• Advanced 4D Technology:

  • Comfort

  • Responsive Cushioning

  • Durability

  • Design


  • Limited Color Options

  • Sizing Issues

Key Specs


13.9 ounces. Midsole drop: 11 mm

Midsole drop:

11 mm

Those who have read my Adidas 4DFWD Review will know that I am fascinated by Adidas’ 3D-printed 4D tech. Although the 4D Run 1.0 is a great casual shoe, it can’t be considered a running shoe because of its stiff midsole. Adidas continues to use Carbon 3D printing technology to create a midsole that is suitable for running. Its latest 4D technology, the Adidas 4DFWD, is promising.

Adidas claims that the new 4D lattice pattern generates 3x more forward motion than previous 4D patterns. It is also 23% cushioned. It’s enough to make it your everyday runner. Perhaps. These are my initial impressions.


This is the most comfortable 4D Adidas shoe to date. This was evident immediately during my 5-mile run, as well as when I was wearing the shoe casually. 4D now surpasses mid-tier EVA foams. The stack height of 32.5mm in each heel and 21.2mm forefoot is not huge, but it still does the job for a mid-tier run. Is it able to adapt to long distances? Soon, I will find out.

The forward momentum, or bounce, is there but not as strong as some of the marketing videos would have you believe. There is still more testing to be done, including speed work. This will show how much propulsion they actually provide.

Materials Used In Adidas 4DFWD

It’s made with Adidas Primeknit+, which is the best. The upper is even made from 50% recycled materials and is comfortable and stretchy without any hotspots. It also has nice 3M details. The only problem? They are extremely long. These laces are so long that I might have to re-lace them with shorter ones.

Support Features In Adidas 4DFWD

To create natural outrigger action, the 4DFWD lattice is widened on both the forefoot & heel. It also benefits from the robust internal heel counter. Knit uppers can still slip off the forefoot footbed, but this is greatly mitigated by the length of the midsole/outsole. The knit upper provides solid support for running shoes.


Although the outsole does not say Continental, it feels very similar in terms of thickness and hardness. Slippage was absent in my dry weather test. It’s still a work in progress, but it seems to be performing well in adverse weather conditions.


The Adidas 4DFWD is very large. The Adidas 4DFWD is a large shoe. You should go half a size smaller than your usual Adidas size. Because the shoe has an accommodating last, this applies to wide-footed customers. It will feel strange to order a size smaller than other brands because your Adidas size is likely 1/2 larger than others. the wide-footed customers can get their desired foot sizes in other adidas brands like YEEZY BSKTBL Frozen Blue. Trust me, if not, you will end up with a shoe that is too big, sloppy fitting, and a slipper heel.


The Adidas 4DFWD is a solid running shoe as long as it’s the right size. It can do speedwork and long runs. This is still to be determined. For a complete performance review, be sure to check back soon. You’re getting a comfortable, stylish, and conversation-starting shoe made from 50% bio-friendly materials.

Adidas sent a pair of shoes to be tested. The review was not written by Adidas.

Emily Smith

I'm absolutely thrilled with the Adidas 4DFWD! The cushioning is superb, offering a cloud-like feel during runs, and the forward motion enhancement is a game-changer. The Primeknit+ upper fits like a dream, providing both comfort and a stylish look. Perfectly true to size, these shoes are a fantastic choice for runners seeking a blend of innovation, sustainability, and style.