Foodservice and various other retail/hospitality jobs usually require one thing before you start the gig. Black, non-slip work shoes. This is super annoying because anyone who likes sneakers would rather spend their cash on flashy, fun shoes.

Snibbs Spacecloud Work Sneaker

Snibbs Spacecloud Work Sneaker

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You don’t want to be slip-sliding through the kitchen so you bite the bullet and purchase even though you aren’t happy about it. Luckily, Snibbs is trying to make comfortable more fashionable shoes for these types of jobs. The Snibbs Spacecloud Non-Slip Work Sneaker is built for on your feet all day, sometimes messy jobs. And it doesn’t look bad.

Now, let’s dig into how the Snibbs Spacecloud performed

Now, let’s dig into how the Snibbs Spacecloud performed:

Snibbs Spacecloud Materials

There are a few things to consider after wearing these at several professions. The materials are cosy and plush. My normal-width foot didn’t have any problems wearing them. The reviews on their website claim that the Spacecloud either run a bit small or fit correctly, however I thought they were true to size.

It sports a foam midsole and cloth top. I can tell the Spacecloud is water resistant but not waterproof because of how I sweep the floor. You will still get wet socks if you spill something on them. This has the advantage that they don’t become as hot as waterproof shoes do. However, one benefit of the materials is how easily they can be cleaned. Although the cotton laces on them feel as though they have a wax coating on them, they didn’t come untied even after a long day.

The Snibbs Spacecloud may be worn by people from many backgrounds thanks to the vegan materials used, although some potential buyers may be turned off by the soft fabric. Many workplaces, particularly in the food industry, demand that workers wear all-leather shoes. Although Spacecloud’s materials are generally successful at resisting water, they are not nearly as good at keeping hot spills off the foot as leather shoes. This may make the Spacecloud a less-than-ideal choice for some servers, bartenders, baristas, and cooks, along with the somewhat hefty profile and informal design of the footwear.

The upper of the sneakers is made of a material that resembles neoprene and feels quite comfortable against your feet while still retaining lockdown. The Nike Air Presto comes to mind when looking at the upper’s general design. A thin but thick TPU mudguard runs the length of the shoe’s toe box. If you operate in an environment with a lot of sharp edges or just a lot of possible hazards lying around wherever you walk, the mudguard gives an extra layer of safety. I do come into contact with hot oils while cleaning and filtering fryers at my fast food job, which can smear my shoes.

My Spaceclouds did get soiled during the JockHabits time, but a quick wash makes them as good as new. In addition, the fact that my socks didn’t get wet or discolored as I washed dishes suggests that the upper is waterproof.

Snibbs Spacecloud Traction

The Snibbs Spacecloud features herringbone traction. It’s pretty good, even better than most shoes, especially a lot of basketball shoes. Wearing Air Jordan 1s on a wet surface is not a good decision and like asking to eat the floor. I think Snibbs could use improvements on the rubber compound as well as improve the design. With the current design, if you work in an environment with a very messy floor, the whole outsole gets caked with whatever was on the floor, filling all the crevices.

The traction pattern has little groves as well as the large grooves and maybe they could mix it up even more. All in all, I would say they perform better on a wet surface than most shoes. Not the best, but definitely very good, even when caked with cornmeal.

Whether working in a kitchen, tending bar or walking down a freshly mopped hallway, a wet floor will pose no problem when wearing the Spacecloud. The non slip sole fantastically grips the floor and maintains the wearer’s safety when working in an environment prone to spills, leaks, or general moisture. It earns the non slip work sneaker title it receives in the company’s marketing materials.

If you’re a fan of 1990’s outdoor basketball shoes, you might be drawn to the Spaceclouds’ full-length herringbone traction pattern. However, the traction is possibly the weakest part of the shoe, as it is prone to sliding. The shoes don’t have much of a bite on dry floors and can get a lot of food/gunk within the grooves of the herringbone. The traction can be cleaned quickly with a bit of a spray down, but it still does not hold up well in my workplace, especially when it comes to washing kitchen or bathroom floors. The traction on the Snibbs Spacecloud is my biggest complaint.

