“Why buy a new e-bike when electric bike conversion kits can improve your current one?”. E-bikes, especially the best buy electric bike options, allow people who require pedal assistance to ride more and make it easier to select sustainable and greener travel.

Whether you want pedal assistance to make cycling more accessible to you and your family or to have more fun, the e-bike market, including the best buy electric bike selections, is huge and often expensive. If you can’t locate an e-bike that fits and has a bike at home, consider an electric bike conversion kit, a viable option in the best buy electric bike category.

No matter your choice, the greatest electric bikes, including the best buy electric bike models, make it easier for riders to explore varied terrains and riding settings. They are cheaper and greener than conventional bikes and can get you from A to B faster and with less effort, making them ideal for commuters and workers. The finest electric bikes, part of the best buy electric bike range, can make the commute faster and less sweaty, saving money on gasoline and rail fares.

If you’re unsure which option to choose, consider whether you appreciate riding your current bike when choosing an e-bike or conversion kit, such as the best buy an electric bike or an add motorbike kit. Converting it lets you enjoy the same riding quality and explore electrically assisted enjoyment.

To simplify these considerations, we’ve listed the main factors to consider when installing an electric conversion kit on your bike, including motor and battery options. We’ve tested as many as possible in real-world riding scenarios to determine their electric assistance and fit, keeping in mind the best buy an electric bike and mid-drive ebike standards.

5 Best electric bike conversion kits available now

1. Cytronex


Cytronex C1 Electric Bicycle Conversion Kit

Cytronex: Starting at $624


  • Lightweight

  • Efficient

  • Stealthy

  • Powerful


  • Pricey

  • Compatibility

Key Specs


Ultra-light design


Compact, quick-charge


High-efficiency motor

Our first pick is one we just reviewed and liked. Superior specs and engineering make the Cytronex electric bike conversion kit well-designed. Once installed, it’s easy to use and comes with an app for simple diagnostics. Allen keys are all you need, making it a top pick in the best buy electric bike category.

You will go through a lengthy purchase process, which can seem difficult, but simplifies the conversion. We tried the Cytronex on a Brompton T-Line and found it smooth and intuitive. Our hands-on experience suggests it’s robust and durable enough for commuting, ranking it high among the best buy electric bike options.

It’s more expensive than some of the solutions below, but it’s from a UK company with excellent customer support. Bafang kits are cheaper on Amazon, but buying directly from a business that can help you if something goes wrong is smarter, especially if you’re considering an add motor bike or mid-drive ebike conversion.

2. Bafang Front Hub Motor

Bafang Front Hub Motor

Bafang Front Hub Motor

Amazon: $253.99 - $661.54 Bafang: $550


  • Affordable

  • Easy-to-install

  • Versatile


  • Limited-speed

  • Maintenance-intensive

Key Specs

Motor Type:

Front hub

Power Output:

Robust performance


Simplified setup process

For those with a budget less accommodating than what is needed for Cytronex or Swytch kits, a more economical choice might be a kit from Bafang, a Chinese manufacturer, as previously mentioned. Moreover, if you’re interested in an electric bike conversion kit but prefer to steer clear of the complexities of a mid-drive system, opting for the Bafang Front Hub kit could provide a significantly easier approach, making it a great choice in the add motor ebike and best buy electric bike categories.

The Bafang Front Hub Motor kit, like the mid-drive system listed below, includes everything needed and offers a plethora of spec options. We began by selecting our preferred wheel size and display, followed by the battery size and shape.

We did notice that the installation process took more time than the Cytronex, Swytch, and Rubbee, but it did allow us to construct a powerful, high-quality setup, adding to the range of best buy electric bike and mid-drive ebike options.

3. Rubbee X

Rubbee X

Rubbee X Electric Bicycle Motor

Rubbee: $623.49


  • Innovative

  • Portable

  • Easy-installation


  • Expensive

  • Noise-level

Key Specs


25 kmh / 16 mph




2.8 kg / 6.1 lbs

There are few straightforward installation options on the list, but the Rubbee X goes a step beyond. We were blown away by how simple it was to install the mount to the bike’s seat post and then click the unit into place. Unlike the Swytch method, there is no need to change the wheel. The motor is mounted on top of the back tire, and a roller from above propels it around. As this is a cadence-based system that adjusts based on pedaling cadence rather than torque, there is also a wireless cadence sensor.

The base kit includes a sleek-looking 250-watt motor and a single battery. If the base unit’s 10-mile range is too short, another battery can be added to twice the range, or a three-battery variant provides both more range and another 100 watts of power. Rubbee also includes a phone app that may be used to choose between assistance modes, making it a unique option for those seeking a best buy electric bike or add motor e-bike.

