Not everyone is an athlete or a marathon runner and you go for expensive shoes. The core purpose of a running shoe is to give maximum support while you are running on the ground or treadmill. Best cheap running shoes can also fulfill your purpose for you, I am assuming that you are not an athlete and looking for the best cheap running shoes for yourself.

According to our research, any best cheap running shoes that are under $160 are considered the best cheap running shoes. The thing I want to clarify for you before we dig deeper into this blog post is that don’t get me wrong here when I am using the word cheap all I mean is that they are affordable for everyone and can be bought by anyone who is earning more than $1500.

Are You A Beginner?

As a beginner, I suggest to all my readers to not invest in heavy-duty sports equipment or sports gear as most of the time they are not beginner friendly in my opinion. If you are someone who is experienced in running then I suggest you see my blog post on the best Nike running shoes which will help you understand better why I am saying this.

How Best Running Shoes Are Suppose To Be Tested And How We Test

Each pair of Cheap running shoes mentioned in this post was tested using a variety of methods, including sprint work on track and leisure park runs, as well as lengthier multi-hour training sessions and race-pace 5ks. During testing, I evaluated the shoes in five categories: fit, comfort, performance, flexibility, and value. Here’s how each played toward the shoes that were finally chosen:


Just because you’re saving a few bucks on a lower-priced shoe doesn’t mean it shouldn’t fit well — and jogging in an ill-fitting shoe is an easy way to wear yourself out faster (or to just be mentally finished with your run before you hit your mile goal). Fit refers to everything from how the shoe feels when you initially put it on to whether or not there are any unwanted pressure spots and how the shoe feels underfoot. Every shoe that we are going to recommend here are best cheap running shoes with the best fit.

Comfort is an extension of fit, but it extends beyond how the shoe feels on your foot to how comfortable the shoe remains across a range of runs. Much of this is also a matter of personal taste, as some runners like highly cushioned shoes from companies such as Under Armour Curry 7, while others prefer to run on less cushion. The same may be said for neutral runners vs stability shoes.


If a running shoe does not function as expected, you will be unmotivated to continue running with it. This includes everything from its underfoot stability and longevity to its responsiveness and design.


While I tested each shoe in several settings, they are not all designed to be a jack-of-all-trades kind of shoe. Some, on the other hand, performed well on a variety of surfaces, enhancing their adaptability as daily runners. If you’re looking for a low-cost shoe, it’d be ideal to locate one that performs just as well on a treadmill as on the road.


entails more than the ultimate sticker price. I wanted to discover whether paying less on a pair of shoes was ultimately worth it in the long run, since spending less money more often is equivalent to (if not more than) spending a lot of money once. Fortunately, there are a plethora of high-quality Cheap running shoes available at reasonable prices.

Let’s Talk a Little About Shoe Style

Even with low-cost shoes, you can get some very unique designs. From brightly colored patterns to a range of fabrics and materials, shoe styles There are several possibilities to pick from, so you have nothing to be concerned about!

Whether you’re new to jogging or a seasoned pro with thousands of kilometers under your belt, We all like to look nice on our feet, so we made sure to include some fashionable alternatives on our list!

We also understand that not everyone has the same sense of style, so we tried to provide something for everyone. Everyone, therefore on our list, you’ll discover shoes with a contemporary, bold style, bright colors, and graphic components. As well as more subtle, traditional, and even vintage looks.

While style may not seem to be the most significant area, and we do not encourage purchasing it, Studies have shown that if you feel well, you are more than twice as likely to go for a run.

How you seem while you’re out working on your fitness. Therefore, as much as we hate to say it, when it comes to Cheap running shoes, style does matter, so we made sure to include it. Include it as one of the most significant aspects to consider while looking for a new pair of low-cost running shoes.

Shoe Weight Matters

Person Holding shoes in hands | engineered mesh upper  budget shoe  padded heel collar  mesh upper

Many running shoes are lightweight because runners do not want to carry any more weight than necessary. Although the lower-priced shoes are a touch heavier than the most costly shoes, they are still ideal for active-use runners!

Weight, according to seasoned runners, may be a key issue in choosing a less expensive shoe. If you are not cautious. Lightweight materials may be more expensive to provide than heavy versions.

We made certain that the alternatives we chose provide you with the lightest possible ride possible by using lightweight materials. Certain companies have developed new production procedures to keep their prices low while offering a high level of service. Runners are made of light, breezy materials with little cushioning.

Let Me List Down Best Cheap Running Shoes Which We Think Are The Best

N0 # 1. Asics Gel Contend 7

Asics Gel Contend 7

ASICS: $65

The Asics Gel Contend 7 is a low-cost shoe with high-end features, and our feet felt premium comfort in it!

It’s marshmallow soft and impact-dampening; even after a series of extended poundings on the pavement, our feet didn’t feel battered!

Even better, since it’s so light, it doesn’t draw attention to itself. We didn’t seem to have much on our feet!

