So you want to book your first spin class but need to figure out what you’re getting into? You’ve come to the right place. We’ve got insider advice from Clifton Revolution indoor cycling studio in Bristol, who can tell you all you need to know about your first indoor cycling Class!

Trying new hobbies might be intimidating – you have a mix of enthusiasm and apprehension and we understand. With its dark surroundings, loud pumping music, and someone yelling at the head of the class, indoor cycling or ‘Spinning’ can appear scary. However, it is an excellent cardio activity that will leave you sweating, pumped, and full of endorphins.

What is an indoor cycling Class?

First and foremost. Spinning, also known as indoor cycling Class or studio cycling Class, is a high-intensity workout on a stationary cycle. It combines aerobic and endurance training into a 45-minute calorie-burning exercise! It strengthens you by toning your muscles and enhancing your cardiovascular health.

It will work your quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, calves, and core. Spinning has also been shown to help you lose stubborn pounds and even prevent migraines, not to mention it’s gentle on your joints! Isn’t it magical?

You sit on a stationary bike with your feet strapped onto the pedals. The instructor will be upfront, guiding you through the lesson. They will lead you through various speeds, resistance, and interval training. The music will be loud, but it is intended to keep you engaged and involved in the activity – turn off your brain and focus on your health. You’ll be pedaling while rocking to some killer tunes!

You can burn a large number of calories in a short period of time. In a single 45-minute workout, you can burn between 400 and 600 calories! That’s quite special, especially if you’re short on time throughout the week.

What you should expect from your first indoor cycling class

There’s no need to be worried about your first lesson because teachers will make you feel at ease (if a little sweaty) throughout the class. Arrive 10-15 minutes before the class begins to get settled in and speak with the instructor if you need assistance with your bike.

How to set up your spin bike

As soon as you mount your bicycle, make sure the saddle is in contact with your pelvis. After placing your feet on the pedals, fasten them. At the bottom of the pedal stroke, with your foot horizontal and at the six o’clock position, your knee should be slightly bent. If your limb is not reaching the appropriate length, elevate the seat.

Although the placement of the handlebars is completely personal, many individuals find it more comfortable to maintain a slight forearm bend when utilizing them. You will hunch your back during the session, which is not optimal if they are too far away. Changing to whatever feels more comfortable is acceptable, and there will be no criticism if you need to realign your handlebars throughout the exercise session.

What happens during a typical spin class?

A consistent warm-up to activate the muscles and increase blood flow is the first step of a class that can last anywhere from thirty to seventy-five minutes. After that, the tempo will increase, and the disco lights will go on (if your studio has them)—disco spin is hilarious. Experience the thrill of a nightclub without the aftereffects! Isn’t it true that exercising has replaced going out?

The majority of the class will consist of sprints, climbing, distance time trials, sets, and hill climbs. You could also perform some ‘rollovers,’ in which you pedal up ‘hills’ and then sprint back down… It is optional to dance on your bike like Ariana Grande.

If this is your first time, get to know the opposition well. There will be a knob or dial near the handlebars at the front of the bike that you can twist to increase or reduce the resistance of your pedals. It’s to simulate the feeling of cycling Class outside – the world isn’t flat, so be prepared for hills! Check out these helpful hints on what to do (and what not to do) on your indoor bike.

As previously stated, form is everything. Straighten your spine and draw your shoulders down – no hunching over the handlebars! Remember to pull in your tummy to activate your core.

Take it slowly at the start of your first spinning lesson to become acquainted with the resistance. During the session, the instructor will tell you when to turn it up and down, but you can modify yours if you’re getting tired. Remember, the greater the resistance, the more difficult the workout. But don’t stop pedaling if you’re completely exhausted! Slow down your RPM (speed) or reduce your resistance.

After that, you’ll get a 5-minute stretch and cool down, which is essential after such an intense workout.

What to wear to spin class?

When you go for a workout, make sure to select athletic attire that is breathable, lightweight, and comfy. It is possible to wear mountain bicycle cycling class shoes that have concealed cleats, but standard gym footwear is quite OK. 

Should I eat before my spin class?

It is recommended that you consume a light meal around one hour prior to the start of the lesson. It would be ideal to have something that contains both protein and carbohydrates, such as peanut butter spread on toast. In addition, make sure that you drink plenty of water throughout the day because it is of the utmost significance to your performance.

Additionally, do not overlook the crucial meal that is required to replenish your body after a strenuous workout; be sure to have a look at these excellent recipes for post-workout meals that you should consume after a workout.