Snibbs Spacecloud Cushion

It receives a 10 out of 10 rating from our reviewer for cushioning. for those who are only beginning with that. This is without a doubt the shoe’s best feature. The ortholite insole and the foam they utilise for the midsole make an excellent pairing. It’s possible to work a shift longer than 10 hours without feeling any foot pain till after that. I don’t think there are enough nurses or others who spend their days on their feet that I could suggest this shoe to.

Another issue to raise is the Spacecloud’s comfort. Although the Ortholite insole initially provides a great amount of padding, I believe that it is the only true cushion the shoe offers. Additionally, the structure offers very little support, making it difficult to walk around excessively while wearing the Spacecloud and doing little to prevent weary feet. Despite this, wearing the shoe will nevertheless make it pleasant to stand still.

I could tell right away that the Snibbs Spacecloud’s primary goal was to provide comfort, and it immediately lived good to its name. A thick, dual-layered Ortholite insole is included with the Spacecloud. In terms of how pillowy it feels on feet, as a sneakerhead, the cushion is more comparable to Nike’s React foam or Adidas’ Adilette Comfort line.
Does it function well in a restaurant environment? For my feet, not so much.

In my experience, the excessive cushioning was counterproductive because the more time I spent wearing the shoes, the more foot and knee pain I had. The discomfort did reduce, but only to a limited degree, as the insole bottomed out over time and reached a more comfortable and neutral state. The Spacecloud is the shoe for you if you prefer a lot of cushion in your footwear. However, consider elsewhere if you want a more stable ride.

Snibbs Spacecloud Fit

With a pair that fit true to size, it felt really decent to me. I observed that many folks needed to size up by one-half. That might be a wide foot issue, though. The Spacecloud and Adidas Ultraboost both feature a cage design. Although it does the job, some people can find it uncomfortable.

The Spacecloud may be put on quickly and with great ease because to the shoe’s slip-on design. When the shoe is tightly laces, the two plastic panels on the inside and outside of the shoe aid in maintaining a snug, strengthened fit.
My advice for sizing on the Spacecloud is true to size, though a tad on the loose side. The sock-like design of the shoe and some additional achilles lockdown help to keep the shoes in place. The TPU cages on the midfoot and an extra heel counter provide the shoes good lateral stability as well.

I could hardly get the laces to tighten around my feet, so they don’t really add much to the lockdown. However, the lockdown is not diminished by the lack of lace functionality. I don’t intend to rip the shoes in half to peek inside the technology, but I can feel a midfoot plate under the foam strobel. The linear stability of the shoe is further increased by this stiffness. Therefore, TTS is my suggested size for people with standard-width feet; wide-footed people should consider going up a half size.

Snibbs Spacecloud Overall

  1. It is advised to use the Snibbs Spacecloud everywhere you spend a lot of time on your feet and in areas without particularly unclean flooring. This shoe makes a wonderful, functional work shoe. In terms of comfort and traction on wet flooring, the Spacecloud surpasses my previous favourite work shoe (which isn’t a true non slip work shoe).
    The Spacecloud is a functional sneaker for the majority of office settings.
  2. The shoe’s comfort, low-profile design, and especially its non-slip outsole are advantages. Lack of more effective water-resistant materials, a lack of support during extended usage, and a very casual, obviously non-leather build that can be offensive in some environments are all areas for criticism.
  3. I wouldn’t advise anyone looking for non-slip shoes to buy the Snibbs Spacecloud due to its pretty subpar traction. The footwear is more comfortable than many non-slip options. Despite my critique of the shoe, its extremely cushioned design might spur the development of other technologically advanced work shoes.
  4. Who knows, but New Balance has already produced some Fresh Foam restaurant shoes, and Vans has PopCush insoles. In the future, perhaps we’ll see some work shoes made by Adidas Boost or Nike React. Even though the Snibbs Spacecloud comes true to its name, it doesn’t perform well as a non-slip work shoe despite having a lot of potential.

Mark Richardson

The Snibbs Spacecloud Non-Slip Work Sneaker impresses with its outstanding comfort and practicality for long workdays. The materials are cozy, fitting true to size, and the water-resistant feature is a thoughtful touch. They offer excellent traction on slippery surfaces, essential in service environments. Stylish yet functional, these sneakers are a great choice for anyone in the hospitality industry looking for comfort and safety in their footwear.