the Gregory Zulu 40 is a top-notch backpack that delivers on its promises. With its thoughtful design, comfortable fit, and durable construction, it’s an excellent choice for hikers and backpackers of all skill levels. While it may not be perfect, its pros far outweigh any cons, making it a worthwhile investment for outdoor adventures.

If you’re in the market for a reliable backpack that can handle whatever the trail throws your way, look no further than the Gregory Zulu 40. It’s a true workhorse that will serve you well on countless adventures to come.