The Content may be cheap in terms of money, but not in terms of lockdown! It’s tight and fits like a glove. It only added to the overall confidence-inspiring ride that this shoe provided.

And if you’re a runner who likes to use one shoe for everything – running, jogging, aerobics, and strolling – this shoe will not let you down! It has everything you need to go through your activities!

Another reason this shoe is at the top of our list is because it is very durable! Yes, you may believe that Cheap running shoes lack the strength to last your kilometers. This sneaker, on the other hand, will prove you incorrect!

We haven’t seen any deterioration on the outsole after 50 kilometers. And we anticipate that it will survive 300-500 kilometers before being retired to our closet.

Asics Gel Contend 7 Is also available in the Women’s category too.

No # 2. Nike Quest 4

Nike Quest 4

Nike Quest 4

Nike: $75

It fits well, isn’t as thin as other Nike shoes, and has a strong, durable outsole with tiny studs for a variety of terrain. Consider the Nick Quest 4 if you’re new to jogging or need a second pair of low-cost joggers to round out your collection.

The Flywire lacing technology provides a secure fit with a semi-custom fit. It’s amazing that you can see the Flywire technology through the upper’s outer layer; excellent touch, Nike.

It’s not as thin as other Nikes, at 99.7mm wide in the forefoot upper and 75mm wide in the heel (98.4 and 75.4mm are normal), but it’s a little difficult to get on and may benefit from a heel finger hook.

The Quest 4 has a touch more foam underfoot than the 3, giving the shoe a bit more cushioning underfoot, but it felt rigid and unexciting to me. It’s a low-cost shoe with low-cost foam in the midsole.

The heel counter is quite firm, scoring a 5 out of 5 on our testing, which caused me some issues and resulted in some heel slides in my experience.

There is a tall heel tab that relieves some strain on the Achilles, although it is hardly apparent.

No # 3. Asics Gel Venture 8

Asics Gel Venture 8

Asics Gel Venture 8

ASICS: $49.95

We wouldn’t consider any other shoe for anything short to mid-distance than the Asics Gel Venture 8! Everything about it screams “trail-ready!”

It’s not going to damage the bank, and it’s not going to hurt your feet! We couldn’t stop gushing over this shoe’s incredibly soft cushion. It also has a number of features to keep the foot safe and free of impact discomfort.

This shoe not only absorbs impact, but it also muffles the harsh elements on the route. Even better, it annihilates them! This sneaker also doesn’t skimp on energy return. In fact, it has so much of it that it doesn’t feel like a hefty trail beater at all. It made us run quickly and have a lot of fun!

And, to put this shoe to the ultimate test, we put it through its paces on a variety of terrain. And wow, were we surprised! This shoe simply hooked onto everything, from dirt pedestrian routes to more difficult terrain!

We’ve tried a lot of trail shoes, but Venture 8 isn’t one of them. For us, it’s on par with the more costly trailblazers!

And, yeah, this shoe really shines in terms of durability! After abusing it on the most unfriendly trail terrain, it performed well! It’s a high-strength shoe that should last 400-450 kilometers.

We, too, believe that trail shoes are bulky, but not the Asics Gel-Venture 8! It’s got everything you need in a little package! We never felt like it was a burden.

Asics Gel Venture 8 is also available in the women’s category.

No # 4. Hoka One One

Hoka One One

Hoka One One

HOKA: $160

The Rincon was named an “editor’s pick” for a speed shoe in Runner’s World’s Fall 2019 Shoe Guide, and for good cause. The shoe achieves something that is normally difficult to achieve: a mix of heavy-duty cushioning with a feather-light weight.

I must admit that when HOKA first appeared on the running scene 11 years ago, I was skeptical. The original versions of their shoes were large and thick, and I thought I’d never been able to run in anything with that much cushion. But there was a lot of excitement about the shoes, so I decided to give the brand a try a few years back.

I’ve put a few hundred miles on mine and you’d never know. Worn them for several durations, ranging from a six-mile run around the neighborhood to longer weekend outings in the 13-mile range. It’s a responsive sneaker that keeps me comfortable on any surface. It provides performance and longevity.

No # 5. Nike Air Max Torch 4

Nike Air Max Torch 4

Nike Air Max Torch 4

Nike: $79.99 – $250.00

Okay, we confess that we didn’t take Nike seriously in the trail running field, but the Nike Air Max Torch 4 made us reconsider!

But first, what are you cooking, fine lookin’? This is by far the most eye-catching trail shoe in our collection! BUT IT GOES BEYOND APPEARANCES. On the trails, it’s a real performer!

We tested the shoe on moderate to difficult terrain, and it performed well because to its incredibly gripping outsole! we’re so focused on our running that we didn’t even consider sharp rocks and roots as hurdles. We breezed right through them!

It also has a lot of defense! The toe bumper was our favorite feature. Even when we collided with several hard ground items, we felt no discomfort, much alone bruises!

