Patagonia leashless jacket a $399 jacket is on the high end of its price range. The jacket was never intended to be inexpensive. The pricing seems to be very reasonable given the product comes from a business like Patagonia. Excellent execution of their words and features during product testing.

Patagonia Leashless Jacket

Patagonia Leashless Jacket



  • Waterproof

  • Breathable

  • Lightweight


  • Pricy

  • Offered Only 3 sizes

Patagonia Leashless Jacket Positives

  • Engaging cut
  • Articulated design never exposed flesh
  • Fits in the helmet easily and doesn’t block visibility
  • Best in breathability and waterproofing

Patagonia Leashless Jacket Negatives

  • Excellence cost money


 Patagonia leashless jacket are weather-shedding

In a single word: incredible! This garment was worn on a chilly mountain climb. We bend down in the jacket, the hood easily fastened over our helmet, as we stand at the wind-exposed belay. It stayed intact, with no flaps, so we didn’t get chilly. Even in the pouring rain, it managed to bead us for hours, which was something we expected from Gore. Waterproof zips kept necessities dry as well.

Patagonia leashless Jacket is breathability

Most Gore Active jackets do not have pit zips. Even though the membrane works well and breathes effectively, it is not recommended in humid conditions. As a result, we were relieved to find two big pit zips on the Leashless Jacket. Which were perfect for keeping us cool while it was raining on our route to a peak.


The Leashless was designed for alpinists to remain put while reaching above. The Leashless is designed for Alpine climbers and is designed to remain unbroken when reaching above. And it’s done brilliantly. Not a single inch of constriction or creep was found on the sleeves of our body on a two-pitch ice climb. are in total of 3 exterior pockets which means one chest and two hand pockets, they remain out of the way of pack straps while available to warm our hands. As aforementioned, number of adjustment points on the hood all around that help remain cozy over a helmet or bare head without surrendering too much primary vision.

Patagonia leashless Jacket is durability

However, our sleeves were punctured when we carelessly packed crampons and jackets together. It’s difficult to conclude if it was us who made the mistake of packing with sharp objects or if it was because of the lightweight Gore Active shell. Apart from that, now flaws were experienced by us during these few months.

Patagonia leashless jacket are carry ability

Weighing 13 ounces, neither its lightest Gore active shell nor the lightest hard shell, but considering all the uses & benefits listed above, mainly 3 pockets and 2 zips, it’s magnificent.

Patagonia leashless jacket Customer Review

The finest hardshell I have owned for backpacking and climbing.


  • Waterproof
  • Breathable
  • Lightweight


  • Pricy

I’ve not seen any product performing so well with breathability and waterproofness at the same time. The primary purpose of The Patagonia Leashless Jacket was to serve hikers and climbers doing high-output pursuits in the worst weather conditions.

Offered in 3 sizes, Small, medium & large, with a number of colors to choose from, The Leashless Jacket is a 3-layer Gore-tex Active fabric. A medium-sized green color jacket is what I own.

My jacket does fit quite well but is a little on the larger side, which comes in handy when having a fleece or puffy underneath it. It has adjustments on the hem, velcro cuffs, and three hood adjustments to seal out the weather. Whether you wear a helmet or not, it works the same as it is helmet friendly jacket.

Even though I don’t like to zip all the way up as it affects me while talking and breathing, for those who want to I’d like to inform you that here is a microfleece inside, so the zipper doesn’t rub against your chin. Patagonia’s trait of having long sleeves is also found in this as well. This is not problematic, it is quite helpful for a range of motions when climbing or scrambling.

The Gore-Tex Active fabric serves the purpose quite well of keeping the moisture check and on the other hand, the pit-zips are an efficient method to quickly get rid of any heat inside the jacket and prevent moisture. However, moisture does accumulate inside the jacket and it’s inevitable in high humidity while wearing a jacket during hiking, but still the person doesn’t feel any wetness that’s something rare in other jackets


A 100% waterproof jacket like a Leashless Jacket doesn’t mean one jumps in a swimming pool and expects to stay dry, it serves the purpose of precipitation one might experience, and the jacket will keep dry.

It is essential that the DWR on the outside of the jacket must be taken care of by washing and drying it daily and effectively, though a long use may require the need to reapply the DWR. The jacket is also highly wind resistant. If you are thinking about getting soaked during your next climb trip, the jacket will be your companion in need.

The jacket might not have so many features, but it consists of two hand pockets covered by hipbelt, and adds in a Napolean pocket on the left pocket, pit zips, and an interior pocket

All the zippers being waterproof they may be tough when new, but all work efficiently. The waterproof zippers are effective. Patagonia might eliminate the storm flap under the main zipper. The jackets take a very little space to get packed, it can be easily fit into near the top or on the exterior to get it out as soon as bad weather hint is received.

Personal Opinion 

My choice of this jacket is entirely based on its longevity. This is quite important for me as I want to use it for longer period with rough & tough conditions. The outer fabric is quite strong and not easy to tear – long-lasting. Even with my careless and rough use, the jacket shows minimal tear downs. I don’t even give a second look if the jacket is intact after chimneying up Yosemite granite because of how strong it is.

The built is flawless. When I tried to stretch elastic in the hood on a sub-freezing morning in New Hampshire, the tiny plastic pull-tab snapped off the elastic string. I just secured the strings in big knot and continued climbing. To my surprise it weighs a lot less than what I expected considering its durability. A weight of 13oz is an average for such hardshell.

Hence, I’m confident to say this as an amazing hardshell which is an allrounder use backpacking and climbing, and on alpine expeditions. It is effective in numerous weathers and makes sure to keep off the weather. Though, I was a bit saddened to see the pull-tab snapping off and will be contacting the Patagonia.

Looking For Light weight Jacket?

IF you are looking for a lightweight jacket and willing to compromise on features and protection than you can go for  Eddie Bauer rain jacket instead of Patagonia. However, this jacket works well only with a layering system with a baselayer and an insulation piece. Though, if you are going somewhere wet, windy weather on your next high output adventure, Patagonia Leashless Jacket is the best option available.

The Patagonia Leashless Jacket offers everything we want in a hard shell—dependable protection, great breathability, just the right amount of pockets, and a cut that fits a variety of body shapes. Those characteristics propelled the Leashless to the top of its class.


A jacket that will serve you every day, all year, with everything you want in a hard shell – dependable safety, great ventilation, the right amount of pockets, and a cut that fits various body types.