Today, we live in a world that has a highly-performing signature basketball shoe from a respected rapper. The PUMA RS Dreamer is J. Cole’s basketball shoe. This shoe is reliable on the court, as you’ll see from the performance review.


  • Performance

  • Style

  • Comfort

  • Durable Materials


  • Breathability

  • Weight

Key Specs


Lace-up design.




The PUMA RS Dreamer’s performance basketball shoes have been consistently well-received by its rubber compound.

Although the pattern was inspired by a feather it looks a little shaky on the lateral side. However, they were great on the court. They performed the same on every surface that I tried, which is a good sign of their consistency.

You should be familiar with what to expect if you have played in previous PUMA Hoops offers. You can expect solid traction indoors as well as outdoors.

Cushion Of PUMA RS Dreamer

PUMA’s cushioning is also consistent, just like its traction. It’s not a compliment, though.

The ProFoam is a good choice for the job, but it’s also firmer than most other EVA systems used by other brands. It’s more tolerable if the midsole is thinner than it was on the PUMA Clyde Hardwood. It can feel a bit dead underfoot if it is implemented in a thicker midsole. The foam does not have any rebound or bounce back. It’s there. It’s not a good idea to swap the insole for something more comfortable, but PUMA needs better cushion technology if it wants to be a serious contender in the performance category.

Materials Used In PUMA RS Dreamer

This is another category that PUMA Hoops has been using because these materials are very nice. Although not as expensive as Clyde Hardwood but still very nice.

For the primary construction, textile mesh is used. Smaller patches of suede’s can be used. The PUMA RS Dreamer is a mix of old and new. The raw materials used have a 90s vibe, while the new generation has a modern fit. The shoes are ready to go right out of the box with no break-in, except for the ankle collar.


The PUMA RS Dreamer is true to size. You can go down half a size if you prefer a tighter fit, but for most players true to size is the best choice.

From heel to forefoot, lockdown is firm. You should be aware that textiles can stretch a bit once you start playing with them. After a few games, you may have to adjust the laces to make them snug enough. They were great and I had a lot of fun.


The support is very similar to that of Clyde Hardwood. The midsole allows you to sit in the middle of the footbed, which helps to keep your forefoot and heel on the footbed. Standard features like a midfoot shank, fit, and a mid-foot-torsion shank provide the rest of the support. There is nothing to be unhappy about or praise. They do the job and that is exactly what we want from our support.


The PUMA RS Dreamer basketball shoe is sure to be one of the most beautiful in 2020. The only thing that needs improvement is the cushion, unlike Adidas 4DFWD which is the most comfortable 4D Adidas shoe to date. If PUMA has better cushioning, I believe more players will try them on the court than industry heavyweights like Nike, Jordan, or Adidas. We hope it happens quickly. When it comes to footwear, time is everything. The sooner PUMA has some cushioning, the better.

If you’re still not satisfied, you can buy a pair of the PUMA RS Dreamer. They tick all the boxes. An insole can be used to provide cushioning until PUMA has a better mix of ETPU or foam.

To see court footage, you can also view the performance review on YouTube.