And if you believe that all of this comes at the sacrifice of comfort, we’re here to assure you that’s not the case. No, it doesn’t. That’s what’s fantastic about this shoe; it has a lot of padding to protect your feet and keep you comfortable!

If there’s one place we don’t see ourselves wearing the Nike Air Max Torch, it’s on muddy terrain. It still has a long way to go before it can properly offer that soft-surface bite!

No # 6. Nike Revolution 5

Nike Revolution 5

Nike Revolution 5

Nike: $60

Nike is a style powerhouse, and the Nike Revolution 5 is the looker that didn’t cost us a fortune! It doesn’t have many gimmicks, but that’s what makes it appealing and guaranteed eye candy!

And it has a lot of tricks in its sleeve for a $65 sneaker! But it was its unrivaled lockdown, particularly in the heel region, that truly won us over. It just cupped our heel in place, allowing us to run confidently on the road!

It’s not as soft as a cloud, but it’s also not as stiff as a brick. It’s a happy medium that produces a steady and pleasant ride.

As a result, it’s our first choice for both our daily runs and walks about town.

The upper also flexes a lot. This allows for simple ingress and, for those of us with broad feet, it’s a comfortable fit, contributing to the overall comfort of the shoe!

While it didn’t provide a very enjoyable ride, we didn’t want to penalize it too harshly for doing something it wasn’t supposed to accomplish. The Nike Revolution 5 is certainly a bang for your money at such a low price!

No # 7. New Balance Fresh Foam Roav

New Balance Fresh Foam Roav

NewBalance: $ 74.99

It would be a shame to disagree with the New Balance Fresh Foam Roav’s focus on comfort and elegance!

It’s understated and elegant, and we’d take it everywhere and be certain that we’d get some attention. That’s how stunning it is!

And it delivers just as well in terms of performance! Our feet were engulfed in velvety luxury right out of the package. We didn’t want to take it off since it was so comfortable! We basically wanted to run through it.

After a series of lengthy runs, our feet just felt great! And all of the luxuries we received came in featherweight packaging that didn’t weigh us down.

Even better, this shoe has a lot of spring, which will make the ride more enjoyable and exciting. And it certainly felt like that!

Finally, if you want a stylish and on-trend daily trainer, choose the New Balance Fresh Foam Roav! It’s the type of sexy that won’t break the bank.

No # 8. New Balance 880

New Balance 880

New Balance 880

NewBalance: $ 139.99

I’ve been a New Balance devotee for years and can attest that the 880 delivers in every way. I’ve taken them on highways, black-top trails, and even softer terrain like a mulch-covered trail, and they’ve always performed well. It’s in its ninth incarnation, and I like that the changes New Balance makes are usually little and unnoticeable, so I know I can return to the brand’s shoes and know exactly what I’m getting.

The 880 retails for about $125, so it’s not the cheapest of our options, but it still ticks most criteria. It has a lot of cushioning, a responsive ride, a mid-weight of 9 ounces, and a heel-to-toe drop of roughly 10 millimeters. In summary, it’s a run-of-the-mill running shoe that should suit the majority of runners.

What is a reasonable price for a running shoe?

The price range of $110-130 will most likely give you the most bang for your buck. The extra price of $150-350 isn’t often justified. When shopping for a low-cost running shoe, most consumers stick to the $60-$80 price range.

Remember that shoe prices are determined by:

Shoe characteristics include, for example, a rock plate, a GTX membrane, maximum cushioning, and novel technologies (which may function well in certain situations but may not be necessary for everyday running).

The larger the marketing, the more costly the shoes.

Do you want the new shoe as soon as it becomes available? Or maybe place a pre-order? The longer you wait, the more likely it is that that specific model will be discounted.

Where can I get low-cost running shoes?

Before you make a purchase based only on pricing, you should go to a specialty running shoe shop and try them on.

“I have a lot of consumers who purchase a shoe online, find out it doesn’t fit, and then come in to be fitted,” Fronsoe said. “A lot depends on how a shoe feels on your foot.”

Spend time at a shoe shop trying on different shoes to see what works best for you in the price range you’re looking for. Once you’ve determined this, you may make it cheaper in a number of ways. Some establishments, such as Fronses Fleet Feet, have frequent buyer programs that grant credit after a particular amount of purchases. You may also check for sale tables that display last year’s shoe models – most firms refresh shoe models every nine months, which means a previous version is reduced.

These businesses, according to Metzler, don’t offer the marquee models, but they do have shoes that are useful and can be worn for a long time.

Running shoes: cheap vs. pricey

The price difference between luxury and Cheap running shoes is $100. It’s not an official statement, but it’s a widely held belief.

Our shoe pricing analysis may help you decide whether to purchase a cheaper pair of running shoes. People are 8 percent less happy with pricey running shoes, according to RunRepeat’s study on expensive and Cheap running shoes.