4. Swytch


Swytch Universal eBike Conversion Kit

Swytch: $900


  • Smaller & lighter than any other kit

  • Easy to install and fits 99% of bikes

  • Maximum road-legal speed

  • Multiple range options, up to 30km


Key Specs


36V Lithium-ion battery


250W geared hub motor


Sine-Wave Control

One of the most basic ways to convert a bike to electric is to replace the front wheel with one that has a front hub motor. Swytch uses this technique, but a good system is more than just a motor and a battery. We can see from our testing and evaluation that the Swytch team thought about the entire system while designing it, placing it among the best buy electric bike options.

The battery is attached to the handlebars, which we thought was a nice touch. It is simple to disconnect and remove it for storage, so it does not get stolen while you are out and about, or to lighten the bike when, for example, carrying it up a flight of stairs.

The 2022 Swytch system, which we examined, replaces the buttons on the battery with a sleek handlebar-mounted LCD. A cadence sensor that mounts to your bike is also available. It’s a well-designed system that looks and feels fantastic, suitable for those considering the best buy an electric bike or an add motor e-bike conversion.

5. Bafang Mid-Drive Motor Kit and Battery

Bafang Mid-Drive Motor Kit and Battery

Bafang Mid-Drive Motor Kit and Battery

Amazon: $463.90 - $1,121.21 Bafang: $725


  • Efficient

  • Powerful

  • Customizable


  • Complex

  • Installation-challenges

Key Specs


48 & 52 Volt Batteries


Throttle and Pedal Assist Power


Up to 30+ mph

Bafang is one of the world’s largest and most well-known manufacturers of electric bike motors. It has been in operation since 2003, and in 2014, Bafang formed a US subsidiary to better serve the US market. Many well-known electric bike companies get its components, so if you want to get in the game and source your electric bike components, Bafang is a good place to start, particularly for those looking into mid-drive ebike options.

This option includes everything you’ll need for a mid-drive motor conversion kit. This kit will function as long as your beginning bike has a bottom bracket size between 68 and 73mm. You can select the front chainring size, battery size, and display that works best for you.

If you’re not sure whether a mid-drive motor conversion is right for you (or what other drive alternatives are available), check out our FAQs at the bottom of this post for an overview of all the options available, whether you’re exploring the best buy an electric bike or a mid-drive ebike conversion.

Friction drive conversion

Friction-drive e-bike conversions use rollers to push against the wheel tire. When the roller turns, the wheel turns. The strategy is straightforward and effective, but not the most efficient. It’s easy to make, but it doesn’t operate as well as other systems. The Rubber X is a friction drive conversion kit, a less common but still interesting option for those considering the best buy electric bike or an add motor ebike conversion.

Mid-drive conversion

The best electric bikes and conversion kits are mid-drive for a natural ride. For a more natural power delivery, the weight is low in the frame and power goes to the crank. Pricing and packaging are the only drawbacks, and setup is difficult. Its different standards also make it hard to determine what you need. For example, Bafang Mid Drive ebike Motor Kit is a top choice for those seeking a mid-drive ebike conversion.

Electric bike wheel conversion

Replace a front or rear wheel with a hub-mounted motor for balance. The conversion is easy and weight distribution might be good depending on battery mounting. Powering the wheel changes power delivery, and a heavy front wheel can alter bike control. This works well if mid-drive is overbearing. Swytch and Cytronex are examples, both excellent choices in the best buy electric bike category.


Do all electric bike conversion kits come with a battery?

No, not all electric bike conversion kits include a battery; some require a separate purchase, a consideration when looking for the best buy electric bike or an add motor ebike kit.

What is the range of an e-bike conversion?

The range varies, typically between 15-40 miles, depending on battery capacity and riding conditions, an important factor in selecting the best buy electric bike or a mid-drive ebike conversion.

How fast do electric bikes go?

Electric bikes can reach speeds up to 20-28 mph, depending on the motor and local regulations, a key factor in choosing the best buy electric bike or considering an add motor ebike.

Is converting my bike to an electric bike worth it?

Converting a bike to electric can be worth it for added speed and ease of travel, but depends on your specific needs and budget, especially if you’re eyeing the best-buy electric bike or a mid-drive ebike.

Are electric bike conversion kits legal?

Yes, electric bike conversion kits are legal, but regulations on speed and power may vary by region, an important consideration whether you’re looking at the best buy an electric bike or an add motor ebike.