The Nike KD 14’s traction has been amazing if I contrast it to The Nike KD 14 or Air Zoom GT Cut although the cushion covering in Air Zoom GT Cut was on the next level of ease with three layers. The shoe performed extremely well outdoors as well as indoors. They are my go-to shoe, at least until I get my new Puma Clyde All-Pro.

Nike KD 14

Nike KD 14

Nike: $150

Although they may not have the same bite as the Air Jordan 1, Nike Kobe 9, and Air Jordan XX8 models, The Nike KD 14 is just as reliable as the other models.

Support cushion

The Nike KD 14 Cushion has a Cushion Midsole and a full-length Zoom Air Strobel.

The Cushion is soft, responsive, and bouncy for its size. The midsole of most of them isn’t very thick, so you can sit in them, and the Zoom Air unit keeps the shoe sluggish and snappy underfoot. This makes for a comfortable ride with each stride.

Both indoors and outside, these shoes are appropriate. I could not feel the concrete or the blacktop outside. I had the impression that my feet were being held in luxury during the silky trip.


Materials may not be my cup of tea but they perform well from a performance perspective.

While the build is more supportive than the KD 13, it still feels light. The shoe is easy to break in and felt great on my feet after just a few weeks. These are my current favorite shoe. They are my favorite thing about the world.


It is not the most comfortable fit. After filming the video review, I was able try on a pair of size 9. I ended up purchasing a new pair in size 9.5. It is the exact same size as the one I tried. Size 9 was not available when the Nike KD 14 was first released. I was limited to a size 9.5 unless I needed to go down 1/2 size. KDs are usually quite snug, so I was hesitant to take the chance. Although the size 9 was not as snug as I prefer, the 9.5 felt great so I bought it. To avoid potential problems, I recommend that you try them on in-store.

Lockdown was amazing. I felt secure from my ankle to my forefoot because the build isn’t flexible. I didn’t find the strap to stay in place all the time, so it was not a problem.


The support mechanism on modern Nike basketball sneakers is somewhat conventional.

There is a conventional shank and an integrated heel counter. Although the strap is not very useful, it is more important for shoe support. They are excellent in that regard. The TPU sidewall keeps you on the footbed by reinforcing the soft Cushlon. Additionally roomy and cradling your foot securely is the shoe’s base.

All things considered

Since 2021, I have cherished the Nike KD 14 basketball shoe. They are here to stay. That is conceivable. June has a lot more shoes left in store. The Nike KD 14 offered decent materials, decent support, good cushioning, and superb traction. It performs well all around and with versatility.

First Thoughts

It’s a large shoe, the Nike KD 14. Zoom Strobel debuted in the KD 12, and a forefoot Zoom unit was included in the KD 13. The Zoom Strobel was first featured in the KD 12, and an additional forefoot Zoom unit was included in the KD 13. This allowed users to play longer because it kept their knees sufficiently fresh and gave them a low-to-the-ground, bouncey experience. That would be a disappointing place to stop the line. However, it doesn’t appear to be.

What’s in the video?

Source: Weartester

Chris gives detailed information on all of the categories. This video will provide the information you require. He provides expert opinions on materials, cushioning and traction, as well as support and fit. Here are some examples of his discussions:

  • It’s like Chris’s favorite KDs of all time
  • Design cues and traction pattern
  • Technology with cushioning removed?
  • Similar insoles to the Kobe 6 or KD 13
  • Pricing
  • Cushlon foam
  • Issue with stabilizer plates
  • Interesting aesthetics
  • Four-layered upper
  • Are you the “Slim Reaper?” caller?
  • Sizing recommendations
  • Nike’s return policy

In addition, Mrs. Wing teases the upcoming podcast and announces two giveaways to Discord members.

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How to Buy the Nike KD 14

  • Colorway: Black/Copa/Orange Trance/White
  • Release Date: April 14, 2021
  • Style Code: CZ0170-001
  • Retail Price: $150

Nike has the Nike KD 14 available.

Nike KD 13 VS Nike KD 14

Though the two pairs provide comparable traction and lockdown, there are two noteworthy distinctions.

If you’re looking for more breathable and lighter footwear, I’d recommend the Nike KD 13. You also grow to adore the fact that the KD 13 does not have a velcro strap across the top.

If you enjoy more cushion, I would recommend the Nike KD 14, especially for jumpers and leapers. The Nike KD 14’s traction on wood floors gradually got better, but stop and go remained unattainable.

For basketball players of any skill level, both are great choices. I like the Nike KD 14 in games, but I’ve been working out in the KD 13 most recently.

The Nike KD 14’s performance

The midsole combines responsiveness, comfort, and impact protection. One critic has referred to it as the softest KD to date.

The materials feel cheap to the touch, yet they are comfortable on the feet and provide a lot of lockdown and support when combined with the wide base and side plastic reinforcement.

It should fit most players, as it is not as tight as previous KDs unless you have very big feet.

KD 13’s performance

Nike KD 13

The main feature of the KD 13 is the full-length Zoom Strobel, which offers one of the best cushioning settings in basketball.

The traction pattern functions effectively in all directions and is robust and thick enough to withstand outdoor conditions.

When held in the hand, the materials appear ordinary even though they are light, thin, and functional.

Support is provided by the wide base and good fit, although the basic upper doesn’t offer the same level of lockdown as previous KD models.

Like previous KD models, the KD13 fits very well if your feet are normal or narrow. However, wide-footed people should order a half size higher or go elsewhere.

With great cushioning, the KD 13 is a wonderful basketball sneaker.