Donovan Mitchell’s second signature shoe is the Adidas DON Issue 2. The shoe comes after Mitchell averaged 36 points per game in the 2020 first-round playoff series against the Denver Nuggets. Mitchell and Jamal Murray, a fellow Adidas athlete, rose to stardom in the NBA.

Adidas DON Issue 2

Adidas DON Issue 2 Performance Review

Price: $75.26

Vishal's Review


  • Comfortable

  • Supportive

  • Stylish

  • Affordable


  • Traction

  • Breathability

Key Specs


Mesh and Synthetic





Is the shoe able to match the skills of the man? Let’s see.


Indoors, the Adidas DON 2 Issue 2 traction was nothing short of amazing. It was a completely different experience than my time with the Adidas DON issue 1. The traction is extremely reliable and does not require much wiping, if at all. You might want to keep the DON Issue 2 handy if you are indoors.

However, outdoors I struggled to grip the ropes. They lost their bite for some reason. This is a new thing to me. Shoes that perform well indoors can often do better on outdoor courts. While durability is often affected, grip, which is the most important aspect of traction, can be improved on outdoor surfaces. Although they aren’t terrible outside, I would prefer to use them indoors.


Bounce is back, but it’s not as obvious as in DON Issue 1. When the shoe starts to feel comfortable, you’ll be able to tell that it has good cushion underfoot. This shoe doesn’t have the same plush, rubbery feel that Bounce shoes offer.

The Adidas DON Issue 2 Feet You Wear (FYW), tooling system is still in use. This may explain why the Bounce is somewhat muted. FYW is focused on court feel and mobility. These two attributes are often contradicted by cushioning. If you are looking for court feel and mobility, but don’t want to sacrifice cushioning, the DON Issue 2, which is the Kyrie for Adidas Hoops, might be the right choice. You will get just enough cushioning to complement the court feel and mobility.


There are many lightweight textiles, as well as a few synthetic overlays. These are the most common basketball shoes today. There was nothing that stood out as exceptional. There was nothing that stood out as being particularly bad. It all works perfectly and everything is fine. Performance is flawless.

Would I have preferred premium touches? Perhaps. It’s not a design that shouts “wear me casually.”


Although they fit true to size, the Adidas DON Issue 2, is a little snug. Particularly at the forefoot and towards the base. Wide-footed people may need to either go 1/2 size larger or skip the shoe entirely. Usually Adidas brand has a large shoe guiding size such as Adidas 4DFWD for which you have to go half the size smaller of your Adidas shoe size. The snug fit ensured good lockdown. The heel can feel a little floppy if you don’t lace them all the way.


All you have come to expect is here — and more. The support from the Torsional is fantastic. It is also great to have heel support. The midsole is well protected from lateral movements. The base is also quite flat and wide, which increases stability from heel to tip.

Let’s go on to the remainder of the sneaker. The lockdown provided by the lacing system, the side panels, and the tight fit provide the majority of the support. In addition, the Internal Heel Counter, in conjunction with the crazy cushioning, helps to give heel support.


I was surprised by the Adidas DON Issue 2 on the court. They won’t make it into my outdoor rotation but I will keep them in my bag for indoor runs.

Very good fit and traction. Although Cushion is not the Bounce I fell for, it is still a good choice when you consider the additional mobility and range of motion provided by the FYW system. The DON Issue 2 is an excellent value for money at a price of $100. It won’t cost you a lot and won’t affect your performance.